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Gemini Astrology

Symbol: The Twin
: May 21st – June 20th. If you were born within three days of a sign change you may belong to a cusp of two zodiac signs
Element: Air Sign
Quality: Mutable
Natural House: Third
Ruling planet: Mercury (Travel and all forms of communication)


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Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac. Governed by the planet Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, Gemini are in perpetual evolution. They are very agile and adapt easily. Mercury is a dry and cold planet. It governs the sign of Gemini, but also Virgo. It is known as the planet of exchanges and intellectual activities. In Egyptian mythology, Mercury is associated with Set and Horus. Indeed, the Egyptians believed that they were two different planets. One appeared in the morning and the other in the evening, when in fact it was the same planet Mercury.

The Gemini constellation has been described by cultures since ancient times, with many different names and stories. It was listed as one of the 48 ancient constellations by Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the second century, though Ptolemy called the constellation The Star of Apollo (Castor) and The Star of Heracles (Pollux).

In Roman mythology, Mercury is the son of Maia, the nymph and wife of Jupiter. Maia is none other than the daughter of Atlas. Mercury is quick and lively. With his winged helmet, his two wings at his feet, he is known as the messenger of the Gods. This is where part of Mercury’s duality comes from, which is why he is so suited for being Gemini’s ruling planet. It symbolizes knowledge, intelligence, travel, communication, etc.

Gemini is the first air sign together with the signs of Aquarius and Libra. Air signs feel the need to facilitate a connection between the twelve signs in the zodiac while bringing a certain lightness. At the first impression, air signs may look weak or naive in front of the fire signs who embody great energy or the earth signs who have rock solid planning and implementation skills, however, the advantage that air people have with them is that of open-mindedness.

Other than the four elements (Water, Fire, Earth, and Air), the twelve signs of the Zodiac are also classified through the zodiac qualities. There are three qualities in astrology: Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. Gemini is the mutable sign.

Mutable signs fall at the end of a season, and they are the ones to put the finishing touches onto the projects initiated by the Cardinal signs and followed through by the Fixed signs. Mutable signs are the adaptors and changers of the zodiac.

13 Gemini Traits

Gemini are intelligent, communicative and sociable. Gemini draw these qualities from the Third House. The house that symbolizes ease of adaptation and relationships.

Johnny Depp, Naomi Campbell, Angelina Jolie, J.F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe are all eminent personalities born under the Gemini Zodiac sign. The numbers that bring them luck are 5 and 9. Green and silver are the favorite colors of Gemini people. The body parts associated with the Gemini sign are arms, the thorax, but also the lungs.

1. Humorous

Gemini’s crack the best jokes, and they have the funniest sense of humor. They know exactly how to lighten up a serious vibe or a morbid situation through comical behaviors and expressions. As they can see both sides to a story, they can see the good in a situation and prefer to focus on that. 

2. Master communicators & conversationalists

Gemini’s know how to keep a conversation going for hours on end without it becoming boring. Their minds think fast, and they have a broad attention span which allows them to take in a lot of information, and communicate that information extremely effectively to others.

3. Jack of all trades

Being ruled by the fastest planet in our solar system, Mercury, Gemini individuals possess a rare ability to learn information exceptionally fast. Due to this, they can have an interest in many different things. They can learn various tasks efficiently, making them extremely versatile in their skill set.

4. Adaptable & changeable

A Gemini’s mind is wide open, and they keep themselves open to all possibilities and information. They aren’t incredibly rigid and set in their beliefs and ways, and find it extremely easy to change a personal opinion when presented with new information, or a specific habit if it does not serve them anymore.

5. Creative

Being ruled by the air element, Gemini’s have many ideas rushing in and out of their minds. Gemini is the sign of expression and communication, and they express what is on their minds often creatively through art, music, or even the way they dress.   

6. Popular

Gemini’s are the life of the party, and other people love to be around them. It is easy for a Gemini to make friends wherever they go, and they can get along with people from all walks of life. They know precisely how to whoo a crowd, and have an extroverted personality that welcomes all kinds of conversation.

7. Energetic

Gemini individuals do not like to sit still. They always prefer to keep busy, and they can quickly jump from one task to the next. They have a restless energy, which makes them extremely productive and efficient, as they tend to work faster and complete a job more quickly than most people.

8. Moody

Gemini individuals can be people-pleasers, and they try and put the best face on to everyone they interact with. Gemini’s can quickly become exhausted and need plenty of time alone with lots of space to themselves. When people do not give them their time and space, and when people push them, they can quickly become annoyed and grumpy, and then they show a darker side of their personality that others might not be aware of.

9. Finds ways to get what they want

Gemini’s have a way with words, and they know what to say and when to say it. They can easily pick up in your strengths and weaknesses, and know precisely how to manipulate your weaknesses so that they can benefit from your strengths, and get things to work out in their favor. They have an answer for everything, and it is challenging to win an argument with a Gemini.

10. Flighty & inconsistent

A Gemini’s attention is so scattered, that they can often make plans and promises that they are unable to keep due to them forgetting about it. It is also possible that a Gemini can easily get presented with a better option, and they lack the dedication and loyalty to stick to their initial promises they made when presented with something more exciting.

11. Anxious & nervous

A Gemini has a very sharp mind that can take in a lot of information; however, they can quickly become overwhelmed by their external environment. They can struggle to logically and practically process their thoughts. They do not perform well under pressure and need plenty of time and space to think and reflect.

