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2021 is going to be an incredible monumental year of CHANGE. Humanity is facing unprecedented challenges rooted in the confusion of the soul and lack of purpose. There has been a global SPIRITUAL DEPRESSION and the soul needs to guide the person back to clarity.  In 2021, the individual will crave the support of others (2), to the power of two, and will require the input of Spirit (0) to work on the Self (1).

Looking at the 2’s

The number 2 is a feminine number with its power and strength consistently underestimated. The 2 represented twice in the year 2020, forced the energy of artistry, gentleness, patience, understanding, and diplomacy. Peacemaking and peacekeeping were the order of the day, but not necessarily applied. The 2 is a survivor. It is resilient as it is, in fact, made up of 2 x 1’s and knows how it feels independently inside, and then often it gives sacrificially of itself for the greater good or for another and for the purpose of caring. If ever there was a year of double sacrifice, it appeared in 2020, as humanity was forced to give up all kinds of freedoms and get back to the work of caring. The 2 can break and shatter when pressure is applied but with 2020 being a 4 energy, these 2 x 2’s stood together and did the work necessary to get through to the very end. As we progress again into another year with 2 x 2’s the same applies: We will not bend or break under pressure and we will stand together, working and forging forwards for change and also improving ourselves as individuals with the input of Spirit.

The 2 often holds power behind the throne or in the case of 2021, ahead of the throne. It looks to me as if the “appearance” of the one who leads is no longer the reality. It seems that the ones who truly lead are not actually seen front and center stage. This is a puzzle that may still be evolving, and the true picture will reveal itself perhaps at the end of this current 9-year cycle. What stands out is the position of the 2’s in the next decade shows the people first and then the leader. An interesting take on things when looking at our global political situations. Has it been an entire 20 years now where the people and the masses have begun the work of saying how we must go forward – compared with the previous century where the 1 always came first. 100 years passed and ticked over into the year 2000, introducing the fundamental movement from the 1 to the 2. The feminine qualities stand in front and humanity are continually calling for equality and fairness as well as the recognition that the power is not in the 1, but in the 2 – “where 2 or more are gathered….” The Giant will fall unless he collaborates with another Giant and creates something more sustainable. Collaboration and Joined Forces may be a leadership (1) and cooperation (2) style emerging.

The 2’s are devout, devoted, and expect the same devotion in return. Twice expressed in the coming decade, this is an energy we can expect will be leading the way forward. Beware when the 2 is betrayed, cheated, lied to, or mistreated. Whilst tactful manipulation can avert most disasters, the 2 is possessive of its position and will stand up and be counted and accountable and require the same expectation for ALL. If the 2 feels under attack or crossed, it unleashes a side that is vengeful and cruel, and unrelenting. Look around and see how this has been playing out in the activities of years passed – the online information wars, cyber-attacks, cyberbullying, and many more kinds of attacks on humanity in 2020 and in years before since the turn of the century.

The 2 will do what is necessary to destroy its opponent and will also not feel any regret or remorse when the battle is over. If you see the double impact of the number 2 as we have progressed through 2020, you can understand much of the nature of the way forward in the next 10 years. A great shift will occur in 2030 once again, but for now, I will keep looking at what lies directly in front of us.

Breaking Down the 2021 essence

2021 is the year of CHANGE but with a foundation based on control, (4) order and organization of the masses as well as the individual as seen in the (1) because 2021 added is the number 41/5. The 4 solidifies character or individual and makes the 5 more responsible. We are therefore guided to be more responsible in 2021, despite its 5 energy: the freedom-seeking, adventurous, every changing, pleasure, and self-gratifying free spirit.

How we navigate this year of unexpected changes, will be essential: the navigation codes can be described as Others(2), Spirit(0), Others(2) Ourselves(1), & OUR CHANGING ENVIRONMENT(5) – which incidentally, the words “our changing environment” not by chance, add up to the numbers 122. The reverse of the numbers seen in 2021 –

Yes! “Everything lies veiled in Numbers” – “Omnia in numeris sita sunt”

The concept of “Together in Time, we can change, and ‘heal the world’ (50)” will be the highest expectation this year!

