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Retrograde motion is an interesting phenomenon in astrology practice.  The term describes an optical effect that occurs when one body is moving faster than another body and from the “view of the faster body, the slower body to appear as if it is “moving backward.”  This periodic “change in perspective” means something interesting and useful in astrological practice.  This article will explore the direct to retrograde motion of Chiron this July.

July 2019 Retrogrades (Chiron)

Chiron will go retrograde on July 9th at 7:39 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).  The astrological activity does not occur in isolation, but it is often how we discuss it to put the pieces together into a larger framework.  Chiron is the point in the chart dealing with wounding and healing, and it is currently in Aries.  It will retrograde at 5 degrees 56 minutes and work its way back to 1 degree 26 minutes on December 13.  It will remain in the “shadow” of the retrograde period until it gets back to 5 degrees 56 minutes on April 4, 2020.

Chiron has an unusual orbit; the full return cycle is 50 years, but it does not move through all 12 signs with a nearly equal amount of time as most of the other astronomical bodies do.  It spent over 8 years in Pisces before entering Aries this year.  And it will be in Aries from March 2019 to April 2027, another full 8 years. While in Pisces the world was meant to experience and heal wounds of faith, purpose, and dreams.  In Aries, wounding and healing involve our independence, autonomy, and personal freedoms.  These wounds may occur because of financial limitations, restrictions imposed by the government, and even difficulties in the environment.

Healing could involve accepting the new limitations, seeking new avenues for independent action, and asserting ourselves in ways that give us a strong sense of self without negatively imposing on others because of selfish choices.  The Aries wound can be experienced mainly two ways: refusing to ask for help and trying to “go it alone” when you should be asking for help or finding yourself severely restricted and trapped by your circumstances and the actions of others.

Chiron Retrograde in Aires

The switch from direct to retrograde motion will take place between the 5th and 6th degree of Aries, making it Aries 6 in the Sabian Symbols, which is, “A square brightly lighted on one side.” The keyword is SET. When positive, the degree is absolute unimpeachability of a genuine self-direction and when negative, a complete loss of self-efficacy in a surrender to frustration (Jones, 154).  Consider that new medical breakthroughs are occurring rapidly and more people are feeling the loss of independence in life that can come with crushing medical bills, which leads people to resist finding out about their current health condition for fear of finding a significant problem, which often means missing a problem when it could have been dealt with before it became significant.

Chiron will join Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto, all in retrograde motion already on this date. All of these points will remain retrograde throughout the month of July, so it will be a period of reflection, reorientation, and rest.  With Chiron going retrograde we need to take stock of our “wounds” and our health.  Wounding under Chiron in Aries will most often happen by “rushing in foolishly”, so the lesson is about prudence, not holding back and doing nothing.  To stagnate is just as much a wound to Aries as taking on too much risk.  Healthy and conscious Aries energy acts in its own self-interest for the benefit of others, like the man or woman who is highly competitive and loves firearms finding the path to the military or police, where this energy can flourish and do good for the community, society, or country.

At the Personal Level

On your personal level, any points in your chart that sit at or near the 5th degree of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn will certainly feel this shift from direct to retrograde in a profound way.  The house Aries rules in your chart will also be feeling the impact the Chiron retrograde, which will require you to reflect and re-assess what wounding and healing may have taken place in this area of your life; and now you need to slow down and process the changes.

As an example, I was born with Venus at 5 degrees 10 minutes of Aries.  The Chiron return will take place directly over this point in my chart, so I will need to look at my relationships and my health (Venus rules the care of the body).  Aries rules my 6th House of Day-to-Day Work and Health, so I will need to pay attention to my interactions with clients in my day-to-day business as well as even more emphasis on taking care of my body.

How Long Will It Last?

As pointed out above, the retrograde period is actually longer than the time a point switches from direct to retrograde and retrograde back to direct.  There is the “shadow period” that is the time from the return to direct motion until the point reaches the same degree it first went retrograde.  In the case of Chiron, it is going retrograde on 7/9 at 5 degrees and 56 minutes (5d56m) of Aries.  It will go back direct on 12/13 at 1d26m of Aries.  It will not get back to 5d26m until 4/4/2020.  Between 12/13/2019 and 4/4/2020, this is the “shadow period” of Chiron’s retrograde journey.  Chiron will be completely “out of the shadow” of the retrograde transit on 4/4/2020.

Effectively, the Chiron retrograde period will run from 7/9/2019 to 4/4/2020, so the last half of this year and a good chunk of next year. One of the best ways to move through this energy is not by ignoring your wounds but being more thoughtful about how to address and redress them.  Here’s a concrete example of how to understand and respect the retrograde energy: if you are thinking about putting off a health check-up or procedure (like a colonoscopy), do not.  This can be one of the best times to discover any health issues and begin addressing them.

Chiron direct in Aries is “experimental cures”, while Chiron in Aries retrograde is more like “using what is tried and true for healing”.  Keep figuring out what works for you but do so by researching what has worked for the majority.

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