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Numerology is the study of numbers as meaningful constructs related to human consciousness.  Numbers occupy our lives in many ways, starting with number values associated with the letters of words, especially our names. 

We have the numbers of our birthday, month, and year.  Most countries have a number sequence for citizens (in the United States, it is the 9-digit Social Security Number or SSN).  Most of us have a phone number; if we drive a car, we have a number plate.  Each word and sequence of numbers reduced to a number between 1 and 9, and each of those numbers has spiritual meaning.

This article will explore the number meaning of this month and this month + this year.

The Two Numbers for Each Month

Each month of the year has two key numbers: the number of the month itself and the total of the month number plus the year number.  April is the 4th month of the year, and thus a 4.  April 2020 is 042020 or an 8.

The number 4 is about family, foundations, savings, networking, the home, security, and persistence. This is a very good month to review your finances.  In the US it is the month when households and business do their taxes to review what they accomplished, built, or lost in the preceding year.

Also, the 4th month is the main transition month out of Winter and into spring, when it is an ideal time to “start fresh” and plant most seeds for the intended harvest of the fall.  Doing a thorough inventory of your home and possessions and “getting your house in order” would be ideal work during this number 4 month.

The Number 8 for 4/2020

The calculation to an 8 for 4/2020 adds more practical energy to this month this year.  The number 8 is the number for the head of a business.  Each of us has an achievement role and path, but many people do not fulfill their power and put it into the world the way they should.  The numerological emphasis on 8 this month will want you to focus on your goals and what you need to do to succeed.

The process into and through success comes through aggressive effort to improve and get results.  Coupled with the 4, the excess should be saved and wisely invested, not spent frivolously.  The energy this month will invite you to save more.  You will want to do as much as possible to maximize your material success and security this month.

Externally the 8 represents the impact of powerful people and large systems on your life.  In the midst of unprecedented change at this time, this month will show both the power and failings of large systems and powerful individuals.  Combined with the 4, we will all have to figure out where our stability is and comes from, as well as what we need to do to keep or create new stability.

Your Number and the 4 and 8 this Month

It is rather easy to calculate your life path number; it is simply the total of your birthday reduced to a single digit.  In my case, I was born on 04/12/1968, which equals 31, which reduces to a 4.  My life path is about working hard, establishing a solid foundation, and staying within my limits.  In relation to the 4, I should look at my finances and make sure my money is being used wisely and that I have more coming in than going out.

In relation to the 8, this month will be an excellent one for me to really push myself regarding work and projects I want to complete.  What practical (4) actions can I take with regard to financial matters (4), using my power to succeed at a much higher level than before (8)?  Or, keep myself from “going under” in times of difficulty?

If you happen to have a life path number 1 (The Pioneer), then this month will involve assessing your value in your relationships and at your work; you may even find this a good month to “strike out on your own” with regard to work (if you are not already an entrepreneur) or face survival concerns.

If you happen to have a life path number 2 (The Partner), then this month you should sit down with your partner and review your finances together and talk about your plans for the future, both the immediate one and the distant one.  If you are not in a romantic relationship, who are the people in your daily life that affect your finances (roommates, family, or co-workers)?  What conversations about money do you need to have now?

If you happen to have a life path number 3 (The Creator), then this month will be the month to pull your resources out to lay the groundwork for a creative endeavor that could help you gain in wealth and material success.  With hard work (4) and a vision (8), you can get your creativity out into the wider world.  You may need to use your creativity to adjust to powerful changes in your daily life.

If you happen to have a life path number 4 (The Builder), then this is “your month” and you should do as much as you can with this energy because it will be aligned with your natural birth number.  “Burning the candle at both ends” is fine for you during this month; you can accomplish a lot!

If you happen to have a life path number 5 (The Traveler), then you should plan to save for a trip, if you are thinking about doing something personal, or expect that you may need and want to travel for work in order to increase your success in your job or for your business.  With travel limited, you will need to explore your more immediate environment as a way to exercise your number 5 energy signature.

If you happen to have a life path number 6 (The Educator), then think about the education you have (4) and the new knowledge/skills you need (8) and how you will pay for and get them.  If you have a Bachelor’s degree, then you want to get a Master’s degree.  If you have a Master’s degree, then you want to get a PhD.  As a new world order unfolds, you want to educate yourself to adapt.

If you happen to have a life path number 7 (The Mystic), then this month you need to address the practical matters of your spiritual path; they are there no matter how “mystical” you happen to be.  What actions have you been taking and established (4) and what new, more aggressive, actions do you need to take (8) to fulfill your purpose?

If you happen to have a life path number 8 (The Leader), then this is also “your month” and you should look at your long-term goals (8) and figure out what immediate actions and resources (4) you need to leverage to make sure you get to those goals.  You will also need to address your responsibilities to others as a leader and determine what choices you will make to help others.

If you happen to have a life path number 9 (The Counselor), then realize people count on you and need not only your leadership (8) but your reliability (4).  Make sure you are working within your limits and boundaries so you can achieve the best outcomes with people.

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