To give CONTEXT to where we are now, we must have a look at FROM WHERE THROUGH WHAT and HOW FAR we have come.

2012 & 2021 – A Nine-Year Cycle

~ from global year 5 to the next global year 5 ~

At the dawn of the 21st century, we could no longer ignore that we were swiftly approaching critical threshold limits, that is, PLANETARY LIMITS. Whether these were limits to growth altogether is still questionable, but what has become clear about our limits is the KIND of growth that is ‘under pressure’ and presenting itself every day in the form of chaos. We had already reached our POINT OF CHAOS as early as 21 12 2012. Nothing happens in a single day or month. This point of chaos and being WITHIN it, all this time, has been felt by us all in the past decade and more. Some were oblivious to this, vibrating at a lower frequency, whilst others, who have been tuned in to higher frequency, were constantly and acutely aware of it. Let us look back at a year that looks similar to 2021, namely 2012, and recap there a little.

On the date 21st December 2012, where the Mayan civilization predicted the chaos point will be reached, we entered a GATEWAY to a new era of planetary development, with a radically different kind of consciousness. Many have called this date, the Earth’s entry into the Golden Age. What we did experience was the incredible speeding up of all things, including the feeling of time. A great paradox where we know that Time itself does not exist. We entered what I would consider “The tunnel of chaos” which appears to me as a container in which we are all undergoing a kind of learning. The learning involves finding order within chaos. The word ORDER vibrates to the number 11 on the soul plane and the number 22 on the earth plane, so to speak. Both are MASTER Numbers…how apt, that ORDER in ITSELF requires that the soul learn self – mastery, remain inspired, independent and connected and that on the EARTH plane ORDER requires the double impact of 2 in ORDER to get to the practical point of finding ORDER by a new Architectural or Building energy represented in the master number 22, The Master Builder. The number 22 adds to a 4, which was the intersection we would have felt in both 2002 and 2020. In both of these years, we can look at how we needed to WORK in a disciplined way to keep order and structure in an environment of CHAOS. I do love how numbers speak clearly within words. CHAOS in itself is a DICTATOR. It has a total number of 19/10. The ultimate power. It dictates and order needs to come because it must rise above the dictation of chaos. Whilst we are in this tunnel of CHAOS and as we move towards a new order, let’s observe some of the tools we are needing to take on and the growth we are being forced to DO right now.

I chose to look back at 2012 in this analysis, because, as we can see it has the almost exact same pattern as what we are about to step into in 2021. This time the 2 comes before the 1. The “I” or the EGO self comes last whilst others must come first.

Let us look at the year 2020 in relation to 2021:

As seen in the picture of 2020 – the 2 x 2s and 2 x zeros are highly symbolic of a year of peaceful cooperation and Spiritual development. We observe in numerology that every number vibration can vibrate at its most positive, into a negative, and even into a destructive pattern. This is the law of opposites and choice – it will always exist that one can choose one or the opposite.

The negativity that is the root of fear, greed, dishonor, and violence will be pushed out in the Golden Age, and the vibrations of Earth’s entirety will be love. Love (9) which is the same energy as LIGHT(11) is just expressed differently – (9+11=20) –  it is the pure essence of the CREATOR, the ultimate power in the cosmos. There is a sense that something greatly unexpected, more unexpected than 2020 events will occur in 2021. The 5 global year often carries the main energetic theme of CHANGE, EXPECT the UNEXPECTED, and have your seat belts on for it. Perhaps the 4 quadrants of the Earth’s HEART center in the global year 2020 are going to finally shatter and shift as we progress forwards into 2021: more especially into the second half of 2021.

