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Welcome… I am Sara Bachmeier with Egyptian Numerology bringing to you Cosmic Blessings towards the Solstice planetary gateway of 12/21/2020.

The Many Questions 

In the spiritual world, this date has been the highlight topic and a movement we all have been preparing and waiting for. Some people are confused as to what we should be expecting… is it the “end of times” or the beginning? Is the age of Aquarius more than a title to a 1969 catchy tune? Are people going to ascend to the 5th dimension leaving all the sleepers behind? And most important, how will this shift affect me personally? 

Many of us are focused on the winter solstice, December 21st gateway. Although this is an energetic awakening, we must understand that this event is occurring within us.  As we step into our Source creator light, we embrace the creation of understanding that this recognition is a direct communication of cosmic source intelligence assisting us in activating our very own Soul frequency resonance.  There is a galactic alignment occurring outside of us, however for us to experience true freedom, we must first awaken to the galactic alignment occurring within us.  

A Greater Impact

If we imagine our Divine energetic chakra line as the galactic core receiving and stimulating the portal activations within our own universal system, we can then model that out into the world and have a far greater impact than just sitting in silence and opening to the exterior activations within the universe. Once we propel our personal energy, we can synchronize with what is occurring outside of us as one powerful source.  

When each one of us ignites our internal core intelligence on the solstice gateway, it creates an extremely high level of transformation for our reality. We begin to enter into a deeper sense of knowing growing inside of us and each moment of this unfoldment, we feel the sense of separation from everything leave our awareness and being replaced with a sense of belonging within the moment and experience it as full, complete, and unfolding perfectly. This is what is achieved by finding our inner compass during these times.  As we hold this higher embodiment, we start to feel and know that a new earth is not just a philosophy or an idea, it is an energetic portal of consciousness within us and an opening to work for us to be in alignment with what is occurring both within and throughout us. 

New earth is an energetic realization of freedom from the illusions of our thoughts and an opening to the natural ebbs and flows of consciousness unfolding and working through us every moment. 

A Calling for All of Us

This is a calling for all of us to come together to see and feel the love of humanity and prepare to walk through the December gateway and portal activations. There is going to be a big shift coming for all of those who are ready to find it. It is a reminder to open our hearts wider than we have ever opened them before and prepare to be energetically engaged within the moment.  Learn how to show up for our highest calling and open to receive. It is time to allow ourselves sovereign freedom, knowing that we are whole, complete, awakened, and an infinite being of light.  

Now is the time to drop the stories of 2020 that have been created and make room to experience a new horizon dawning as we move into a higher awareness and perception. It is going to be a beautiful experience for the awakened. As we understand and embody this, we invite spaciousness in all areas of our life.  

As we Let go of all of the identities and personas, we open to the consciousness flow of new earth. The new earth is unfolding in each moment the more we are able to become aware of a new way of being, a new way of living, and a new way of perceiving. Each one of us holds an important role within the new earth energetic templates that are now being activated and anchored. Each one that holds new earth within them and awakens to the consciousness that is living through them, it increases the acceleration of new earth embodiment for the human collective. 

On the Outside

On the outside of us, December 21, 2020…  A New Higher Vibrational Sunlight is coming from the Great Central Sun and will shine on our Earth and this entire Realm will be infused in exotic cosmic particles that instantaneously Upgrades DNA to a Higher Order. 

At that time, Humanity undergoes a Huge Leap in Evolutionary Consciousness that the World has never witnessed. The most profound and noticeable DNA changes will happen first to the Beings who already resonate close to the Fifth Dimension. 

DNA Strands will be activated by the Gamma Light Particles, and they will reattach to the corresponding Chakra Portal. At that moment, the corresponding Dimension can be perceived as the outward Reality. 3rd and 4th dimension resonant beings will soon-follow as they prepare vibrationally to make this Leap in consciousness. 

It is All part of the “Divine Plan” that we made for the Ascension of planet Earth. 

That incredible High Level of Conscious Cohesion among the Star Seeds of Earth combined with the High-Vibrational morning Solstice Light Rays of the first day of the New Age of Aquarius and the Golden Central Sun Rays of the New Sat Yuga; (the age of truth), will trigger a total Compression Breakthrough on the surface of the planet. 

A Flash of Blinding White, Cosmic Light from the Great Central Sun hits the surface and propels our entire realm into the Fifth Dimension triggering instantaneous DNA Upgrade, and all darkness and low vibrations will be eradicated from the Earth. 

The Age of Aquarius is born and what it brings on December 21, 2020, when Jupiter, and Saturn conjunct at 0 degrees Aquarius. 

The Water-Carrier 

“Aquarius” in Latin means “water-carrier or water-pourer” and stands for originality and uniqueness. This brings us a dose of impact, eccentricity, freedom, radical expression, and moments of revelation. It seeks change by offering us newness, development, innovation, adventures, liberation from anything holding us down including habits, patterns, and fears. Essentially turning us inside out and demanding we reveal our own truth to become the best version of ourselves. If we resist, it challenges the environment and circumstances around us, so our only choice is to surrender and adapt or fight and perish… Aquarius is considered one of the most stubborn… and although its need for choices and change is undeniable, its decisions once made is fixed and unshakeable. 

