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Hello and welcome. I am Sara Bachmeier with Egyptian Numerology. Thank You for joining me. Today’s article is about 2021 coming into the energy of a Universal Number five year and how to excel our spiritual directive on a personal and collective level by setting a powerful innovative intention for the upcoming year.

The Universal Year Number

What is a Universal Year Number and what is a Personal year number and how are they different?

A Universal year is the energy of a calendar year and in numerology describes the general themes and influences for everyone in the current year.

We calculate a Universal year by adding the numbers of the year. So, 2021………. is Two plus two plus one equals the number five. And there we have it!

Our Universal number changes numeric energy every year on the first of January. This is the vibration that “everyone” on the planet experiences and depending on how aware we are of the power and magic available to us, we can use this dynamic force to heal and guide our lives.

Circumstances are released to all of us on a collective level because the resonance frequency is calibrated to the influence of specific energy and in this case, it is the number five.

Just like the Universal year number, our personal year number changes every year in January, but our Personal year number is exclusive to our individual energy and is contingent on our Soul Life Path vibration. It has a more refined rhythm to our personal resonance frequency by allowing it to open doors of opportunity for us on a more intimate level.

Have I confused you yet? Don’t worry, I will give you some examples as we move along. But….

Before I begin describing in words the energy of the number five, I am going to introduce to you three visualizations and then I will come back to them later in this presentation.

The first visualization is a Phoenix coming out of the fire… the second is to picture yourself being seated in the calm eye of a swirling tornado… and the third is to imagine becoming the spirit of a wild horse running free in the wilderness right before a storm….

Take a moment to visualize these and really feel these experiences as your own.

Got it? Good!!!

This is an example of how I create the definitions of number frequencies. They first come to me with vivid pictures in my mind followed by strong sensations. If you even got close to projecting yourself into one of these images and scenarios, you would begin to understand the energy of the number five on a cellular level.

Number 5

Traditionally, you will hear that the Five is the number of humanity because it refers to our five senses, fingers on each hand, toes on each foot, and 5 limbs on our physical body (two arms, two legs, and a head).

In Egyptian Numerology, the Number – 5 includes the five elements as well: air, earth, water, fire, and ether. It is also associated with our fifth chakra point which is our throat. The Number five energy creates change, adaptation, movement, adventure, and personal freedom.

The Impact of the Previous Master Number Year

To fully grasp the dynamics of our Universal Year Number five, we need to understand the ramifications and impact that the previous Universal Master Number 22/4 had on each of us personally and collectively … because Sometimes we have to go back before we can move forward. So, Let’s reflect…….

On a collective level, we came up against at least three major events that served to separate the people. This was not a coincidence and I am specifically talking about the COVID-19 virus, the riots, and the election.

I don’t think I need to go into detail about how these events caused separation among us because it is pretty plain and obvious and, on some level, we all experienced the duality or division caused by our differences.

These events definitely created a wall between us. But this is good because it was meant to happen this way to show us where we need to grow as a Heart-based united nation. Yes, we are moving into a Unity Consciousness.

The major lesson that we needed to take away from these events is the acute reality that despite our personal differences (and we all have them), we are all subject to individual opinions and personal freedom BUT…. We all deserve to be regarded as sacred beings of light because …. We are all one regardless of what stands between us.

If we miss this vital lesson and continue to move forward in 2021 with judgment and separation, our concept of Unity fails and there will be more trials and tribulations ahead. The Universal number five year will continue to push these buttons until we surrender our illusion of control and open our hearts to invite duality into our awareness and make peace with diversity.

On a personal level, it is easier to understand your path for 2021 in the personal year frequency you were working through. If you haven’t had your Personal year and Soul Life Path Number reading yet, schedule one now so you can get the most out of 2021.

Last year asked everyone to deal with their shadow side by giving us opportunities to embrace our personal fears that played out in the past and learn to merge them forward into our total self by integrating the truth that we have both light and dark qualities, and this has always been so in this lifetime and the lifetimes before.

Remember… The darkness we see in others is a reflection of our own shadow. The universe places a mirror within others and instead of seeing our reflection we often choose to create boundaries to protect ourselves from the darkness of others but if we don’t heal the source within us that attracted the darkness in the first place, the cycle will repeat until of course…. we learn self-love… it always comes back around to loving ourselves.

If this is an area that you need help with, check out my mentorship program. 8 out of 10 people that struggle with this concept have this issue in their karmic lesson and it is easy to work with and work through. So, you are not alone and once it is cleared, the opportunities for growth are endless.

Allow yourself to take a moment and integrate everything that has happened last year, bring it into your heart space with acceptance, and neutralize your learning experience by bringing it into a zero-point status because the Number five Universal year will not make sense to you intuitively until the lessons received from last year are integrated and the reason why it will not make sense is because the number five universal year is about movement, adaptation, change, and freedom.

We simply cannot move forward and utilize these numeric influences to our advantage unless we know

1. What direction we are moving toward.

2. Where we want to go from a zero-point field status (neutrality).

3. What we are willing to change or adapt to reach the highest version of ourselves and our purpose.

4. We’ve established acceptance of our present circumstances allowing us liberation and personal freedom from the past including limiting beliefs, debilitating habits, and irrational fears.

Nobody studies Egyptian numerology to become mediocre…. We study it to become Conscious Creators.

What Does 2021 Bring?

So…. let’s skip forward now and assume everyone is greeting this new year of 2021 from a place of neutrality.

What does it behold for the awakened ones?

It brings us to Elevation, expansion, enhancement, and encouragement through the process of transmutation and transformation.

