As We Give Birth to a New Era… Astrology and Numerology for December 2020

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WOW, the last month of the year! The Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is here, and we open the door into a new era! I expect many of you are ready for 2020 to end and look forward to a fresh new year. For others, this has actually been a breakthrough year and the beginning of a new performance era.

With COVID-19 as a global catalyst to reflection and new ways, we could consider that 2020 was a year of pregnancy and now we’re in the final stages of giving birth to a new epoch. If you’re a parent, you’ll likely remember that the experience of pregnancy was a path of adjustments and new understandings. The wonder of how tired you can be in the early and last days, the distaste of morning sickness, and the ride of emotions with hormonal changes.

Then everything changes, in ways you’d never imagined, the moment baby is birthed. Waiting and preparing is over. No going back. Ta Da!! A new way of life begins with shifts in priorities, different ways of doing things, and a whole new experience to work with. Proactive in reading and learning from others may have given you insights, but the actual experience of this new way of life could be like no one else’s, but yours. Right now, we are in the tense energy of “any day now” We are all about to experience the birth of a huge new cycle and we’ll be figuring things out and finding our way in new territory.

Let’s Look at 2021 Through Numerology Eyes

Number 5

The universal number for 2021

2021 2+0+2+1 = 5

Five is the number of change, expansion, growth, and adventure. The dance between freedom and responsibility, it can feel like being spread too thin as we try to work with lots of pieces at the same time.

While we each have our own personal number for the year, this is the energy we’ll be experiencing on a global level – so fitting, as we enter new territory. Old structures have been dismantled or knocked down in 2020, and there are piles for us to sort through. We have to sort through the resources that are still usable and adaptable. Decide what’s feasible to be created or exciting to create, now we’re out of the proverbial box.

You might find it interesting to note that it’s not a 9 year, an ending, or a completion year. It’s a level up – change and expansion year. The tree is in blossom. It’s pollination of blossoms now to form fruit over the next three years. In nature some years the blossoms get hit by cold temperature or extreme weather and other years are glorious, pollen blows on light breezes and the bees happily do their thing. While we can’t control these external influences we can be conscious and aware. We can do our human part to support a positive outcome. Be proactive and go with the flow. Resistance will be futile and insistence on holding on to old ways will cause great degrees of stress.

Look at 2021 as a year of flexibility, unfolding evolution, and growth. Lighten up and have some fun as we work with one another and go with the flow. Not with your hands in the air giving up – more like the hands in the air on the rollercoaster ride. This is a year for movement and change. Not too rigid and not too yielding, we need to find that sweet spot like a flexible, healthy body.

5 brings freedom of choice. Look forward to what you want. Between Covid and lots of retrogrades this year, we have been given time to slow down, reflect, re-evaluate, and figure out what that is. For others, clarity has grown out of knowing what they don’t need or want. Either way, they are drivers for decisions and progress.

Now the place to find certainty is inside yourself. Happiness, wellbeing, and success will come in our ability to dance with change, and through the positive use of our co-creative power.

Numerology for December

Number 7

December is the 12th month of 2020

Add 1+2 to 2+0+2+0 and we are all in a 7 month

…and look at that 7 is a month of inner reflection and trust.

So what do you trust out in the world? Has the news made you cynical, a skeptic? Have you got caught in a cycle of overthinking and worry? Have you turned into a hermit – given away your power? Stuck in waiting to see what will happen. Waiting to know what you can trust.

Do you trust what you hear? Do you trust your own sense? Do you believe everything you hear on the news? Is the research being shared something you trust – have you been doing research of your own?

Or are you a trusting optimist? Looking at the bigger picture, reflecting on what you will do, what you have to contribute, know the influence you want to make?

Has your faith grown stronger or is it time to explore and develop more for yourself?

December Astrology

We can find the theme of trust as we move over to Astrology and look at the poignant energy, we find ourselves in between the full moon lunar eclipse in Gemini and the Solar Eclipse (New Moon) in Sagittarius on December 14th. A time to go in and feel what is right. Notice your choices that you might not be able to logically or practically explain yet feel right in the gut. It’s a time to look for the true meaning and speak one’s own truth directly.

This New Moon is different than usual. Near the south node, we are called to release, complete, and draw closure before setting forward on our adventure into the new cycles. A call to clear the mind, release self-defeating needs, and what’s in the way of trusting that your intuition, is indeed leading you in the right direction. It’s time to leave behind the habits that have limited your spirit of adventure, compromised your peace of mind, and damped joy in your life. We can open the door to listening and understanding different opinions, without having to agree or make them our own.

For some these eclipses will bring big obvious change, for others subtle insights and turning points in understanding. In this space between the two, your energy may feel a bit “off”. Perhaps tired or irritated. Be kind to yourself on the days you feel your productivity is off.

Where in your life have you noticed your energy has waned or depleted, where once you had a whole lot of enthusiasm? What would you choose if you follow your inner-sense, let go and make room for something new? Something different that energizes your spirit and gets your juices flowing.

With Saturn and Jupiter moving into Aquarius on December 17th and 19th respectively, the energy will change significantly. We move from the weighted, structured energy of earth into the lightness and speed of air. We’ll start to be empowered to look forward to the future and less concerned about the ways of the past.

December 21st – Winter Solstice, we have the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn 0 degrees Aquarius. It’s the beginning of a 20 year, and an even bigger 200-year cycle. We enter a time to interweave the structures and wisdom of the past into new frameworks and new ways for the unfolding future. Innovative solutions to problems will become stronger with the understanding of how things work. Innovative change will grow from grassroots, a shift from the old authoritative power from the top down.

Over the next few years, we’re going to see materialism weaken and the badges of honor for overwork will lose their shine. Focus on making a living, will shift to making a contribution to society. Get a head start. Start some self-discovery. Reveal your unique contribution and start getting clear in your authentic brand. We can look forward to new trends and unconventional approaches and operating from a larger world view.

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