April 18, 2024
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Numerology is the study of numbers as meaningful constructs related to human consciousness. Numbers occupy our lives in many ways, starting with number values associated with the letters of words, especially our names.

We have the numbers of our birth day, month, and year. Most countries have a number sequence for citizens (in the United States, it is the 9-digit Social Security Number or SSN). Most of us have a phone number; if we drive a car, we have a number plate. Each word and sequence of numbers reduces to a number between 1 and 9, and each of those numbers has spiritual meaning.

The Soul Purpose Number is the single, reduced digit of your Life Path Number plus your Destiny Number.

Soul Purpose Number Meanings

Your Life Path Number reveals your numerical engine; it is the energy that drives you. Your Destiny Number reveals the numerical energy the world wants from you. When you combine them, you get your Soul Purpose Number, which reveals the “why” of your existence in this lifetime.

These numbers align with the three most significant points in your astrology chart: the Sun, which would be your Life Path Number; the Ascendant, which would be your Destiny Number; and the Moon, which would be your Soul Purpose Number. In astrological terminology, the Sun is how you shine in the world; the Ascendant is how you present and are perceived by the world; and the Moon is how you feel in this existence.

81 Combinations for 10 Outcomes

The majority of Soul Purpose outcomes will range from 1 to 11. The chance of having a Life Path Number of 22 and Destiny Number of 22, which would give you Soul Purpose Master Number 44 is so rare that it would be special case worthy of a consultation with a professional numerologist. Here we provide the most common combinations, noting the nuance between the same Soul Purpose Number and the various combinations that get the result.

As an example, a Life Path 1 and Destiny 2 yield a Soul Purpose 3, but so does a Life Path 2 and Destiny 1. However, the resulting 3 is not identical, but still a 3 Soul Purpose. See how to calculate Your Soul Purpose Number.

Life Path #+Destiny #=Soul Purpose #Meaning
1 1 2To partner and be individual
1 2 3To create with the help of others
1 3 4To build with creativity
1 4 5To explore for a living
1 5 6To serve by exploring
1 6 7To understand through service
1 7 8To lead spiritually
1 8 9To share as a leader
1 9 (10) 1To assert by sharing
2 1 3To create by helping others
2 2 4To build through partnerships
2 3 5To explore through creativity with others
2 4 6To serve by building with others
2 5 7To understand through exploration with others
2 6 8To lead through service with others
2 7 9To share spiritually with others
2 8 (10) 1To assert through power with others
2 9 11/2To stand out by sharing with others
3 1 4To build individually as an artist
3 2 5To explore through partners your creativity
3 3 6To serve through creativity and entertainment
3 4 7To understand by building creatively
3 5 8To lead by disrupting creatively
3 6 9To share through service creatively
3 7 (10) 1To assert spiritually with creativity
3 8 11/2To stand out through the power of creativity
3 9 (12) 3To create and share your vision
4 1 5To explore on your own and build something
4 2 6To serve with partners to build something
4 3 7To understand by creating something that lasts
4 4 8To lead by establishing a legacy
4 5 9To share by disrupting the old for the new
4 6 (10) 1To assert through service that builds something
4 7 11/2To stand out spiritually to build something
4 8 (12) 3To create through leading to build something
4 9 (13) 4To build by sharing what the world needs
5 1 6To serve individually as a change agent
5 2 7To understand with partners to bring change
5 3 8To lead creatively to bring change
5 4 9To share by building things out of disruption
5 5 (10) 1To assert change as a change agent
5 6 11/2To stand out through service in chaos
5 7 (12) 3To create spiritually as a disruptor
5 8 (13) 4To build as the leader of revolution
5 9 (14) 5To explore by sharing your discoveries
6 1 7To understand uniquely to teach others
6 2 8To lead with partners in service
6 3 9To share creatively as a service to others
6 4 (10) 1To assert support through service
6 5 11/2To stand out disruptively to teach others
6 6 (12) 3To create a service and teach others
6 7 (13) 4To build spiritually what others need to learn
6 8 (14) 5To explore as a leader through service
6 9 (15) 6To serve as the conscience for those in need
7 1 8To lead individually as a spiritual master
7 2 9To share through partnership spiritual wisdom
7 3 (10) 1To assert creatively in a spiritual way
7 4 11/2To stand out by building a spiritual message
7 5 (12) 3To create disruptively with spiritual truth
7 6 (13) 4To build a spiritual service or teaching for others
7 7 (14) 5To explore spirituality thoroughly (monk/nun)
7 8 (15) 6To serve as a spiritual leader powerfully
7 9 (16) 7To understand the spiritual matrix of all life
8 1 9To share an individual vision through power
8 2 (10) 1To assert with a partner your power
8 3 11/2To stand out as a creative leader
8 4 (12) 3To create a foundation through personal power
8 5 (13) 4To build the new from the old as a leader
8 6 (14) 5To explore your power through service
8 7 (15) 6To serve as a powerful spiritual leader
8 8 (16) 7To understand the power of power
8 9 (17) 8To lead by sharing power
9 1 (10) 1To assert your individuality by sharing
9 2 11/2To stand out in partnership seeking wisdom
9 3 (12) 3To create through art the understanding of life
9 4 (13) 4To build worldly examples of compassion
9 5 (14) 5To explore where chaos needs order
9 6 (15) 6To serve by teaching compassion for the world
9 7 (16) 7To understand spiritually “oneness”
9 8 (17) 8To lead with the power of love
9 9 (18) 9To share fully and at all times

