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Lunar eclipses are huge events, literally. Before their nature was truly understood, they would strike awe and fear among the people, who considered them to be a bad fortune. Now they are associated with change. To date, some people still fear them because they perceive sudden significant changes to be a crisis. They find difficulty in coping with the changing circumstances. Don’t we sometimes tend to stay in situations with are damaging us from within just because we fear change?

However, what one must understand is that not every change is bad. Some changes help us to grow and evolve and are necessary for our well-being. Eclipses are usually associated with beginnings and endings. And can help us develop and move forward as they help us ponder over ourselves.   

Lunar Eclipse vs. Solar Eclipse – You Don’t Want to Confuse Them 

Even though eclipses are a natural phenomenon, studied worldwide, not everyone can differentiate the lunar eclipse from a solar eclipse. They both are major events that affect us and change our lives.  See how solar or lunar eclipse may affect you.

Lunar eclipse 

A lunar eclipse occurs only when the moon is full. The lunar eclipse occurs when the earth blocks the sun rays from reaching the moon by coming in between them. There are three types of total, partial, penumbral. Due to this, the moon turns orange-red. And can last for up to a few hours, for the naked eye to watch. It makes us feel as if some weight is shifted off our shoulders, making it easier to move on in life. It is a time of letting go.

 Solar Eclipses 

A solar eclipse occurs only at the new moon, lasting for a few minutes. In this, the moon blocks the light from the sun reaching the earth by coming in between. When the solar eclipse is in its full glory, there’s a bright ring that appears and can be seen with the naked eye. As the new moon signifies beginnings, this eclipse is about planting seeds for a better future. 

Now that you know the basic difference don’t forget to mark your calendars at the following dates so that you can reap the benefits of the lunar eclipse 2019 to its full extent. 

  • Total Solar Eclipse 2019 July 2 15:16:06 10 Cancer 38
  • Partial Lunar Eclipse on July 16, 2019, at 17:38:06 at 24° Capricorn 04′
  • Partial Solar Eclipse 2019 January 5 20:28:05 15 Capricorn 25
  • Total Lunar Eclipse on January 21, 2019, at 0:15:58 at 0° Leo 52′
  • Annular Solar Eclipse 2019 December 26 0:13:00 4 Capricorn 07

Astrological effects – Eclipses come with a package 

The eclipse is usually accompanied by big news. News which is a game changer and can be the turning point in your life. Such as a promotion at work, acing your exams, becoming a mother or father, shifting to a new house, making an important business deal, adopting pet etcetera. It may also bring about negative changes like divorce, health issues, losing a loved one, or loss of wealth. 

With the end comes a beginning 

With the lunar eclipse come abrupt or slow changes, which compel you to move in the forward direction never backward. Yesterday is never to come again and tomorrow is waiting for you with open arms.  

So before during and after the lunar eclipse 2019 changes come in your life remember not to panic and go with the flow because the only way with an eclipse is to keep climbing the ladder. Remember to keep making new footprints on the beech without worrying about the waves washing away your previous ones  

The truth will find its way to you 

Many times it so happens that you are not able to understand something and out of the blue everything clicks into place, and you are left dumbstruck at the information in front of you that had always been obvious but you were not able to grasp it until now.  

Well, Eclipse is that time, it sheds light on the information you didn’t know existed, and as a result of that, you see things in the different light and make decisions and plans accordingly. Although it leaves you baffled, it also helps you to pay more attention where you weren’t already and take hold of your life. 

Keep eyes and ears open for signs 

Eclipse is dramatic in its way. And so what comes with it will unfold dramatically that it will be hard to ignore. But sometimes certain things will present themselves indirectly. So it is important to keep our eyes and ears open for signs that the eclipse will provide as it nears us. It is extremely important not to ignore these and instead take action. Otherwise, it might be too late, or the situation may have.  

Check your sign 

Birth signs can be important because they have a link with the eclipse. If you’re a birth sign and the element matches with the eclipse then its good news for you! It’s going to be positive and bring goodness. Good news for Leos and Capricorns because Lunar eclipse 2019 will be in your favor.   

Furthermore, the eclipse affects zodiac signs differently depending on the elements. Those related to:

  • Animals affect the livestock and other creatures 
  • Humans affect issues of men 
  • Sea affects the matters of the sea 
  • Wind influence winds, and infections 
  • Fire means disasters and casualties 
  • Water may show hazards or high mortality


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