The Big Conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto Throughout 2020

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The next couple of years hold a tremendous possibility as well as challenge for the collective and the individual. The conjunction between Jupiter, the benefactor with the big vision and Saturn, confronting us with obstacles and problems along the way we have to get ready. These two are gearing up for the big punch, followed by the Saturn/Pluto conjunction and the Jupiter/ Pluto conjunction. There is a right way to navigate those two and put them to work for your advantage. In this article, you will find out how this big conjunction might be impacting you.

The Big Conjunction of Jupiter Saturn Dancing Close throughout 2020 Culminating December in Aquarius

The moving planets in the heavens are impacting all of us collectively. But then it gets really interesting for us as individuals when they connect through hard aspects to planets in our charts and therefore our lives.

One of those big constellations we astrologers pay a lot of attention to is the fact that Jupiter and Saturn are all moving in and out to come very close to conjunction in Capricorn all throughout the coming year. Also Pluto, the God of the Underworld is cranking it up in Capricorn.

That means that if you are a Capricorn, Cancer, Aquarius, Aries or Libra or have any significant planets in it you will feel all year “like what the heck is going on?” And with astrology, we can gain an understanding far ahead of the crowd.

First of all a Jupiter conjunction, Saturn is a pretty big deal because it only happens every 20 years. It is happening this time around Dec 21, 2020, in ½ degree of Aquarius. So more closely this degree is to any of your planets so stronger it will be for you.

Lord Saturn

Saturn has gained a bad reputation as a bad planet when in truth it is a hard planet to navigate but if we do, there is a big achievement and gift at the end of the journey. Saturn wants us to apply ourselves with vigor, self-discipline, intention and just good old elbow grease wherever he falls in our chart. Only if we don’t do the higher work he presents us with obstacles, blockages, misfortunes, we feel depressed and anxious.

I always envision that wherever Saturn lays in our chart we have a mountain to climb and be well prepared and organized in order to do it successfully. We need to be prepared with food, water, warm clothes, a tent or whatever we can think of in the way of good planning and thinking ahead.

Lord Jupiter

On the other hand, in the mainstream astrology, Jupiter is looked at as the bringer of good fortune and good luck. There is some truth to the high potential of a Jupiter transit but as all planets, even Jupiter has a dark side to it. We might overestimate ourselves into self-grandiosity, take a stupid gamble and lose, or just gain body weight.

In truth, Jupiter is just the process of growth and pushing the boundaries into new and undiscovered territory. We do want to ask ourselves the question “where do we have underestimated ourselves” and take steps to rectify that. Jupiter as the King of the Roman Gods wants us to think big and gregarious without losing touch with reality. Jupiter is an adventurous spirit and the wind in your back if you strive into new dimensions of growth in your life.

Saturn Jupiter Conjunction

If you are one of the people who have that conjunction activating planets in your chart you will have a choice: “Do you want to be depressed or exhausted?” I have this going on over my mid-heaven and I am with you in the same boat.

So I am asking myself: What could be my new goal, that pot of gold (Jupiter) on top of the mountain (Saturn) and how can I take conscious, voluntary steps towards it? That should always be our premier question with any hard transit. How can I help this transit along into a high manifestation? What are the practical steps for me to do in order to not fall off my ladder of progress?

So the first question we all need to ask ourselves is in which house this rare event will be happening. Then we will know in which area of our life this will apply. Then we check how this will activate as transits to which planets in our chart. Do you have heard of harmonious aspects of your planets? Aspects are always about connecting flows of energies, integrating the two symbols on both ends.

Let’s take my example

Saturn Jupiter conjunction on my midheaven points towards some exponentially more and harder work in relation to my position in my community, my contribution and success in the public eye. Because of the fact that Pluto the God of Death and transformation is in the same sign of Capricorn, it looks like big changes are on the horizon for me.

The 10th house starting with the midheaven is our public image, our charisma and potential success in the world. With Jupiter in the mix, it is important for any changes to strive towards a more fulfilling expansion. Not all goals or what we call gold is real. Sometimes we get enticed by glitter and false promises and we pay the price down the road.

With Saturn moving into the 10. house I surely need to review my professional goals and intentions for the next year. I need to be prepared for what could be going wrong there and take action steps towards those intentions.

I also need to set my goals really high and in alignment with my highest aspirations as an astrologer and teacher of the Master Astrology Academy. I have been an astrologer for over 40 years now but it seems an upgrade is coming. If I am willing to put in the extra work, there will be many opportunities coming my way for exposure to a bigger clientele. For me, my astrology is indeed deeply meaningful and I would love to be able to reach more people and make a bigger difference in lives.

Now, if you haven’t had your forecast reading for your next year I believe now is an excellent time to do that with an experienced astrologer. With your personal forecast, you will be very empowered and able to take full advantage to find out where your pot of gold (Jupiter) is going to be and how to make plans (Saturn) in order to get to it.

Aloha and many blessings, Shakti.

Shakti Carola Navran

Shakti Carola Navran is an evolutionary astrologer, video blogger, and published author. She is a professional who reads the psycho-dynamic information of your chart in the bigger perspective of the evolution of your SOUL - your KARMA. She has published articles with the Maui Mama Magazine, Maui News and Maui Vision and has been one of the presenters of Astro Hub. She also is the founder of Master Astrology Academy, an introduction and teaching how to read your birth chart. Shakti does individual birth chart counseling online: forecasts, relationship readings, parenting astrology, vocational astrology counseling, and astro cartography. On her website,, sign up for your free newsletter to get your free chart and Love Stone Report.

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