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Numerology is the study of numbers as meaningful constructs related to human consciousness.  Numbers occupy our lives in many ways, starting with number values associated with the letters of words, especially our names. 

We have the numbers of our birthday, month, and year. Most countries have a number sequence for citizens (in the United States, it is the 9-digit Social Security Number or SSN).  Most of us have a phone number; if we drive a car, we have a number plate.  Each word and sequence of numbers reduces to a number between 1 and 9, and each of those numbers has spiritual meaning.

This article will explore the numerology of Valentine’s Day, 2021.

02/14/2021 = 12 = 3

Valentine’s Day this year totals 3, the number representing creativity and hard work.  Thinking of this number as a Life Path Number, 3 individuals are romantic and playful partners if they get to be the hero or heroine of the relationship. They may require more praise and adulation from partners if they lack self-confidence.  They prefer to give and receive gifts and do romantic activities to show and experience love. Therefore, this person can have a hard time with the mundane and everyday routine of a long-term relationship.

At their best, they are the most playful and optimistic lovers.  Once the partner has gained the loyalty and trust of a person with Life Path 3, they have a lifetime of excitement and romance, special surprises, and “never a dull moment”.  The key phrase for this number in love and relationship is, “let’s have some fun!”  They will say it and want to hear it.

Therefore, creativity is the theme of the day.  If you make plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day with someone special, be sure to do something fun, unusual, and playful.  With the pandemic in full force and the vaccine just getting distributed, this Valentine’s Day will require a good deal of creativity to make it special.

The 2 Month (February)

According to Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker in Numerology and the Divine Triangle, the number 2 represents harmony, cooperation, meditation, and passivity (41).  Further, they identify this number with the 2nd card of the Major Arcana in the Tarot, the Magician. “The Magician represents the conscious mind, which by concentration and single-minded attention to a specific idea or goal can draw upon forces from above.  In this way, the idea or goal will take form and become a reality in the material world” (125). 

The second month of each new year is seen as a time to connect and it boasts the holiday of love, Valentine’s Day.  Who do you love?  Who is your partner and what do want and need from a partnership?  Since this month focuses on partnership, it is important to understand the shift from a 4 year (2020) to a 5 year (2021).  In 2020 the stable and persistent relationships (4) were rocked by the pandemic.  The transition (5) work for all our relationships will be one of the important processes of this year.

The 14th Day (5)

According to Morris Goodman in Modern Numerology, the 14th day is a day of truth, “even ‘white lies’ are abhorrent” (35).  It is important to speak the truth to your partner and be willing to hear the truth from him or her.  Vivid, creative energy inspires the day and should inspire you.

When 14 is reduced, it becomes a 5, the number of travels, change, and transformation.  Often this day in February is one where couples profess their love, single people attempt a new connection that will become a lasting relationship, and some couples discover they are no longer in love.

In many ways, recognizing the day means looking at your romantic life and seeing if it needs changes. Or instigate a choice that will change you in some significant way that will result in a change in the relationship.

The Year 2021 (5)

The Year is also a 5, which means the entire year will be about transformation, disruption, activity, and change.  Combine the 5 of the year with the 5 of the month, and you can surmise that Valentine’s Day this year will probably feel and be very different than it was a year ago.  The 5 energy is dynamic and will catalyze people towards or away from each other.

In all, the numbers for this Valentine’s Day are 3 (the total), 2 (month), 5 (day), and 5 (year).

If you calculate your Life Path Number, you can determine how to best approach Valentine’s Day for yourself.  If you calculate the Life Path Number of your partner, you can determine how to best approach the day for him or her.  Your Life Path Number is the total of your birthday (mm/dd/yyyy) reduced to a single digit.

If you happen to be a 1

You really want to implement your own creative idea for the day and be allowed to come up with a fun activity for the two of you to share.

If you happen to be a 2

You and your partner should plan your creative experience on Valentine’s Day together. You should share the planning and result of the day together.

If you happen to be a 3

Look for a truly creative way to share the day; you will want this Valentine’s Day to be one easily remembered, not for the pandemic, but for the immense fun and joy you shared.

If you happen to be a 4

Doing something with your partner that establishes something between you, like getting married or buying a home together, would be the ideal way to spend the day.

If you happen to be a 5

Making plans to travel away together, even if you can only go by car, would be a perfect way to celebrate.

If you happen to be 6

You and your partner should do some kind of service work to help others in need.  The mutual effort to uplift others will infuse you both with a deeper love for one another.

If you happen to be a 7

Sharing a spiritual experience together would be an ideal expression of love on Valentine’s Day for you if you are the 7, or your number 7 partner.

If you happen to be an 8

You will want to accomplish something with your partner, which might include some important goal you have been thinking about or working towards.  Use this day to acknowledge or celebrate it.

If you happen to be a 9

You would enjoy a day reminiscing about your relationship and all the qualities and experiences you need to be grateful for, by being together.

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