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Each year the Sun returns to the exact degree of a person’s birth, and this moment is known as the Solar Return.  More commonly, we refer to this event as our birthday.  Recently the United States celebrated its 244th Solar Return or birthday.

Astrologically, the Solar Return provides predictive knowledge for the year ahead.  If you go beyond your horoscope and get your natal chart cast and read, then the next best use of astrology is getting your Solar Return chart cast each year.

This article will look at the Solar Return for the United States from 2020 to 2021.  It will consider the context of current affairs, most prominently the pandemic, social unrest, and the upcoming election.

The Solar Return Chart

The Solar Return chart gets viewed in two ways: as a stand-alone chart, and in synastry (relationship) with the US natal chart.  Below are both charts:

US Solar Return 2020 Sibly

Synastry of Natal and Solar Return

US Sibly Chart

The Year Ahead; The Standalone Solar Return Chart

1st to 3rd Houses

Generally speaking, with the Scorpio Ascendant, the US can expect to go through profound transformation (Scorpio) with regards to its Identity (1st House).  The country will try to hold onto old, but decaying values (South Node in Sagittarius), hoping those beliefs will keep them safe (2nd House). As it turns out, the US “theory-of-the world” (3rd House) will go through emotional (Moon), strategic (Pallas), expansion (Jupiter), death/rebirth (Pluto), consequences (Saturn), testing (Capricorn), and restriction (Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn were all retrograde on this Solar Return).

4th to 6th Houses

People’s home and family lives will have to wait to react (4th House empty) and face revolutionary changes (Aquarius ruling the 4th House).  There will be a greater need for spiritual (Pisces) nourishment (Ceres) and a deep dive into personal beliefs and surrender to fate/destiny (Neptune retrograde). The country will want to act (Aries) aggressively (Mars) to solve problems (6th House), but will have to watch out for self-inflicted wounds (Chiron in Aries) while we look for ways to heal (also Chiron, in the 6th House).

7th to 9th Houses

There will be shocks (Uranus) to the rule of law (7th House) affecting security (Taurus) for its citizens.  How will society stay together in extremely uncertain times?  People will be looking for new ways (North Node) to connect (Venus) and communicate (Gemini). Fundamentally, the US Life Path (Sun) should offer compassion and nurturing (Cancer), especially this year, with issues regarding belief and authority (9th House).  The emotional health (Hygeia) of the nation and sanctuary of the home (Vesta) are at stake.  Psychological (Mercury) and emotional (in Cancer) issues will force everyone to look deep inside (Mercury was retrograde at this Solar Return).

10th to 12th Houses

Like the 4th House of Family, the 10th House of Prosperity is waiting to receive.  It will be a difficult year to find any direction in these two areas.  In short, US citizens will be cast adrift in both these areas of life.  The actual career point, the Midheaven, is in the 11th House, suggesting that the largest, future employer for the US will be the government.  In Virgo, it suggests a comprehensive service plan like the works programs of the Great Depression.  Finally, Juno in the 12th in Libra suggests a year of sacrifice for others and commitments to the spirit of the law as much as to the rule of law.

The Year Ahead; The Synastry of the Solar Return and the Natal Chart

The natal chart represents the core values of the United States, with the Life Path (Sun) reviewed yearly on the date and time of the Solar Return.  Since the houses do not align and are “jaggedly” overlapping, there is some dissonance just from the house “mis” alignments.

1st to 3rd Houses

With the South Node of the Solar Return applying to the 1st House of the US chart, there will be a desire to look back at the identity and try to hold onto the belief (Sagittarius) in the self that no longer applies.  The US 2nd house is getting “tuned up” with the numerous points in Capricorn, retrograde, and forcing change, restriction, and consequences on the personal security of everyone in the country.  This will be a year of hardship.  With so much activity in other areas, the lack of activity in the 3rd House suggests the thinking of the citizens will be shaped from without, rather than within.

4th to 6th Houses

The home and family (4th House) have always meant to be the spiritual anchor (Pisces) and source of nourishment (Ceres) for US citizens.  Neptune’s long presence there has been dissolving the family vision since 2010 and will continue to do so for another six years.  The return of Ceres to this house indicates a year where citizens will need spiritual support from and for the family.  Uranus in the 6th House will bring more shocks to the daily work and life of the economy.  Work from home (Vesta in the natal chart), could become the new normal for many people by the end of this Solar Return.

7th to 9th Houses

The Solar Return Venus is directly on top of the natal Uranus, suggesting that relationships (7th House) will be non-traditional and unusual, traveling primarily through technology (Gemini).  The rule of law (7th House) will also need to stretch in new directions and come up with new ideas (North Node); the old beliefs (South Node) about individuality will need to give way to greater interconnectedness. 

The 8th House is always key to every Solar Return since the natal Sun resides there.  Mercury retrograde on the day of the Solar return, with Hygeia conjunct, indicates deep work on the emotional and mental health of the society, especially intimate relationships.  The Sun merged with Vesta lets us know that we will “feel this year” in our homes, where we need sanctuary, but may not be able to maintain it (opposing energy in the 2nd House).  The 9th House, like the 3rd, waits to respond.  Beliefs will be shaped by external pressure, then internalized.

10th to 12th Houses

The Midheaven in Virgo suggests that work will be mainly service-oriented for the upcoming year.  This will not be the food and entertainment service sector, but rather the health and psychological service sectors.  The natal vision (Neptune) of problem-solving as the career beacon for US citizens will need even more energy to find practical solutions in unprecedented times.  Communally (11th House), the US faces a return to duty and commitment (Juno in the Solar Return and in the natal chart).  Finally, the Solar Return Ascendant occupies the 12th House, so identity and purpose must accept profound change with this coming year.

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