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I Write to you on the day 14082020 62/8. It appears that 8 is a prolific day to receive and share insights during this GATEWAY Ascension. I trust that this message is not too late, and I believe that the Universe is holding all things in PERFECT TIME. 

The Annual Lions Gate Alignment

With great excitement we stepped into the Fiery month of August, the Northern Hemisphere in a Heat Wave whilst at the tip of Africa, we currently chop wood and make warm our indoor spaces with fireplaces. A great cold front and watershed have occurred on the Southern tip of Africa whilst the hot and humid temperatures in the North continue to raise the fire element on Earth. 

What was perhaps more unseen, however, is the annual LIONS GATE alignment in action on the 8th of August 2020. Numerology is often fascinating! The full expression of this number 08082020 is 56/11– 11 represents the opening or “gateway” or doorway between two Pillars, and is the number of Illumination, psychic ability, Spiritual growth, and enlightenment, and has a much higher vibration as it is a Master Number. The month of August is represented by the 8 – the number of infinite creative energy in motion, bringing with it power and abundance. The 2 x 8s in Numerology are often seen as 7 – TRUTH SEEKING and POWERFUL as it is preceded by 2 x 8s. What is interesting is the numerology of the 16th day. Note that 0808 is again, the 16/7, and the closing of the Gateway is said to be on the 16th day. The full numerology of the 16th day is the number 64. What is fascinating is, if one has done the necessary work and attended to both body, mind and spirit and has aligned with light, especially during the 8 day period, then you have reset your DNA (64*) to continue in the new patterns of this LIGHT and therefore you have, in fact, imprinted yourself with the new light codes that you have “downloaded” during this time of Upward Ascension. There is no growth in one or another that is identical. It is personal. The work you have done and achieved will be evident in the results in your life during and after this ascension. The number 64, the closing energy of the Gateway is the seal of LIGHT on your DNA and signifies the 10 or 1 energy of new beginnings as you go forth after the 16th day of August. Well done LIGHT WORKER and DO continue the work!  

My Special Insight

I will share a special insight I received on the second day of the opening of Lions Gateway, the 9th of August which in Numerology is an 8 day/month vibration, and so I believe I was more aligned with the opening on this day and received a beautiful message during my early morning hour of silence. First, I would like to give a little background to those who are perhaps not familiar with this Gateway.

Every year on the 8th day of the 8th month there is a cosmic alignment called the Lions Gateway. The Lions Gate is a time of increased cosmic energy that flows between the physical and spiritual realms. The Lions Gate Portal is activated when the Sun, Sirius, and the Earth move to specific points in the sky. It is at this moment that one will potentially realize what your heart’s desire is, what you would like to pursue, what you would like to leave behind or discard, and possibly even who you would no longer like to be connected to. It is, therefore, a great time for detox, declutter, and clearing the old to invite new growth and to accelerate individual and spiritual alignment in order to ascend to a higher level on the path towards Higher Light. Remember also, the individual is on a path of his or her own spiritual growth. There is no competition and no race. It is your alignment with Light that matters and your growth in the LIGHT that raises your vibration and amplifies your pure potential.

After the opening of Lions Gateway, I received a beautiful insight which I believe comes through my Guides from Source, and here it is:

“ 08082020/56/11 : As each one progressed on their path of the HEART this year in 2020, the 0808 energy intersects with the energy from Divine Light to accelerate the shift from one level to several levels of personal growth and higher ascension. New light codes and higher frequencies become available for all those who work towards receiving Higher Knowing from the Higher Frequencies. Light upon Light one builds their own ladder to reach the highest of heights, close to the ONE ENERGY, the Universal energy of ALL GALAXIES united, raising up ALL possibilities in a timeless shift of creation and re-creation with the ONE. Through Spirit and Spirit alone this journey is possible. In Higher Alignment with Source, the upward ascension continues and is amplified over the 8-day opening of the gateway. Build, therefore, Light upon Light in the current darkness. Have no MIND or SPACE or TIME for darkness, only Light, for Light exposes the dark and over-shadows it’s dis-Grace. For now, the energy taking us forward and upwards is the energy of GRACE and MERCY. These become the highest of the Spiritual Laws of Ascension and the most powerful protection against the darkness. Where possible, at all times, carry the lamp of Grace and Mercy with the Spirit of Illumination as your crown opens and widens for multiple ascensions towards the highest cosmic LIGHT. This illumination, “the lamp”, guides and encourages others towards you, to learn from you, to glean that which you have learned and to desire to this great LIGHT within, in order to transcend and ascend. The time has come, even long ago, to bring others with you as you grow. Do not leave behind those who seek and those who ask. With love, patience, compassion, grace, and mercy, bring them into the light and raise them up with you. Do not do anything with your own Ego as the pressure will exert energy against the flow of upward ascension, bringing you down again. Purify therefore your hearts daily and your minds every moment. Rise up in the light and build more light within and around you. Do all this work with the Power from Alignment with Source, through BREATH and Stillness with Source. Universal Light is available to all who grow in Oneness. It is the Spirit of LIGHT that brings all to fullness, to all potential, our greatest potential – which is Divine LOVE, GRACE, and MERCY.”

A New Way

The 11 opening of this gate and the 8-day window has brought a great shift. Many of you will receive much information and are required to assist and build your own and assist others’ ascension. 16082020 closes the gateway and opens the new way – it is a seal and will also activate the new start, a fresh start. 

64 is an interesting number for the 16th day of August 2020 – let us explore some ancient wisdom on this and the relevance in terms of our experience as the Gateway closes.

What appears to be the greatest threat to humanity and the world currently is the threat to ours and Earths continued Pure Potential and Spiritual Evolution, through freedom, the health of body and mind, and ascension towards the Light. The altering and potential destruction of our DNA by poisons to the physical body, mind, and spirit are great risks in our current Earth experience. The planet itself is going through a shift because of eons of “misuse (4)” of the “body (6)” Interpreted as also Misuse of this Planet. As the 64 energy of the closing of the gateway amplifies the importance of Spiritual Growth and Physical Purification,  64 in numerology talks to us about maintaining the highest and most pure form of order, beauty and structure within the Self and also awareness of Grace(7) and Mercy(10 – 7+10=17=8!), for our Planet. The individual and our purest genetic code is highly similar among all organisms on planet Earth and can be seen through the number 64. We all carry this number in our physical blueprint on Earth.  As we have aligned and ascended during Lions Gateway Portal, allow this NEW WAY to be maintained and improved. 64/10 says: LEAD (10) and MANIFEST (4) the power of REGENERATION (6) through GRACE (7) and MERCY (10).

Blessings, Love, Light, Grace, Mercy and Gratitude to all😊

Kim Tempest

My passion is to bring Truth, Joy, Hope, Love, and Inspiration to all… this is the reason I am alive. It is through the Ancient wisdom of Numerology and the birth of Kimmerology that I have found my own inner teacher and my destiny is to share the wisdom written into your birth and name chart and give this greater meaning, transforming any blockages into true and pure potential. My background, and current integrated practice, is also in Vibrational & Lifestyle Medicine.

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