Greater Spiritual Clarity

More importantly, our greater spiritual clarity has been brought to the forefront in 2020 and continues. For those whose eyes are opened, the usage of brain capacity in the higher frequencies will be realized, by way of meditation, sound healing and vibrational healing, mindfulness practices, and breathwork, all of which are FREE to the masses, these simple skills taught to everyone over our world wide web and via social media which will (and have already begun to) enable a joyful transition into fields that support cooperation(2’s) among nations and harmony(2’s) with Nature. That is, of course, if one is choosing to be in the positive expression of the SELF as we journey through the tunnel towards total change and a new way.

Breaking Things Down

We will be forced as early as February/March  2021 to abide by some repeat or new regulations and the work will begin as the world may be forced to still work on the energy of the 4 and 1. 2021 is vibrational 4 and 1:  20+21= 41/5 – meaning that the better your foundations are, the more secure and prepared you are, the more independent we are, the more balanced we are, the better chance of keeping that 5 from rocking and rolling and toppling over under the tyranny, trials, and tribulations to come. I paint a rather unstable picture but there is healing to come. By May to September, there will be the greatest force of change where great objectors, leaders, and activists will fight for freedom and a right to privacy and individuality and our own decision-making free wills.

5 Vibration: The Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is active in 2021. People will be fearless and intrepid as well as efficient and instructive. The energies in May will bring leadership and new decisions. By August/September there will be much more difficulty, instability, and intolerability – chaos, crime, more travel, more movement, more change, and then some reform as October steps in with some potential in the more extreme military and perhaps dictatorship-type controls.

From Global RESET in 2020 to GLOBAL Change in 2021 the emphasis will be on personal freedom, change, and high pace. We are all inside this 4G to 5G “speed of light” information loop and crave to get out of it. Once upon a time, we wanted more and now we are saying “LESS IS ACTUALLY MORE”. We have been encouraged to de-materialize and find new ways of sustainability. ABILITY to SUSTAIN:  breaking down of poor structures and rebuilding of new structures that will HARMONISE with our planet and its inhabitants.

Planning ahead will not be easy in 2021, as it is an ever-changing environment. Freeing ourselves from restrictions such as lockdown and the digital rule will become the way that the people SPEAK OUT. The rebellious 5 will act out in multiple ways to fight for their freedom. Creative expression becomes a powerful tool, especially where 2 or more are gathered to formulate good ideas. This applies also to scheming and unexpected espionage, take-overs, hijackings, online and government crime, corruption and misinformation as well as ransomware attacks.  Powerful tech and business giants will continue to seek control and dominance of the new world order and of the masses, and the hacker down the street will continue to wreak extensive and untraceable types of havoc online.

In a 5 year, watch out for security issues as the 5 breaks open the security of the 4. Adapting to changes, investing in security measures, bringing in protection, and having a personal plan will be good but might not be permanent – you will need to keep updating all STRATEGIES to match the environment. 5 can be a highly charged and demanding energy – we need to be wide awake.

The Hare & The Tortoise: Yourself – Others – Others – Yourself

Slow is not a privilege in a 5 year as it was, in part, this 4 global year of 2020. We do, however, need to apply a “slow down in order to maintain balance” philosophy even though we enter a fast-paced 5 global year of change and adapting to more change. The danger is BURNOUT and the continued weakening of the ADRENAL glands, the FEAR, FIGHT, AND FLIGHT centers of the body. Take regular doses of Vitamin B5 and B6 as well as 5000 units of D3 daily. Melatonin is an active stimulator of the Pineal Gland which will keep levels of brain inflammation down and keep a strong connection with the higher realms clear, and connection with your Higher Self “Sustained”. Get into the sunshine and be with the full moon – be part of the Earth and Air cycles. GET INTO NATURE!  Use EMF Protection on the body and in your space. Body and BRAIN Inflammation is the signature symptom of the era of chaos. GUT-BRAIN illness and inflamed body and mind is the manifestation of not coping, not adapting in chaos. HELP THOSE IN NEED and provide guidance!