The Soul Purpose and Romance

As you can surmise from the variations above, some Soul Purposes, especially when the number 2 is part of the group or the Soul Purpose number, deal directly with romance and partnership while many others do not. Knowing all six numbers between you and your romantic partner shows you the core dynamic of energy between the two of you.

Consider a romance between a 4/3/7 and a 9/8/8. The Soul Purpose of the first person is “to understand (life) by creating something that lasts” and the Soul Purpose of the second person is “to lead with the power of love”. In a romance they would need to merge the need to build (Life Path 4) with the need to lead (Destiny and Soul Purpose 8). Positively they can achieve a powerful and lasting life together. Negatively they conflict because the first is too practical and the second is too much of a dreamer.

The Soul Purpose and Career

Understanding your Soul Purpose helps you know how to fit into the career you choose. Any number works in every field, but it is vital to work in your field in the way that best aligns with your Soul Purpose. If you decide to work in aviation, law, health care, personal care service (hair stylist), government, and so on, you want to be the type of worker that matches with your Soul Purpose number.

Say you love travel, especially by air, and your Soul Purpose is 9/5/5, then you might find your best fit as a fighter pilot or a helicopter pilot for the Red Cross. If you cannot meet the requirements to be a pilot, then you could work to be a mechanic on the aviation equipment used by these types of pilots. If you have a love for aviation and you have this Soul Purpose combination, then you will need, “to explore where chaos (in the world) needs order”.

The Soul Purpose and Family

Finally, family dynamics define our earthly development and remain a constant vibration, both internally and externally in our lives. Knowing the Soul Purpose of all family members is incredibly helpful. Consider the two romantic people above and let’s give them a child that is a 5/7/3. The child needs, “to create spiritually as a disruptor”, meaning he or she cannot go along with the crowd. In fact, this child needs to challenge the crowd and upset norms that may be traditional, but are unfair or out of integrity with what the society needs.

The parent with the 4/3/7 Soul Purpose will focus on how to help the child use wisdom and creativity to bring change. Both this parent and the child share 3 and 7 as numbers. The parent with the 9/8/8 Soul Purpose will give the child worldly vision and encourage him or her to “think big” and find the greatest examples of injustice that he or she could help change. In a problematic way, the child could consider the parents the ones that need disrupting because they are examples of the problem, not the solution.