This is where the vision of the Phoenix rising out of the fire comes in. Number five is about Transformation. This is a big word that is used frequently to describe taking all we have learned to be true to date and allowing new information to come forward catapulting our path, purpose, and destiny into a higher version of ourselves.

Transmutation is the process or modality one chooses to do this type of work. It is the alchemy of turning lead into gold or challenges into profitable solutions.

In my line of work, I use several modalities to encourage transmutation and it always depends on the individual’s Soul Life Agreement and what works best with their personal power especially their Soul life Path, Karmic lessons, and life purpose.

If you have studied or been following me for a while, then you already know that Egyptian Numerology incorporates Astrology with the calculations of our Birth chart and often uses the elements of our planet to stimulate the healing process.

Because this is a number five Universal year, I have implemented the five elements of transmutation associated with our astrological element. This is a numeric synchronicity not to be ignored. The guidelines are as followed. If you are an:

1. Earth sign – use physical movement such as yoga, dance, or Tai ji

2. If you are a Water sign – use emotional movement such as… feeling and releasing, hydrotherapy or singing

3. If you are Fire Sign – Use verbal movement; like chanting, mantras, or affirmations

4. If you are an Air sign – use mental movement; visualization, automatic writing, or breathing techniques

5. All signs will benefit from ether -which is space movement and applies to channeling, meditation, and light language

This is essential to understand because the five energy promotes both: healing and progress.

Most important this year, remain calm and centered. All of these techniques serve by anchoring or grounding ourselves in the eye of the tornado. This year there will be change and movement ahead but if we learn to center ourselves through whatever methods work best for us, we can remain unscathed and allow the dust to settle around us.

Wild Horse Spirit

In my teachings, I try to cover material for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. The next practice for incorporating the highest possible outcome for 2021 is what I call “Wild Horse medicine”. If you are familiar with Native American healing methods, have been involved in shapeshifting using animal energy, or have benefited from shamanic journeys, then you will be intimate with this practice.

Egyptian Numerology encourages everyone to raise their personal resonance frequency by activating our energy centers. The corresponding chakra for the number five is traditionally the throat chakra. The number five is about creative expression. But there is a chakra between the heart and throat called the “Higher Heart”.

I mention this in my Book “Egyptian Numerology; Emergence Into The Fifth Dimension”.

The higher heart is above our heart where the thymus gland is located.

I call it wild horse medicine because when I am focused on this point, I feel the personal freedom of a wild horse running free in the wilderness. This energy center not only opens to our higher heart, but it also activates the points under our shoulder blades where our wings attach.

When we open and stimulate our Angelwing points, we merge into the place of personal freedom where our passion, creativity, and unconditional or higher love dwells.

Our personal freedom is our voice and when we combine our spoken word (communication) with our higher heart, we motivate one of the greatest gifts of expression a human can experience.

So, allow yourself to get in touch with the Wild Horse Spirit in the location of the higher heart by breathing into it and allow it to lead you to a place in your life that you can speak, express, and share your highest truth this year. Be patient… and it will come to you.

Now that I have given you all this information, let’s put the recipe together and set an intention for the new year. I will give an example of how I use these techniques to elevate, expand, enhance, and encourage my spiritual directive for 2021.

Intention for the New Year

The ingredients you will need to know are your Soul Life Path number, Personal year number, the energy influence of the number five, and the element of transmutation that aligns with your astrological sign.

I have a master number 11/2 soul life path, number one Personal year, Universal number five-year focus is on change, movement, and personal freedom. I am working with the modality of the element of air for transmutation and transformation.

This interprets my “2021 Intention” as:

My soul life path is about inspiration and illumination, my personal year is about relating to others through interdependence, finding ways to be creative, innovative, and embrace new opportunities. I am going to utilize the Universal five energy as an opening to change up the way I do things, learn new strategies, and use the form of visualization, breathwork, and automatic writing to transmute old energy into a higher focus.

My 5th chakra verbal skills express my truth through my higher heart, and I am mindful of all my communications. I will insert my new ideas by writing a book that teaches additional concepts in numerology.

Final Thoughts

Now that I have given you an example of how to set a powerful intention for the upcoming year, set some time aside and do this for yourself. If you need help understanding the interpretation of your Soul Life Path and Personal year, I am offering readings until the end of January. I will post a schedule link at the end of this article.

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If you have any questions, get my contact information off my website. I would love to hear from you. Here you can schedule a reading.

My best wishes to all of you for a prosperous, adventurous, and fun-loving year to come… Namaste! Sara

Sara Bachmeier

I was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California. Being a small and conservative tourist town, I felt most comfortable being a “Closet Spiritualist.” I have a teaching degree and the birth of my daughter inspired me to follow my passion to create and open a pre-school called “Readiness Daycare” under the Waldorf philosophy. In 2016, I took an intensive course in Egyptian Numerology taught by Dr. Sharon Forrest. I have always been drawn to Astrology & Numerology and this modality connects the two as a metaphysical and esoteric science and philosophy. After the course, I spent a year to advance my spiritual directive and wrote the book “Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into The Fifth Dimension”. I offered Chart Readings and started a 90-day online program called “Uncover & Discover your Soul Life Agreement with Egyptian Numerology”. I am publishing my second book this year called “The Path of a Wounded Healer; Liberation is for the asking”. My goal and Mission is to help individuals awaken to their unique gifts and abilities, point in the direction of their “North Star” which guides them on their path to explore, expand, and evolve into their Soul Life Purpose in this incarnation. Namaste 🙏

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