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On September 22, 2020, @ 6:31 am PDT we experienced the 2020 fall equinox exact station event. Today, the cosmic scales are balanced, as we will experience equal portions of light and dark. Libra season is ushered in upon the back of this auspicious energy and is the overall theme of the day and the next 16 days. On the heels of the recent Virgo new moon and mars retrograde, the need to seek balance, in all of our associations, situations, and endeavors is the most pressing need that each of us must face and deal with, as we move forward towards manifesting our highest good goals, desires, and active pursuits. Renewal of individual optimism, self-confidence, and belief in our individual aspirations is definitely present and should be embraced and utilized as the catalyst for our positive outlook, as we productively march towards our progressive outcomes.

A Season of Bliss

Today is the day to revive our individual ambition by arousing our inspiration for those ideas and ideals that saturate our soul with bliss and that satisfy our thirst for knowledge, sustenance, and self-sufficiency.

As we enter this season of bliss, beauty, and bountifulness, anticipate new changes of directions that will push us further away from the pains and pitfalls of previous entanglements that caused self-doubt to permeate our very existence. By rekindling our awareness of the necessary balance that is needed in our individual lives we can realign ourselves with what is truly most important to us and get back on track towards realizing and experiencing the outcomes that we richly desire and deserve.

Self-care and self-love are absolutely vital, right now, and will rejuvenate each of us in ways and means that will be beneficial in establishing the solid foundations with which to build upon. Now is the time to reevaluate every association, situation and endeavor we each are currently in and for recognizing which of these are really serving our highest good and which of these are merely harboring our fears and complacencies.

By making the precise distinctions between the discrepancies that cause us to wallow in procrastination, vacillation and timidity, we can forge ahead with revitalize determination and discipline, as we consolidate our directed efforts and ambitions into the new associations, situations and endeavors that tangibly effect our souls’ ascension and profitably influence our fundamental realities.

By reorganizing, revamping and resetting our spiritual and physical alters in our lives we can receive and appreciate the clarity of mind and certainty of communication that is the result of the sincere honoring of our individual guides that assist us, each and every day.

Intentional openness, deliberate honesty, and vulnerable transparency, in every thought, word, action, and reaction will elevate our every association, situation, and endeavor to levels of individual awareness that have been elusive up until now and will allow us to generate the necessary courage and commitment to step up and out of our comfortable discomfort and start happening to life, instead of allowing life to happen to us! Everything that we need, want, and desire is ahead of us and where each of us is going is much more beautiful and beneficial than where each of us has been.

Manifesting our highest good goals, desires and active pursuits, in our every association, situation and endeavors and on all levels of our awareness should be the only objects of our attention and the only real concerns we each should be considering.

By focusing our entire thought energy to the associations, situations and endeavors that are bubbling up, from our soul core, we can eliminate wasteful efforts and cure the malaise that may be present in our daily lives and physical beings.

Filter out all negativity with purposed breathing, mindful meditation and creative visualization and incorporate these and other necessary rituals into your daily practice of self-care and self-love.

Start each day with a gratitude walk, run or exercise regimen for maximum manifesting power and ultimate peace of mind and overall wellness.

Transmute every adverse thought, word, action and deed into progressively positive thoughts, actions, words and deeds by changing your perspective and perception of the things you choose to involve yourself in and with.

Repel toxicity with healthy lifestyle choices, decisions and well-thought-out plans and make wholesomeness, wellness and virtuous living a daily choice instead of an emergency alternative.

Believe your most humble hype, encourage your self-motivation, and embrace your self-inspiration and get busy with reshaping your life into your desired outcome! What you feed, now, will definitely grow!

Your mastered self awaits you!

Mark Edward Pyle

Mark Edward Pyle is a Mastered Self Initiate and Soul (Karma) Reader, with 40 years of study and Master Level experience with Numerology, Astrology, Card Sciences (Standard & Tarot). Mark has perfected his craft by reading, compiling, and analyzing 1,000’s of people and business/civic/governmental entities. Mark believes we are more than our Western Astrology Sun Sign and created and developed new ways in how you look at your daily/weekly/monthly & yearly horoscope.

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