July 14, 2024
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guide meditation for summer 2024

Guided Meditations: Unleashing Your Spiritual Side during the Summer of 2024

Unlock Your Spirituality Through Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations aren’t solely about assuming the lotus position and resisting the urge to scratch where a mosquito has bitten. It is about letting that fly fly, allowing thoughts to flow freely. One can become pure energy, and relinquish focus on bodily sensations, becoming aware that “it just is”.

Setting aside humor, achieving a meditative state isn’t limited to sitting; it can be attained while walking, singing, and more. Why? Let’s delve into the word’s essence: “meditate,” derived from the Latin “meditatum,” signifies “concentration” or “reflection”. It involves directing attention to a singular focus, perhaps the divine, the source, or the timeless essence of being. Being fully present enables a complete experience of self, guided by the divine spirit, unencumbered by doubts.

In this discourse, we’ll delve into fundamental principles integral to every meditation practice, alongside two distinct techniques for personal exploration. As we anticipate the summer, remember that these practices flourish in natural settings. Especially under the sun’s nurturing rays. Embrace the elements, utilizing their power alongside water’s revitalizing force. Nature provides all we require; attune to your body’s cues and harmonize with the elements for effortless flow.

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Breathwork is essential in Guided Meditations

Central to sensing the energy’s ebb and flow, conscious breathing unveils myriad pathways to direct the energy within the body.

Initially, synchronize breathing with the perceived energy flow; at the beginning of the exercise you might feel breathing normally, adjust the depth as energy accumulates.

Recognize the solar plexus as the core, right where your diaphragm is as well. This muscle can be trained over time, gradually developing a connection to it.

Acknowledge the skin’s role in respiration and that it does breath. Just like your nose, open your pores to invite fresh energy inward.

By integrating these steps, perceive energy not only through the breath but also through the body’s core, drawing it inward. Aim for inhalation and exhalation durations of 5-10 seconds each, utilizing the interim to guide energy more fluidly. Emphasize complete exhalation to refresh the lungs fully, which you don’t do in your daily life.

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Balancing both Sides breathing Technique

This technique fosters connection with both earthly and celestial energies simultaneously.

After centering yourself and aligning breath with energy flow, commence by directing energy from feet to crown and vice versa.

After a few breaths, focus on grounding one side of the body at a time, utilizing hand movements if desired. Hands are the best tool to direct energy, you can imagine you are playing with water, moving it from one side to the other.

Then, ascend to the upper body, guiding energy from crown to divine source while maintaining grounding. Throughout, sustain diaphragmatic breathing. 

Activating different chakras

Additionally, I’d like to introduce a meditation focusing on activating individual chakras. While these exercises can complement each other, dedicating separate sessions to delve deeper into specific chakras enhances the practice.

Begin by grounding energy through the legs, envisioning it accumulating within the targeted chakra. Inhale upwards through the legs to infuse the chakra with energy. Exhale to release residual energy outward (away from the body). Inhale again, drawing energy from all directions into the chakra, exhaling it upward toward the crown.

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It can happen suddenly that you receive a vision of something you can’t explain yet. Don’t worry; you only receive visions that, with time, you will understand. Perhaps other things need to be understood first, or new visions will emerge that are part of the puzzle. Moreover, if you have a vision, it’s not solely in your mind; you are also feeling what you saw and are already connected to it.

If you would like to make some order in the chaos I have something for you! Try to perceive the various colors and even forms of the chakras. This is a visualization technique that, with time, can genuinely enhance the capacity of your third eye. Visualizing strings of violet or gold light works best for me. Don’t force yourself to see something; instead, focus on feeling them—their depth, different curves, speed, and role. You can create these strings, and direct them from your body to whatever you would like to connect to. A bit like Spiderman.

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Fully control Your Thoughts 

Sit comfortably in a chair or lie down on a divan. Relax your entire body, close your eyes. Observe the flow of your thoughts for five minutes, trying to keep track of them.

At first, you’ll notice that everyday thoughts about work, chores, and concerns flood in. Approach these thoughts as if you were a silent observer, completely detached. Depending on your mood and situation, this exercise may feel easier or more challenging. The key is to stay focused on your thoughts and not drift away.

Be cautious not to fall asleep during this practice. If you start feeling tired, it’s better to stop the exercise and try again later when you’re more alert. Some people splash cold water on their faces or rub their faces and upper bodies with cold water. This is to stay awake and alert and take a few deep breaths beforehand, which also helps combat tiredness. Everyone will discover similar small helpful measures over time.

Guided Meditations as daily Rituals

Perform this thought-control exercise in the morning and evening. Each day, extend the exercise by one minute, so within a week, you’ll be able to follow and control your thoughts for at least 10 minutes without getting distracted. This time frame is designed for the average person, but if you need more time, feel free to extend it.

Proceed with great care, as rushing won’t serve any purpose. Development is entirely individual for each person.

The attentive ones will notice how, initially, thoughts overwhelm them. Racing by so fast that it’s hard to keep track of the myriad of thoughts. However, from one exercise to another, they’ll observe that the thoughts become less chaotic. Gradually calming down until only a few distant thoughts linger in consciousness.

This thought-control work deserves the utmost attention, as it’s extremely important in magical development, as everyone will later realize within themselves.


The optimal way to engage in these meditations is by kindly requesting a friend to read them aloud to you. By doing so, you can immerse yourself fully in the experience, free from interruptions, and truly embrace the practice.

Depending on your sensitivity, these practices may yield instant effects. However, incorporating them into your daily routine can lead to lasting impacts, with certain techniques becoming second nature, such as diaphragmatic breathing. My wish is that these practices resonate with you as deeply as they have with me, becoming integrated parts of your own journey.

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