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What is included in your Lovers Profile Report?

Dive deeper into your Love portrait, with the following elements included in your 30+ page personal Lovers Profile Report (See Sample).

Get your Lovers Profile Report today – $29.95 instead of $79.95.

The knowledge you will gain in reading this report can help you to make the most of your relationship:

  • How do you approach relationships 
  • Specific insights into your strengths and challenges 
  • How you relate to your partner, from how you get along to where you’ll walk together and where you may collide
  • How your partner sees your relationship  
  • Your partner’s basic setup, strengths and weaknesses
  • A detailed picture of how they perceive you and what challenges they will face

You’ll know what you’re in for and how to adapt to what the relationship offers you – and from each person’s point of view.

Make the most of your Relationships with your Lovers Profile Report

Astrologers are often asked specific questions relating to relationships and love:

  • Is this person right for me?
  • What will keep us together?
  • What makes us love each other?
  • How do we make our relationship thrive and grow?
  • How do we keep our relationship on course?

Whether it’s love and marriage, or business and success, finding the right keys to the right person is absolutely essential

Some people you meet in your life are “must-haves,” but some should carry the label “avoid-at-all-costs!” The challenge is to pick the right person and know the right moves once you get there.

Astrology is tailor-made for the task. When you put two horoscopes together, Astrology can instantly see where the sparks will fly and what to watch out for – for good or bad, for love or money. Based on how the planets in each chart touch each other by house, sign, and aspect, your Lovers Profile Report will explain it all.