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These horoscopes begin from the point of the Chinese New Year which is on Saturday 25th January 2020.  As this date is astrologically significant, the information I have used to write them will accurately provide you with the ‘flavor’ of your year to come. 

From an astrological perspective, the 1st January has no significance, it is simply the first defined month after the Winter Solstice.  Those of us who observe the cycles of the planets, often defer to the Chinese New Year, which is taken from the moment of the New Moon in Aquarius; marking a more definitive new beginning.  For 2020, this is particularly relevant, as the pinnacle of most of 2019’s build-up of tension will not culminate until 12th January.

Beyond this point, a new astrological climate gradually starts to emerge.  Using the New Moon which occurs at 21:42GMT on 24th January 2020, I have written horoscopes for your Chinese New Year ahead which runs up until 11th February 2021.


This is a year of growth for you Aries, with Chiron in your sign there will be opportunities to learn more about compassion and the kinds of vulnerabilities others face.  There will be an ambition to make some progress in your career/life path this year, which will lead on from last year, but the addition of Jupiter in this area of your chart will mean that your hard work finally gains more recognition and respect.   The second half of the year will be one of inner growth and increased self-awareness, as your ruling planet; Mars dips back and forth in Aries, reminding you of your powerful impact upon your surroundings from 29th June until the 1st Jan 2021.


You have been a little more creative and carefree lately Taurus, and this theme will continue for a few years yet to come, as Uranus encourages you to appreciate the unexpected.  Your capacity to learn and understand new concepts is increased this year, and you will feel increasingly liberated by a broader circle of people in your life.  Becoming more involved in neighborhood events and community projects will benefit you a great deal and during the second half of the year, considering meditation and looking deeper into your own personal impact upon your surroundings will help you to feel more in control.


There will be a lot of depths to be uncovered for you this year Gemini.  As the sign which rules journalism and communication; taking extra time out to observe the absurdities of people’s day to day behavior, alongside your own inner motivations, will provide great inspiration and creative potential for you at this time.  Particularly in the latter part of the year, you will gain insights and knowledge if you take the time to scratch below the surface.   Depths of awareness are in your grasp and your creativity is at an all-time high.   Seize opportunities which come your way, they may not be wholly what you expect, but they will reflect what you need!


This year will start off slowly for you Cancer, as the challenges which have beset you in recent times will still be present initially.  Jupiter in your relationship house should begin to smooth the waters slowly for you, however, and by the time of the Solstice eclipse on 22nd June, you will start to notice great, positive changes and be aware of a lot more freedom in your life.  Love relationships will improve by the second half of the year and career/social standing will take center stage.  If you are not sure of your direction in life, then this is the year that will end with you feeling inspired, motivated and excited for the future.  Finally, you will feel like you ‘belong’.


Things are beginning to look up for you this year Leo, it’s time for you to start to shine in your own right, and escape from the mundane in which you have felt entrapped.  You’ve not felt like your ‘true self’ lately, but as the year begins you will have started to regain your trademark confidence and sparkle.  True love will come knocking for many single Leos this year and a deeper sense of connection will be sought by those who are committed, as you realize that life is dull without deep bonds.  Many will be drawn to animal welfare and travel as focal points also.


Partnerships are in the spotlight this year Virgo, as the year commences with Venus making romantic overtures to spiritual Neptune in your house of partnerships.  Are you fulfilled?  How long is it since you have felt truly appreciated?  Half measures won’t suffice this year, as Mars lights up your needs and passions in the second half of the year.  Life is too short to settle for second best and Jupiter adds fervor to your spirit and your sense of self-expression.  It’s your time to shine Virgo, and when it comes to it you’re just as romantic as the rest of us.  Take a risk and trust your heart this year.


Home is in the spotlight at the beginning of this year Libra, and those of you who are looking to move to a new house will find that there are more opportunities and options on their way.  It’s amazing what a little creativity and feng shui can do to improve the ambiance in your home and your health too!  You will feel more sensitive this year and your usual charisma and charm may be less easy to access during the latter part of the year.  Remember that suppressing feelings can cause ill health, and self-expression is liberating.  Be assertive and put yourself first for once!


As one of the most outspoken signs, you are lit up this year Scorpio!  Not only do you have a lot to say, but you also have people willing to listen and pay heed to your insights, for once!  Your gift for finding flaws and solutions is at an all-time high and this year your creativity will be in the spotlight, as you find yourself more inclined to speak/act out.  Immersed as you are in your enhanced abilities, make sure you take the time to eat well, sleep and reflect in the second half of the year.  It would be such a waste to ‘burn out’ when you are potentially at your very best!


Although you don’t feel inspired at the start of this year Sagittarius, your energy is increasing and your financial potential is already, much improved.  You’ve had to work hard to stay afloat recently, but Jupiter is going to support your cash flow and you can now gain great success via the law of attraction.  Your thoughts are so powerful and you’re already well-versed in positive manifestation, you’ve simply lost your faith and focus recently.  This year your personal magnetism is increased, and success is within your grasp.  Any studies and travel plans will be very inspiring and your own leadership skills are honed once more.


It’s been tiring for you recently Capricorn, I know.  Having Saturn and Pluto in your sign has made everything require more effort, with seemingly fewer results.  This will improve now as Jupiter improves your vitality and brings hope and faith back.  You will have more charisma this year, as your intuition is improved and singing, creative writing or speaking work will be very healing and uplifting for you.  In the second half of the year, home and family life may be rocky and your improved communication skills will be very helpful.  A nod to basic feng shui; removing any clutter and introducing more plants will be very healing and rejuvenating.


Your subconscious will be powerful this year Aquarius, it’s time to take up regular meditation.  Recent times have been imbued with a certain amount of chaos, but Jupiter is going to bring luck and fortune to those of you who learn to go deep.  Your intuition is good at this time and you are learning that if you think before you speak; your thoughts, words, and deeds have a lot more impact.  You will gain a greater understanding of this in the latter part of the year, as you are drawn towards a larger audience and learn more about your own unique, creative powers.


You feel seductive and powerful as this year begins Pisces, and your magical magnetism is at its best.  Community and friendship will be an important focus for you this year and you will be inclined towards anything which improves the quality of life for people and animals.  Your ideas are brilliant, and you know that love is the true currency of the world and your insights and advanced knowledge of life should not be overlooked or ignored.  Trust your instincts, and allow them to guide your choices, believing your own inner magic can inspire more people than you know.   Lead by example, it is always the most powerful.

Joëlle O'Toole

Joëlle has been studying esoteric sciences, divination, the supernatural, and alternative health since her teenage years. Now in her 40s, she has also amassed 20+ years of experience as a pioneering astrologer, psychic and tarot reader. She is also a qualified reiki master, herbalist, and twin flame expert. To find out more about her, or to book a reading contact her at: and as @waxlobster on Instagram.

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