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Angels are around us all of the time.  We all have a guardian angel and there are many angels that surround us with healing, protection, and guidance also. 

I’ve recently been reading a book by Lorna Byrne, who has seen and communicated with angels and spirits all her life.  She says that in modern times there are many ‘unemployed’ angels just waiting for us to call upon them for help and support.  There is no limit to how many times they will come to assist us, and there is no harm in trying, even if you find it difficult to believe in them, as yet!

In these troubled times love and protection from elevated beings are more important than ever, here are your channeled messages for 2021. 


Your archangel guide for 2021 is Raphael.

Be gentle with yourself this year Aries, you have been more sensitive in recent times and you need to take more care with what you eat and the chemicals in your environment. 

Although you enjoy a healthy debate usually, you are more easily hurt also, be mindful of what you create around you and ensure that it suits your inner world.  At this time calling upon the angels to guide you to protect your energy and develop your beautiful healing vibes will allow you to soar. 

Searching within and allowing old pains and fears to rise to the surface for healing will give your character great depth and you will discover a more gentle and empathic side to your nature this year. 


Your archangel guide for 2021 is Sandalphon.

Change is inevitable and although you are someone who often resists it, you’ve adapted well to the limitations and strange turns of events recently.  You will continue to discover a more resourceful and adaptive side to your nature, as your life evolves in a meaningful direction, Taurus

Call upon your angels this year to help you to be more creative and for this year to become the high pivotal point in your life.  Some of you will meet the love of your life this year and those who are settled will reach a new level of love, intimacy, and commitment.  This will be a magical year for your Taurus, call for assistance to help you trust your intuition and path… 


Your archangel guide for 2021 is Gabriel.

Success is within your grasp this year; your lightning mind and creative prowess are at their best and it is time for you to reach for the stars.  This year call in the angels to guide you to believe in your abilities and help your light to shine brighter so that others notice your brilliance, Gemini

We all have a soul path to achieve and yours is one of communicating your fresh approach and illustrate how a creative perspective is all one requires to break up and eradicate the mundane.  The world needs your insights and humor right now, more than ever and all of the support you could wish for is there, just ask for guidance to help you to take that leap of faith. 


Your archangel guide for 2021 is Raguel.

It’s time for you to take the reins of your life more this year.  In recent times you have felt that you’ve had little control over the events and circumstances around you, but the angels want you to trust in them and ask for their support, Cancer.

You have to have a vision and a dream in order to create your ideal reality; when you know what you want, then you can manifest it more clearly.  Map out a little plan for yourself, and include all that you dream of, for your heart, family, and soul path.  You have a lot more power than you know and calling on the help available to you will see you ending 2021 on a much higher note. 


Your archangel guide for 2021 is Chamuel.

Learning the joy of compromise is your message for the year, Leo.  Your upbeat nature, magnanimity, and generous spirit attract others to you, but there is also great fulfillment to be found in deepening bonds, enhancing intimacy, and prioritizing the needs and desires of another. 

Ask the angels to guide you in your relationships this year, there is deep love to be experienced, and whilst it takes courage to open up one’s heart fully, the benefits are immense.  Great happiness is within your realm, take a leap of faith, and trust your heart’s desires.  Single Leos, call upon the angels to help you attract and recognize the great love coming for you this year!


Your archangel guide for 2021 is Raziel

The other realms are going to be more vivid for you this year, Virgo, as you develop a deep connection to your intuition and step into a more soulful side to your nature. 

Call in the angels to help you to relax, accept, and trust in what is.  You thrive when you clear your mind and allow your inner guidance to be your truth, rather than worries.  You can reach a level of contentment, peace, and fulfillment this year, by learning to have faith in your path and all working out.  It’s time to allow the mundane tasks to become meditative mantras and your more creative side to be your real focus. 


Your archangel guide for 2021 is Zadkiel.

Your comfort zones have been pushed and compromised in recent times, Libra.  Sometimes the best we can do in life is to yield, focus on what we can change, and let alone that which we cannot. 

This year ask your angel guides to help you to recognize that YOU are the most important person in YOUR life and to help you to make choices based upon your own needs, desire, and hopes.  Your tendency to side-step conflict can often lead you to compromise who you really are. 

In 2021 have the courage to speak your mind, decide who you want to be, and forgive those who may have oppressed you unknowingly.   


Your archangel guide for 2021 is Uriel.

It’s time for you to shine your light brightly in 2021, Scorpio.  So often you are on the sidelines with all the answers and so few words.  Your wisdom is needed Scorpio, people need your clarity and insights to cut through the confusion. 

Call on the angels to bring you the courage to speak out and allow your many talents to be seen, utilized, and experienced by the world.  You have such a natural connection to spirit already; just asking for guidance and help in your pursuits will propel you to any eventuality you could wish for.  You just have to have courage in your abilities at this time and believe in your path.


Your archangel guide for 2021 is Haniel.

Rarely lost for words, you have an opinion for each day of the week and are usually well-versed also, Sagittarius.  It is, however, important to remember that fun, laughter, and practical jokes are what you enjoy the most. 

Ask the angels to help you to shed the seriousness you’ve taken on recently and to throw off the shackles of worry.  All that exists is the moment, after all, and if we can laugh at what’s around us, then we will create far more waves of joy to come.

Your luck will return this year, and your upbeat fun side will too.  Allow the angels to guide you to lighten up and communicate your ideas and humor more.  Success will come to you from uplifting others. 


Your archangel guide for 2021 is Jophiel.

You will feel lighter and more like yourself again in 2021, it will feel like gravity has halved and you can breathe more easily again, Capricorn.

The angels are here to help you to rebuild the faith in life which has been absent.  What really matters to you will become vivid again and you will be more inspired by beauty and possibility again.  Ask for your burdens to be lightened, and for your ability to perceive the wonders of nature to be returned. 

Your endurance is remarkable and your sense of responsibility toward others can become a burden.  Allow your own needs to be equally important this year Capricorn, you deserve happiness and goodness as much as everybody!


Your archangel guide for 2021 is Metatron.

It’s easy for you to go within and rely on yourself, but people need each other, and you can’t make ripples and bring the equality and freedom you believe in unless you are out there in the real world. 

This year is about learning the impact of your own presence and how your pure heart can bring joy and connectivity to others. 

The angels will help you to have increased strength and vibrancy this year to make some waves and create some of the ideas that are intrinsic to your soul path.  Ask for their guidance to enhance your focus, confidence, and to help you to have the most loving impact upon those around you.  You can achieve so much this year Aquarius! 


Your archangel guide for 2021 is Michael.

Your sensitivity, creativity, and unique view of the world are your special gift Pisces.  You see other levels of possibility and some of you can even see the energy moving around us. 

Often you are inclined to keep these visions to yourself, but increasingly people need to hear about and believe in magic.  Perception is reality and we all need to open our eyes to possibility and beauty to be content. 

The angels want you to express your unique gifts more this year and help people to connect on higher levels.  Ask them to guide your talents and to know when and how to share your gifts with the world, whether art, music, visuals, intuition, or simply your kind giving nature. 

Joëlle O'Toole

Joëlle has been studying esoteric sciences, divination, the supernatural, and alternative health since her teenage years. Now in her 40s, she has also amassed 20+ years of experience as a pioneering astrologer, psychic and tarot reader. She is also a qualified reiki master, herbalist, and twin flame expert. To find out more about her, or to book a reading contact her at: and as @waxlobster on Instagram.

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