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If you have fallen in love with an Aquarius and did not know how to make them love you back or you are an Aquarius and usually wonder why people don’t love you and want to become lovable then worry not because you might not be the only ones feeling that.

Aquarius is one of the tough signs amongst all Zodiac signs when it comes to love. They are great, creative and friendly but they love their independence and are quirky and resistant to any change in life. Astrology helps to study this free-spirited Aquarius to help and provide guidance to an Aquarius man or Aquarius women in their ‘Aquarius love life.’

Aquarius is a free bird

Freedom is very important for an Aquarius, and even in relationships or commitments, they’ll never stop spreading their wings which makes relations with them difficult.


An Aquarius might miss your birthday or anniversary in a relationship because of their disorganized and forgetful nature, and if you are sensitive about this stuff, you better stay away from loving an Aquarius!


Aquarius is rebellious. They might create trouble just out of boredom, and if they feel ignored, they will act all ‘attention seekers’! This immaturity might not be everyone’s cup of tea to deal with.

Aquarius’s curiosity if in love

Once an Aquarius is in love, they get to know their partners by considering it similar to solving a puzzle. That may sound sweet, but it might get ‘irritating’ at times because of the interrogation they do although it is just because they genuinely want to understand you for a better relationship.

They Don’t Care

Aquarius does not really care what people think of them and their actions. They might do stuff which is considered embarrassing in public, and if you are in a relationship with them then you will have to bear it!

Aquarius in love gives 100%

They are believed to love hard. This may sound very reassuring when you are in a relationship with them, but their 100% commitment means that once you hurt them, then there is no turning back. They will probably shut you down after a mistake.

Emotionally closed

An Aquarius might seem friendly and all but if you are getting close to them so you will probably have a hard time emotionally opening them. This is because they are very deep souls and only commit once they feel they can trust you. Good luck with that!

Restlessness in an Aquarius

An Aquarius is always hunting for new experiences around because they can’t just sit around and get bored. They love to get out there and would expect their partners to keep up with them. So instead of worrying that you are boring an Aquarius, enjoy!

Different is good

An Aquarius likes a relationship to be unconventional and not typical. They like to do things which others might find weird. Such as creating rules of love with their partner or not moving in together unless the relationship is very serious. This might be something new for some to handle!

Unrealistic dreams

An Aquarius is believed to have an out of the world imagination, and they want to chase their dreams. Their partners might find these imaginations unrealistic and silly, but it is just their spirited nature. Everyone has the right to change the world, as they want so they should be supported rather than taunted!

Adventure is life for an Aquarius

It is always fun to have an energetic and adventurous soul as your partner, and Aquarius is just that. They have the never-ending energy to explore, travel and enjoy so if you love an Aquarius you had better have the similar energy to cope up with them and if you are not into many adventures then Aquarius is not for you!


An Aquarius is more vulnerable then you will ever imagine them to be. They might look all energetic, but any negativity and they get hurt easily and ‘they are not exaggerating!’ People might find it over-reaction, but it is just how they are.


An Aquarius’s sensitivity is often followed by frustration and especially when nobody understands them. If in a relationship with an Aquarius, you better make sure that you feel their heart and if you can’t do that then have fun bearing their irritation!

Aquarius is not a drama Queen

One may find Aquarius offensive because of their straightforward behavior because they just can’t handle drama! Therefore, if they are telling you to get yourself together instead of moaning on anything, you may find it difficult to fall in love with an Aquarius.

Aquarius love their own cave

An Aquarius loves living in their own created world. So, if you are in a relationship with an Aquarius, then you’ll have to make quite an effort bringing them in your world or convincing them to allow you to accompany them in their world. Whoa, work hard!


An Aquarius believes in honesty on everything and if they are skeptical about trusting you, don’t think that it is because they are selfish. Their straightforwardness or own caved up interests are not normally acceptable, but it certainly doesn’t mean they are selfish. They will give you a hard time, but you need to prove your love to them first!

In Conclusion

These few reasons might make you reluctant to love an Aquarius, but since ‘Love sees no bounds’ you can make everything possible by just believing in your love. Every person has some good and bad sides, and it certainly does not mean we’ll reject them.

People need chances in life, and I’m sure if you love someone truly, be it an Aquarius and believe in your love, then you’ll never be disappointed!

So now you know what the rules are if you love an Aquarius, so you better start working to deal with them!


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