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Luck horoscope Luck

Mercury offers luck to those who know how to be sneaky. So today might be a good day for you, but you’ll have to work for it and be cunning.

Work horoscope Work

Freddy Mercury sang “Don’t Stop Me Now!” and you should follow his advice today. Even the slightest distraction might chip away huge chunks of time from your schedule, so keep your eyes on the prize!

Love horoscope Love

Mercury will be your most significant influence today. While this is not a particularly good or bad thing in love, it certainly means that communication is key to understanding one another.

Money horoscope Money

Today is the day to use Mercury’s influence to make a profit by moving your assets around in a cunning way. If you have some investments, try to shift them around. If not, try to find new sources of income.

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Any number can be lucky if the number is one that aligns with your personal numbers. In fact, your personal numbers are your lucky numbers. In most of numerology, you reduce all numbers to a single digit, but lucky numbers include all the totals that lead to the single digit.


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