All revolutions shine a light on the areas that need focus and growth orienting us to the future and what is possible. When ignited it produces creativity, new insights, or exciting unique opportunities. When activated, Aquarius energy in our society initiates discoveries in technology, science, astronomy, alien life forms, and the arts. Yet Aquarius energy also compels us to consider social justice as part of the collective and communal experience. 

Leaving 2020 Behind

We are leaving behind 2020 in the Universal Year of Master Number 22/4 and coming into a Universal year of Number 5.  

In Egyptian Numerology, on December 21, 2020, we are activated by the Master Number 55/10. By adding 12 plus 21 we come into the energy of Master number 33, (master teacher) and 2020 adds up to the Master Number 22, ( great manifestor). The sum of both these powerful energies is Master Number 55/10 (world leader). 

Our Personal year frequency for last year supported the inner and outer work that each individual needed to address for the preparation of this energy flux we are now receiving. 

My personal year number for 2020 was the number 9 and I was aware of this opportunity when the energy shifted from 2019 to 2020 and took full advantage of the implications which is completion, forgiveness, compassion, integrity, humility, and service. All year, I participated in clearing, letting go, forgiving, practicing self-love, and teaching others how to work with their Soul Life Agreement.  Everyone’s personal year serves as a vehicle in preparation for the Universal shift of 12/21/20. 

On a collective level, we have been asked to clear the weight of what no longer serves us, transform judgment into acceptance, ground our dreams into reality, recognize our true potential, nurture the silence of our minds, tear down the walls around our hearts, connect with Great Spirit, love ourselves, awaken to the nature spirits, exercise our gratitude muscle, identity the outside world as an inner reflection, align with our Soul Life Purpose, recognize fear as an opportunity to success, ask for help, rest, and never stop evolving. Yes, 2020 has been a continually active Universal Master Number 22/4 Year!!! 

The Numerology of the Master Number 55/10

The Egyptian Numerology of the Master Number 55/10 

is an amazing energy of world leadership through the process of purification, transportation into the higher realms, and transformation. We are highly motivated through impeccable intuition, sensitivity, strength, and power of expression. The double impact of the five promotes healing and transformation powers. When added together, we get the number Ten and all the abilities associated with leadership, independence, intelligence, intuition, and intense focus.  

Standing directly to the right of the number one is the zero and the qualities of sensitivity, strength, expression, and access to the realm of all possibilities. When master number 55 is activated, our powers of clarity surface, along with the offer of new leadership and transformation. Through motivation, our path is to assist the world in healing with our innate skills and abilities of transmutation. 

The number fifty-five resonates with the seeds of innovation, freedom of exploring new paths, and the rebirth of liberty through unveiling new perspectives. This number has an extraordinarily high element of curiosity and learns through experience, forward-thinking, intelligence, and inspiring important changes. The pure burning fires of individual will desire to blend with the higher will, wisdom, and truth of divine source to invoke the innovation and originality in others. This energy is inward-looking and forward-thinking, and both tendencies inspire the anticipation of new experiences a new way of learning that the world is ready for.  

Universal Number 5 Year

We have to do all the inner work including letting go and shedding all of what does not serve us anymore. The darkness surfaced including our shadow self in order to be embraced and invited into our total self.   

We are coming into a universal number five year in 2021 and there will be a lot of movement, transformation, transportation to the higher realms, and unpredictable circumstances surrounding our daily lives and if we have been diligent in our inner work and courageous in our efforts, then we have created enough space within ourselves to be seated in the eye of any tornado. 

The number sequence we are now connected to is Angel number 555.  

So, on this high-frequency portal date of December 21st, 2020 pave your 2021 adventure by allowing yourself to represent your joy and express actions reflecting your passion in deeper and expansive ways so you may experience greater energy as you move into the New Year.  

 As always, set an intention to receive this message from your heart space… Have a blessed holiday!!! 

Sara Bachmeier

I was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California. Being a small and conservative tourist town, I felt most comfortable being a “Closet Spiritualist.” I have a teaching degree and the birth of my daughter inspired me to follow my passion to create and open a pre-school called “Readiness Daycare” under the Waldorf philosophy. In 2016, I took an intensive course in Egyptian Numerology taught by Dr. Sharon Forrest. I have always been drawn to Astrology & Numerology and this modality connects the two as a metaphysical and esoteric science and philosophy. After the course, I spent a year to advance my spiritual directive and wrote the book “Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into The Fifth Dimension”. I offered Chart Readings and started a 90-day online program called “Uncover & Discover your Soul Life Agreement with Egyptian Numerology”. I am publishing my second book this year called “The Path of a Wounded Healer; Liberation is for the asking”. My goal and Mission is to help individuals awaken to their unique gifts and abilities, point in the direction of their “North Star” which guides them on their path to explore, expand, and evolve into their Soul Life Purpose in this incarnation. Namaste 🙏

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