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Uranus sparks transformation like the switching of wires. It is the Eureka! and the Ah-ha! moments. It’s the sudden jolt of lightning in the dark. Evolution is always possible. Uranus is simply the catalyst, ushering in a visionary way of thinking in order to rewire outdated models. As of March 6, 2019, Uranus moved into the earthy sign of Taurus and will stay there for the next seven years. Astrologically speaking, this is a life-changing transit, full of possibilities and unlimited potential.

Realigning Community Values

Taurus is a fixed earth sign. This is where we find our sense of security, finances, food, beauty, and creature comforts. Sometimes, it’s the land we live upon. When you throw revolutionary Uranus into those areas of our lives, it’s never comfortable. We feel as if we’re treading unstable grounds. Our gut instinct is to hold on tighter. To dig our feet in deeper. It’s no wonder Uranus is in its fall here. Last time we experienced this transit, the Great Depression came about. The New Deal was created as a result, along with Social Security. What it means to feel secure was very much on everyone’s minds. Everything happens in cycles. We can expect to experience many of the same patterns and questions over the course of this transit. Globally, we can already feel the shift. In the last year, we’ve experienced earthquakes, erupting volcanoes, as well as several countries banning harmful plastics. Our consciousness is shifting as a collective unit.

Realigning Personal Values

As humans, we have the tendency to hold onto things which provide security, even if they aren’t serving us. Bad relationships. Unfulfilling careers. Unnecessary possessions. Uranus likes to shake things up, sometimes in a literal sense (natural disasters), and on a personal level. Shocking, ground-breaking moments show us where our loose ends are failing. Sometimes the debris needs to fall away for us to reimagine a purpose for our original structure. Values need to be stripped in order to create better versions of ourselves.

We’re going to find ourselves stripped in the coming years—in big, sudden ways. Our security blankets will be lost. The things that once made us feel safe will no longer feel as strong as they once used to. The changes will be easier depending on where the moon falls in your birth chart. If your moon is in a water or earth sign, the disrupt will feel like part of a natural evolutionary process. You will welcome the next chapter. If your moon falls in a fire or air sign, these changes may feel uncomfortable.

Ask yourself where you feel grounded. Take a good look at what gives your life meaning. Perhaps it’s something as simple as a healthy body. Uranus may spark a new way of eating or a change to your lifestyle. In many ways, the future is being brought to your life. Embrace the changes. Let go of the security blanket and rediscover your values.

This transit will affect the house Taurus is in your birth chart. Read your Ascendant, Sun, and Moon signs for a complete picture.


Money is coming into focus, Aries. Monetary gains, losses, investments, and revenue will all feel a shift under the influence of Uranus. Your resources and values will be tested. This can be particularly difficult, especially if you are trying to come out of debt. Ask yourself, what do you truly value?


You’re getting a makeover, Taurus. Now it’s time to do the hard work, to be transformed inside and out, and the road may not be easy. Just remember, all of these changes are happening for a reason. You’re becoming the person you needed to be. There are parts of yourself and your life that you’ll miss, but you’re ready to start the next chapter. This is where it begins.


Hidden secrets are coming to light. This transit is shining a spotlight on the inner workings of your subconscious. What’s holding you back? Just like everyone, you have your faults. You have habits and old systems that may be preventing you from achieving your goals. This is the time to shed your skin, Gemini. Now that you see yourself for everything you are, you’ll know what’s working and what’s not.


Your friends, interests, and passions are evolving. Uranus is shaking up your network, friendships, and sense of community. Take the time to really focus on whether you have the right tribe. It’s important to have the right people supporting you.


You’re reaching a turning point in your career, Leo. Use this time as an opportunity for growth. If you find yourself headed in a completely new direction, know that the universe is guiding you. How do you want to present yourself to the world? You may need to start from scratch, and if that’s the case, don’t let this knock you down. With every failure, you learn something new.


Education, travel, and expansion of the mind will be shaken up under the influence of Uranus. You may find yourself getting new training or traveling more, and it will only benefit you. Whatever opportunities come your way during this period will lead to greater success in the long run.


Financial opportunities and losses are being brought to light, Libra. You may experience sudden inheritances, investments, or partnerships. You may also experience swift gains and losses. Be prepared for anything.


Your relationships are taking a hit under the effects of Uranus, Leo. Some may even break for good. You’ll feel these changes with the people you’re closest to, whether it’s with your spouse, close friend, or business partner. Someone is on their way out just as someone new is on their way in. Let the people who aren’t serving you fall away so that you can allow new relationships to blossom.


Uranus is shaking up your daily routine, health, and work. The content of your work has morphed into something completely new—something that better fulfills your soul’s purpose. Your schedule may go through an overhaul of adjustments. It feels like riding a bike for the first time, and you’re afraid you may fall off. Don’t worry, Sagittarius. Remember the universe is aligning with your spirit. Your outer world is mirroring the inner one.


Your passion and creativity are breaking through under the influence of this transit, Capricorn. It’s time to express your authentic self. Put your inner artist to work and breathe life into your ideas. You can be assured recognition is waiting at the end of this tunnel. Whatever it is you love, this is the time to turn it into your life’s work.


Home life and family are at the forefront, Aquarius. You may be facing a move, house renovations, or big changes within your immediate family. Compromises will have to be made which affect all other parts of your life. These are necessary changes, even if they are difficult. Remember that your foundation must be solid for you to grow and evolve.


This is a turning point in relation to communication, transportation, siblings, and your own personal network or tribe. Information is coming in which has the power to send you in a new direction. This is a chance to network and blast your voice. Remember to branch that voice out into purposeful directions.


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