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Ceres, a dwarf planet but it’s worth in astrology and especially for a Sagittarius is immense. This year when the Pluto conjunct the ascendant not only will Sagittarius benefit from the most, but it will be a sign of prosperity for many other zodiac signs. Ceres is named after the Roman goddess, this planet found among the countless asteroids has significance over many.

Starting from January 26th till 15th of November, the dwarf planet Ceres will pass Sagittarius, with Jupiter on the side Pluto conjunct ascendant which shows a pattern that has rarely been noticed. This year when it will pass Jupiter symbol of hope, opportunity, and solutions magnificent results will appear in the life of a Sagittarius.

What does Ceres Rule?

In astrology, the planets rule different aspects of one’s life. This happens to be the case of the dwarf planet Ceres that rules over agriculture, food, nurturing of life and relationships. Most importantly one could easily deduce how Ceres rules love more than anything. Love where it brings happiness is also an ultimate tragedy, a constant struggle and it has its ups and downs. Hence, the factor of grief is also what Ceres reigns over with separation and breakup a vital factor.

Ceres and power

The discovery of series is a story, which coincides with some of the marvelous accounts in history. On 1st January 1801, Ceres was discovered, the exact time the United Kingdom came into being. England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales all came together to form one United Kingdom. The union jack is a symbol of this merger, and this grand union implies a strong sense of power and instills control into its meaning. The astrological importance of when Pluto conjuncts ascendant lies deep in the Roman myth of Ceres when her son-in-law Pluto and her daughter Proserpina had to an enforced sharing where she had to choose between her mother and husband shows the power being enforced and control in effect.

Natal Birth Chart and Ceres

In astrology, by using Ceres as a function, you can determine by each sign and house their true worth in power. In other words, it shows you where you can unlock your true potential and where you are born with true power and control or if you are entitled to it. By observing the natal chart when Pluto conjuncts ascendant, you can know where you can rule better and reign over that period like a pro. This raises a logical concern since Ceres is about sharing and compromise too. When life has its ups and downs Ceres with its power which it gives must be shared for people around you will be envious and try to harm you.

The Big Question

The question every retrograde period brings is a why? Why is everything happening this way or why are we doing this? etc. It might seem existential, but it demands more of an inquiry to the opportunities that must be created in that period.

Ceres Gives Motivation

Ceres entirely focuses on motivations, it is about how we are confident to stand up to circumstances and face them in a manner that which helps them to have a prosperous outcome. It challenges us to innovate and come up with creative insights in order to tackle problems and devise up better strategic solutions.

Other Aspects of Ceres in Sagittarius

Ceres is like the mother who cares, residing inside you. Ceres gives access to you in many nurturing aspects of life. Like feeling comfortable in your own skin, building of wealth and independence of financial apprehensions along with a healthy lifestyle and eating choices. The main concern is about the management of all these aspects, when Pluto conjuncts ascendant, Ceres in your natal chart could explain where and why you should change and what.

Here are the few aspects you could know where your Ceres is and how will it affect it,

Health Aspect: Relating to your Physical Nature

Trusting your body wisdom is a smart choice when one sees life through a larger lens the philosophy of health and nutrition reigns, you would always like to keep your body in motion, which implies a full focus on health and nutrition.

The Caring Aspect: What you can do for others

People live life for themselves, and that doesn’t make them selfish because they also tend to make others happy and live part of their life for them. You will take care of yourself and of others too in all aspects to make their life comfortable, this optimistic attitude lets you have a generous personality, this is necessary when Pluto conjuncts ascendant. What you might need is freedom of being and movement, speech, etc.

The Financial Aspect: Handling what’s precious

When Pluto Conjuncts ascendant in the extended zodiac sign being generous might be a virtue but keeping an open hand guarantees much more. Life is all about miracles and surprises. There is always something waiting to be disclosed around the corner, so being open-handed will help you in securing a prosperous life, and you will have enough for your needs no matter how things might seem bad. Saving this time will serve a better initiative, and you will need it for it might be a sudden requirement to some of your goals and can boost it up a notch in the long run.

In Conclusion

Ceres in Sagittarius is one of the rare patterns of love and nurture which will be appearing in 2019, and when Pluto conjuncts ascendant, this power can make one influential over the masses and in his/her personal life bring about an opportunity to be a catalyst in another people life while making his own prosperous.


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