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We end a Universal Number 6 month in January and, in February, enter the Universal number seven month.

The Month Ahead

The energies will quiet down to reflect sanctuary and contemplation. This frequency has a unique relationship to nature, our solar system, and spiritual intelligence.

In the first week of February, we reach the midpoint of winter, marked by the cross-quarter day of Imbolc. Traditionally, Imbolc begins at sundown on February 1st and continues through February 2nd.

Imbolc is an ancient Celtic holiday celebrating the very first stirrings of new life and the earliest breath of spring. Even though there may still be snow on the ground where you are and even if it’s freezing cold outside, we are beginning to feel the very earliest hints of spring rising up in our spirits.

After months of turning inward, of hibernation and rest, life is beginning to emerge and take bloom.

Spiritually, this is a time of new life coming into manifestation. We may only be seeing the tiniest hints rise above the surface, but things are really beginning to awaken within the darkness.

This time of year, our spirits are starting to shake off the doldrums of winter, and with this awakening comes a much-needed cleansing.

When the new flowers begin to poke their heads up through the dirt, it stirs a desire to clear the ground of dead growth. This is the time to clear out the dirty old clutter, and the things that died within us during winter, in order to prepare for the exciting new growth to emerge.

These last few months of turning inward and descending into darkness were all about identifying the things within us that we were ready to let go of and Now is the time to really let those things go once and for all. Often that means Imbolc is a time of transition & change.

This is a time of leaving what is safe and comfortable in order to grow more fully into ourselves. 

On February 14th, we experience Valentine’s Day and celebrate the importance of the opening of our hearts. It is going to be a Universal number 11 day packed with extra power, illumination, and awakening to the true Source of heart wisdom.

Connection to our twin flames will be impactful whether they are in embodiment now or with us on the other side.

The number sequence for February is 222 especially on February 2, and the 22, of 2021. The meaning of 222 is personal for everyone but a few of the messages shouting out to us from this sequence is that we need to be more co-operative, align and be in the flow of healing energy, become open to romance and relationships, create more balance in our lives, and delve deeper into the feminine aspects of self by getting in touch with our emotions and not making all our decisions based on logic.

The Universal month of seven has a spiritual tone often pointing to our personal connection to Source and under the umbrella of a Universal Five Year, our Soul Life Path messages are toward pursuing motivation in our spiritual connections. So, if you are a…. 

Life Path Number 1 

Find your inner compass this month and stay focused on the things that really matter to you. Don’t get discouraged or distracted by the mundane and little details of life. If it won’t matter in five years, then do not spend more than five minutes worrying about it.

Life Path 2 and Master Number 11/2

Sometimes the deep answers that we are looking for are be found in simple places like through a conversation with other people. Listen carefully to the messages that you receive from the outside world as well as your own intuition.

This month, you will find your answers within the signs, symbols, synchronicities, dreams, and even songs sent to you by the Universe.

You will be specially aligned within and without getting excited to witness the magic occurring all around you.

Life Path number 3 

The beauty of your soul hid your purpose within your creative passion. Notice what makes you happy this month. The joy that you are seeking comes from your heart and busy hands. What secretly inspires you? And what do you desire to share with the world?

Life Path number three is the spiritual messenger so what message will you deliver through expressing your passion this month?

Be bold, fearless, and wild in your determination to express the secrets of your soul.

Life Path number 4 and Master Number 22/4

Embrace your Zen state of mind while participating in your daily routines and chores. Experiencing the feeling of love while practicing the simplicities of life is the message for life Path number four this month.

Be Present in the richness of each moment as you take out the trash, wash the dishes, feed the dog, do your laundry, and make your bed.

Invite Spirit to join you as you celebrate the day.

Inhale and exhale your full sense of self-mastery and explore the process of the ripple effect as this Zen state of heart and mind follows you into the more complex corridors of your life.

Life Path number 5

Light a candle every morning this month and invite the spirit into your heart. Thank your ancestors for guiding you and invite the angels to create a healing essence with your intentions to inspire action.

You can feel that you are on the verge of something big and you don’t want to get distracted and miss it. Use the morning hours to get clarity, inspiration, end guidance. Follow your intuition and become motivated to take action. This month is called the “Ceremony of Invitation” which means ask and you shall receive.

Life Path number 6

Create and maintain a physical sanctuary this month.

Nurture your relationship with spirit by making space in your daily routine for sanctuary. This could be clearing space through saging, getting rid of clutter, creating an altar in your garden, or choosing a new daily mantra.

The action does not have to be monumental because sometimes just a small movement or alteration can produce an energetic current that affects your world and the collective in a big way.

Life Path number 7

This month will feel like heaven to you as you appreciate a slower pace beginning to emerge and notice the collective urge for everything and everyone to quiet down and go within.

This is a creative month as ideas flood your imagination calling you to formulate a plan of action. You find solutions to long-standing dilemmas and will be at the right place at the right time to succeed in your efforts. Your intuition attracts spiritual Synchronicity in uncanny ways as your secret bond with the universe unfolds.

Life Path number 8

This month, you will desire to connect with people on a deeper level. The superficial connections just do not appeal to you.

Do not be afraid to try a different approach in your personal and business affairs. Be innovative, direct, and precise with your communications even if you do not get the response you were expecting or anticipating. This change will serve you in ways maybe not noticeable now, but down the road, it will be priceless.

Trust your intuition and go with the flow. Notice the peace and satisfaction you have created within yourself and watch for the spiritual lessons learned.

Life Path number 9

It appears that you have done a lot of inner work lately especially shadow work and it is time to let it all go.

This month will feel lighter for you. You will reach for the pen and journal to write and find less drama in your personal circle.

Take a breath and rest.

Recharge, reset, and reinvent your spiritual tone.

Disconnect from everything that lies heavily in your heart, create a blissful void, and retreat.

When you are ready, invite the spirit to inflate your body, heart, and mind with the gentle caress of peaceful waters.

This wraps up the energy influence for the Month of February. You can learn more about your own personal magic through an Egyptian Numerology chart reading. If you are interested, contact me through my website.

Have a blessed week!!! Namaste’

Sara Bachmeier

I was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California. Being a small and conservative tourist town, I felt most comfortable being a “Closet Spiritualist.” I have a teaching degree and the birth of my daughter inspired me to follow my passion to create and open a pre-school called “Readiness Daycare” under the Waldorf philosophy. In 2016, I took an intensive course in Egyptian Numerology taught by Dr. Sharon Forrest. I have always been drawn to Astrology & Numerology and this modality connects the two as a metaphysical and esoteric science and philosophy. After the course, I spent a year to advance my spiritual directive and wrote the book “Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into The Fifth Dimension”. I offered Chart Readings and started a 90-day online program called “Uncover & Discover your Soul Life Agreement with Egyptian Numerology”. I am publishing my second book this year called “The Path of a Wounded Healer; Liberation is for the asking”. My goal and Mission is to help individuals awaken to their unique gifts and abilities, point in the direction of their “North Star” which guides them on their path to explore, expand, and evolve into their Soul Life Purpose in this incarnation. Namaste 🙏

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