Whether you are the hare or the tortoise in a particular month or on a particular day, remember to look after your neighbor as it might be you next who will need the help and this help RECEIVED after it has been GIVEN, will bring you back into the race with your dignity and energy intact.

Stability, Self-Discipline then Freedom – in that order

2021 has a 41/5 energy. We will need to remain so stable (4) but will want to BREAK FREE as individuals (1) to rise above the perception of control. I challenge us all to apply all of the Spiritual Laws that have been given to us, but more especially look at the LAW of LEAST EFFORT and the LAW of FLEXIBILITY – learn to work things your way as long as you are considerate first of others. You cannot achieve this without self-discipline. LOOK At 2021 and see that OTHERS come first TWICE, with Spirit holding us high and “I come last, but not with-OUT”. Freedom, true freedom comes when we put others ahead of us, creating stability, and using self-discipline as the tool.

Warriors of Change and a War of Words

We will want to speak out as the throat chakra ignites after the breaking open of the heart chakra in 2020. This shift will bring forth passionate opinions and warriors of change. Also, look out for the warriors of war as these wars that have come are no longer wars of weapon, but they are the war of words using technology and encrypted messages, embedded in media of all kinds, to mislead the masses and empower the darkness. BE THE LIGHT. There will be another full decade of DARK AND LIGHT and added to this, more WEATHER change than ever before, perhaps even a shifting or small separation of one of the continents themselves because of a potential shift in the Earth’s core – either in this global 5 year or the next, 2030, another decade of change with a GREAT SHIFT. Notice how after 2021, the number 1 becomes absent, completely in the GLOBAL sense, until 2031.

Until then, we will need to realize, the masses will dictate their leaders and the war using words via media will manipulate the minds of the masses as well as information given to the masses (2 and 2, being in 2 minds, of changing mind and of bi-polar mind). The masses will elect their leaders according to the dualities written into these double 2’s in every year going forward until the 3 has worked its final creative power to bring in the next change. The global year 2021/5 is the initiation of the next change cycle using the foundation of ORDER. 2030 however, brings in ALL knowledge that ever was and ever will be to guide us into the next decade. For now, we are still traveling through the tunnel of chaos.

Light Workers, the Spoken Word & Ancient Wisdom Codes

THE POWER OF THE SPOKEN word in the position of the THROAT chakra will be forthcoming in 2021. “for out of the abundance of the HEART (4), the MOUTH SPEAKS (5)”

I highly recommend getting hold of your copy of THE WISDOM CODES by GREG BRADON – Self Expression through THE SPOKEN WORD activates and initiates POWERFUL CREATIVE EXPRESSION. The spoken words of ANCIENT Wisdom will be one of the many ways that we can raise the vibration of all beings, teaching and sharing TRUTH and CLARITY and revealing the duality in order to see it for what it is.

Ancient Wisdom teachings will reconnect the masses. Reconnect us with our souls’ purpose and remove the confusion that has reigned since the century turned.

To reestablish our true sense of purpose on this planet IN this journey through the tunnel of CHAOS towards REORDER is the AIM. The highest aim is that of reaching the highest state of consciousness evolution for all humanity, for Mother Earth, and for our children’s children.

In closing I share this beautiful quote with you:

“The SPOKEN words of Ancient Wisdom can light the fires in the minds of all beings and can bring tears from the hardest of hearts, moving them towards the change from Earth to Air, where creative powers of divine expression ignite the flames of TRANSFORMATION”.

Kim Tempest

My passion is to bring Truth, Joy, Hope, Love, and Inspiration to all… this is the reason I am alive. It is through the Ancient wisdom of Numerology and the birth of Kimmerology that I have found my own inner teacher and my destiny is to share the wisdom written into your birth and name chart and give this greater meaning, transforming any blockages into true and pure potential. My background, and current integrated practice, is also in Vibrational & Lifestyle Medicine.

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