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Astrology is a tool of time and space.  As the Solar System runs through its cycles, astrologers follow the patterns the same way a meteorologist follows the weather.  Each month different points in the sky form important relationships, which we call aspects, that indicate emerging, changing, and enduring patterns.

This monthly blog will look at the month ahead and discuss the most prominent and powerful aspects and how they impact life on earth.  These impacts will be connected to both personal and current events to show how the astrological weather report can help you “weather” your life and each month successfully.

What is Ongoing?  The Slow and Enduring Transits

When the outer points Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto form aspects, they will last for quite some time.  Since Jupiter moves the fastest if it aspects any of the other outer points the aspect can be felt for over two months.  If the outermost points aspect, the impact can last for years, and the repercussions for decades.

Jupiter conjunct (merged) with Pluto in Capricorn

On April 1, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, and Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth will be nearly exactly together at 12:01 am in Capricorn at 24 degrees 25 minutes (Jupiter) and 24 degrees 50 minutes (Pluto).  We can expect to be in the midst of a powerful transformation that will affect us on a personal and global scale.

In terms of current events, we will likely see the full dissemination of the coronavirus worldwide and begin to feel the global impact of the disease on the economy in a way that will filter even further down into the daily lives of people around the world.  Capricorn energy is about consequences, so the Jupiter/Pluto merging is extremely significant.  In weather terms, this is a category 5 hurricane.  Geologically, it is a Tsunami or 9/10 Richter scale earthquake.

The impact of this aspect started in late February and will be at full strength here at the beginning of this month and only start to subside by the middle of next month.  There will be some serious cleanup work to be done in May.

Week to Week

Faster transits occur throughout the month and this section of the article will look at each week of the current month.

April 1 to April 7

Mars conjunct (merged) with Saturn

At the very beginning of this month, Mars will be just past Saturn in Aquarius at 00 degrees.  Both points recently ingressed into Aquarius from Capricorn.  There will be a renewed focus on social issues, which could lead tempers to flare (Mars) because of injustice and unfairness (Aquarius).  Saturn (rules and structure), will try to find a way to direct Mars (action) towards the greater good.

Mercury conjunct (merged) with Neptune

Mercury went back direct on March 9th in Aquarius and returned to Pisces on March 17th.  At the start of this month, Mercury is fast approaching Neptune and will be exactly conjunct on April 3rd.  This merging of the mind (Mercury) and spirit (Neptune) can go two very dramatically different ways.  On one hand, there can be tremendous insight, vision, and awakening; but on the other hand, it can be delusion, madness, and paranoia.

Depending on what is happening in your life, you may feel completely lost or suddenly aware and calm during this week.  What is most important with this transit is to try to see the deeper meaning of all that is happening within and around you.  At its best, this conjunction should allow your mind (Mercury) to surrender (Neptune) to faith, and see that all is as it should be even if it feels very chaotic.  All things do pass.

Venus ingress into Gemini and trine (support with) Saturn in Aquarius

This aspect will take place on April 4th and balance out some of the potential extreme reactions with encouragement to connect with others and rely on the community for support.  There is a chance for some serious goodwill to show up with this transit as people get the wake-up call to realize we are “all in this together” when it comes to a health crisis like the coronavirus.

Mars in Aquarius square (conflict with) Uranus in Taurus

The exact square will occur April 7th and we will really feel the conflict between the ideals of society (Aquarius) and the unpredictable nature of reality (Uranus in Taurus).  We can expect to feel a good deal of anger (Mars) if our societal institutions and leadership are not providing support during difficult times.  This energy can motivate dramatic and swift change.

April 8 to April 14

Venus in Gemini trine (support with) Mars in Aquarius

Venus will advance into a trine with Mars, but not become exact until several months later because Venus will slow this month and then go retrograde next month.  They will get close enough to feel the benefits this week, which will be a softening of frustration as people find more helpful ways to communicate and share experiences.

Sun in Aries square (conflict with) Pluto in Capricorn

For the three days of April 13th, 14th, and 15th, we will feel the Sun square Pluto, making us want to take action and get results, but we will likely be frustrated by previous choices leading to challenging consequences.  We may want a vaccine right now (Aries), but the reality of creating and safely testing while public health funding has been reduced or ignored will make it unlikely that we can get results anytime soon (Capricorn).

April 15 to 21

Sun in Aries square (conflict with) Saturn in Capricorn

Frustration will likely be double because, on the 15th, 16th, and 17th, Jupiter (expansion) will feel pressure from the Sun.  We are the wealthiest nation in the world, so we should be able to get results immediately; but again, previous choices regarding personal spending around health care and public spending around health care will now meet a reality that is limited by factors that cannot be swayed by threats, promises, money, or politics.

The energy of the Saturn/Uranus square and the Venus trine Saturn will be in play this entire week, in a push/pull of anger frustration at institutions and the government (Capricorn) and the benevolence and kindness of day-to-day interactions (through Venus in Gemini).

April 21 to April 30

For the final part of April, the Saturn/Uranus square will stay in effect until April 27th.

Mercury in Aries square (conflict with) Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Capricorn

Around April 23rd expect the communication about any problems, small or large, to be direct and aggressive (Mercury in Aries), especially towards large businesses and the government if they are failing to address the concerns of the people.  The ongoing theme of this entire year is consequences (Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all in Capricorn).  Aries in Mercury is not going to be quiet!

Venus in Gemini square (conflict with) Neptune in Pisces

Unfortunately, there will simply be more challenges than support this month.  And April will conclude with Venus squaring with Neptune on April 27th and continuing well into May because Venus will begin slowing to go retrograde. This transit can lead us to be somewhat unrealistic about what can and should be done regarding all aspects of our lives.  We may want others to do more than they can and we may be forced to see the limitations and flaws in others very clearly during this transit.

Mostly Stormy Weather

“April showers bring May flowers.” In this case, it will be April thunderstorms bring havoc, requiring us to work together as local communities to help each other out.  These storms will be harder on some than others, but no one will be able to avoid the storms.

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