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When we step back and see things from an energetic perspective, we can see things differently, objectively, in a more empowering light. Understanding the dynamics at play, we can feel more optimistic and more centered in our personal power, while answers are unfolding, and the future becomes increasingly clearer.

Working with the insights of Astrology and Numerology we can gain a fresh perspective, fore-sight, and confirmation to decide what’s next. Figure out what’s going on and get clear on our best direction and focus.

Let’s see what light I can shine for you to navigate your way and work with this month’s influences to your advantage.

October’s call to SLOW DOWN and REVIEW has set you up nicely for November

With Mars retrograding until November 13th and Mercury retrograding until the 3rd, we were called to slow down action and switch gears into research and develop our best plan. Finish works that were in progress. Take last month to review and prepare, instead of charging ahead or launching new ventures only to be disappointed with limited results. If you answered this call, you’re in a stronger position, to move forward with more space, and a stronger foundation this month.

Mercury stationed direct Tuesday, November 3rd, and Mars is slowing down to station direct on Friday, November 13th. While nothing is going to be fast out of the gate, from the super new moon on Sunday 15th we’ll have the moon’s rising and waxing phase energy in tandem with Mars and Mercury picking up speed. Forward we go.

Don’t be surprised if you get some bright ideas or experience a mental breakthrough when Mercury opposes Uranus on the 17th. With the sun moving into Sagittarius on November 21st the depth and intensity of having the Sun in Scorpio will be replaced with the fiery energy of increased hope and desire for discovery and adventure.

The New Moon in Scorpio invites us to set intentions for what we want, with Scorpio flavor this time. A chance to take a fresh approach to politics and let go of old baggage that’s been weighing us down. What would the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 look like with you owning your power, committing to self-discipline, and opening the door to a new level of self-mastery? November 15th is the time to initiate change and put new intentions into play.

Right now, use this last quarter moon phase to let go and clear the mental, emotional, and physical debt. Make the decision to collapse and release harsh judgments and guilt.

Mid-month start using the fresh upward and forward waxing moon energy for your personal growth in optimism, to practice self-discipline, and feel more and more empowered developing stronger self-identity and taking action. You’ll be answering the call of Mars in Aries while setting yourself up well for 2021.

Numerology for November

When we are working with the numbers of the year, we are calculating the Universal level of influence. The “environmental energy” around us all.

October is the 11th month of 2020

Number 6

Add 1+1 to 2+0+2+0 and we are all in a 6-month Acceptance and a renewed Vision

Certainly, with all that’s happening now on the world stage, it’s time to accept what is and renew our vision of what we want. Acceptance from a place of “this is what it is”. Now, what are you going to do with it? What is your vision of the current situations? What are you going to create out of it? What do you see for yourself, your family, those, and what you care for deeply?

Responsibility, nurturing and home are also related to the number 6

With the rise of COVID-19 numbers once again some are called to revisit their level of responsibility, in are they doing their part?

For those of us who have been home so much, perhaps there is a shift in perspective to move from “working with what you’ve got” to how can I re-vision my space and make it more comfortable, more beautiful, and supportive: this isn’t as temporary as once thought.

Caregiver burden or burnout with so many months in this role, this is the time to look at nourishing and nurturing yourself or let others care for you. Love and compassion go both ways. You can give more from a full cup. Consider easing back from unrealistic expectations and perfectionist tendencies for yourself, your family, your community, and those you serve. Sixes (personal numbers) have a tendency to do too much for too many, often with too little. The extra dose of Universal 6 energy could be a catalyst for change and an opportunity to accept and receive more help, share responsibilities more fairly with others.

For those on the outside looking in. Take a look and see how you might help. What responsibilities can you willingly take on? From a point of being response-able rather than seeing responsibility as a burden. Look also at your perfectionistic tendencies, unrealistic expectations, and re-vision how things might look different moving forward.

So, set yourself free from binding perfectionism and let go of unreasonable expectations. Use November to get organized, realign and rebalance. Find harmony amidst continued chaos and change. Look for new ways to move forward with more compassion, kindness, and work with a fresh vision moving towards increased harmony, wellbeing, and success.

Judy Onorato

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