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Numerology is the study of numbers as meaningful constructs related to human consciousness.  Numbers occupy our lives in many ways, starting with number values associated with the letters of words, especially our names

We have the numbers for our birthday, month, and year.  Most countries have a number sequence for citizens (in the United States, it is the 9-digit Social Security Number or SSN).  Most of us have a phone number; if we drive a car, we have a number plate.  Each word and sequence of numbers reduced to a number between 1 and 9, and each of those numbers has spiritual meaning.

This article will explore the number meaning of this month and this month + this year.

The Two Numbers for Each Month

Each month of the year has two key numbers: the number of the month itself and the total of the month number plus the year number.  May is the 5th month of the year, and thus a 5.  May 2020 is 052020 or a 9.

The Number 5 Month

The number 5 is about travel, adventure, transition, change, disruption, and struggle. This is a very good month to let go of possessions, rethink goals, and travel (if possible).  In the US it is the month when people begin to really get back out into the world as they shake off winter and prepare for the summer.

Also, the 5th month is the main transition month through spring towards summer, when it is an ideal time to go out and do and enjoy the warmer weather before it gets to the heat of summer.  Doing spring cleaning, taking items to the Goodwill, or selling them are all great renewal actions.  May is an excellent month to declutter.

The Number 9 for 5/2020

The calculation to a 9 for 5/2020 makes this a “sober” month.  The number 9 is the number of responsibility, strength, and consequences.  Each of us has responsibilities we must address.  The numerological emphasis on 9 this month will want you to focus on the bigger picture than your personal ego; the wider world is our concern as much as our personal life.

Externally the 9 represents the force of reality that shapes our destiny.  In the midst of unprecedented change at this time, this month will require us to step into roles and responsibilities we know the world will need.  Combined with the 5, we will all have to figure out where there is a need in our community and how we will get there to help.

Your Number and the 5 and 9 this Month

It is rather easy to calculate your life path number; it is simply the total of your birthday reduced to a single digit.  In my case, I was born on 04/12/1968, which equals 31, which reduces to a 4.  My life path is about working hard, establishing a solid foundation, and staying within my limits.  In relation to the 5, I should look at my relationships and see where I need to go and who I need to bring to me to help during these challenging times.

In relation to the 9, this month will be an excellent one for me to offer help and practical solutions where I can.  What changes (5) must I endure with regard to the transitions happening all around me (5), using my willingness to support others and help those in need (9)?

If you happen to have a life path number 1 (The Pioneer)

This month will involve personal travel and transitions; you may even find this a good month to engage in charity or volunteer work where you help people one-on-one.

If you happen to have a life path number 2 (The Partner)

This month you should sit down with your partner and discuss how you will both deal with transitions happening in your relationship for your long-term future together.  If you are not in a romantic relationship, who are the people in your daily life that are going through major changes with you that you need to address?

If you happen to have a life path number 3 (The Creator)

This month will be the month to get creative and adapt to major change while also helping others adapt.  With a willingness to change (5) and a knowledge about the scale of the change (9), you can get your creativity out into the wider world as a way to navigate this transition period.

If you happen to have a life path number 4 (The Builder)

You should do as much as you can to keep things together and provide solid support for the people in your life, including the ones closest to you and your community.  You can be a rock for others.

If you happen to have a life path number 5 (The Traveler)

This is “your month” and you are attuned to the rhythms of change and how best to facilitate or navigate them.  In times of crisis, your energy understands the need to be able to flow with chaos until stability returns.

If you happen to have a life path number 6 (The Educator)

Think about the education that helps you assess situations and work on “in the moment” solutions.  Since the wider world is facing global change affecting every individual life, helping people understand the transition is a key way to express your life path.

If you happen to have a life path number 7 (The Mystic)

This month you need to address the way spiritual tools can help people when they face a crisis and dramatic change.  What beliefs address dealing with the chaotic transformation (5) and what vision of a world transformed (9) can you reveal to give people hope?

If you happen to have a life path number 8 (The Leader)

You should look at where your skills in leadership are most needed and what you expect to be the leadership roles that are most important in the near future.  True leadership will be in high demand during this month.

If you happen to have a life path number 9 (The Counselor)

This is also “your month” and you need to realize people will be seeking you out in large numbers, so it will be important to provide spiritual and emotional support, but you should also be sure to take care of yourself to avoid burnout. Saying “no” at key times will allow you to say “yes” more often and over a longer period of time.

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