12. Loves drama & gossip

A Gemini prefers to remain neutral and doesn’t choose sides when it comes to their friends. They do, however, enjoy it when people spill the tea on others. There is a side a Gemini will show to each person they meet, that they will not reveal to anyone else. When a Gemini is caught up in gossip, they know exactly how to get the juicy information out of a person. This ability to get others to open up, causes people to reveal all the gossip to them!

13. Dual Nature

Due to their dual nature, they can often end up in situations where they need to cover their back because they might’ve said too much without thinking. Gemini’s often speak 1st and think later. When Gemini’s are in these tricky situations, it is known that they might try and manipulate the truth or not disclose the complete truth and all the facts.

Gemini Personality


Queen of social media, communicative, curious and intelligent above all, the Gemini woman always needs motion. She needs new things and to talk to other people. She wants to dialogue, communicate and build successful relationships. Sociable and sympathetic by nature, her loved ones genuinely like her.

A Gemini woman always wants to learn and store data, information she deems useful for later. She tends to not know how to rest, which can be a sore spot for her health. She is prone to stress and various health problems.

Just like the Gemini man, the Gemini woman loves to travel. She has an incredible talent for language learning and she does not hesitate to cross borders to discover new horizons. If she had could choose a trade, anything related to tourism would be a perfect fit.

The woman Gemini with her sympathy, her joie de vivre and her good humor is always given a call where there is a party. With her innate talent for communication, she always finds something to revive any discussion and put people in the right mood.

A Gemini woman has this ability to find solutions to any problem. She lists the pros and cons and picks out the best options or the best decision to make. But do not count on her to actually make that decision.

Gemini women have numerous flaws, however. Although intelligent and quick-witted, it can be hard for them to express their emotions and feelings. It is a flaw that can be seen once you get close enough.

Known to be equally unstable on the professional level, wanting to run behind several projects at once, the Gemini woman may also look superficial. Her nervousness and hard time making any sort of decision are
also part of her flaws.


Gemini men are versatile, the king of tricks and resourcefulness. They impress their entourage and people lucky enough to rub shoulders with them with their communication skills. They enjoy traveling and are naturally gifted for language learning. They are very sociable and above all openminded and free.

A Gemini man is a very intelligent person. He is curious about everything. He is an eternal student who wants to learn everything. He is elusive like Mercury, his planet and also the Roman God who, thanks to his wings on his feet, goes as fast as the wind.

A Gemini man is a fine negotiator. Convincing and persuading are among his most remarkable qualities. As they say, you should never confront a Gemini man or even debate with him. He will surely win, for using and playing with words is quite natural for him. With his intelligence, his innate charm and his capacity to impose himself, Gemini are formidable businessmen.

Despite these undeniable qualities, Gemini tend to have more than one iron in the fire. At the end of the day, they do not get to the bottom of their businesses. They never go deep, they tease, brush, and flirt without making any real commitment. It is their superficial side that shows itself. When things get complicated, they get out of the game and move on to something else.

The Gemini man is known for his nervousness. It is someone easily offended in spite of his innate talent for communication. This is one of his faults that can be annoying for his loved ones. Moreover, he is incapable of deciding something and going through with this decision. Intelligent, he makes a mental list of all possible options and chooses the best solution(s). Then he changes his mind, every five minutes. Gemini men are rather unstable, especially in the professional field.

At Work

For their unconditional love of communication, Gemini would fit in perfectly as commercial people or salespeople, journalists, technicians, lawyers… However, Gemini-born people can also have great imagination and creativity. This is why it is not surprising to see them performing as actors or comedians.

The professions that involve the media are a passion for Gemini people: television anchor, author, radio host, etc. Gemini love to travel and will try to find a job that will indulge this hobby. It would not be surprising to see a Gemini flourish as a tourist guide or high-level negotiator.

In Friendship

As far as friends are concerned, Leo and Aries get along well with Gemini horoscope sign. Leo and Gemini have a lot in common where both like adventure and believe in living in the moment. Similarly, Aries and Gemini equally value friendship and since both demand intellectual freedom, there are more than ready to offer this to one another. Hence the signs of Leo and Aries are Gemini’s best friends. Gemini traits and those of Aries and Leo complement one another well.

Gemini Horoscope

Compatibility With Other Sun Signs

Zodiac signs compatibility


Generally of a cheerful temperament and always a source of good humor, Gemini are not always compatible with certain signs of the zodiac. The sense of humor of Gemini is very much appreciated by Aries people. They could become BFFs.

On the other hand, Gemini will be drawn to Taurus people, hoping they might offer them stability. However, it is a relationship that is likely to be a failure.

Gemini are always on the move, driven to travel and go on an adventure. Taurus would rather remain anchored and are not at all interested in traveling.

Among themselves, Gemini will feel better as friends rather than lovers. Like two teenagers, they will play, have fun, laugh and why not, travel. They will get along very well.

With people born under Cancer, Gemini tend to be spiritual guides or mentors. They are driven to offer some advice and help Cancer take charge of their own life. The understanding between these two horoscope signs is fascinating.

The relationship between Gemini and Leo will not always be good. Leo like to boast and see themselves as the best. Gemini will always let them know that they are not fooled and that they see everything that is going on. Friction is often inevitable, although sometimes Gemini can have fun using flattery on Leo people.

Between Virgo and Gemini, there is very little chance they get along well. Gemini natives love freedom while Virgo people cling to structured and organized life goals.

Libra and Gemini are both Air signs and can get along really well. Gemini can use the wisdom of Libra, which also exercise some control over them. As for Libra, they will enjoy the humor and constant good mood of Gemini people.

They love to laugh together and enjoy life. Gemini and Scorpio get along very well. However, no serious relationship can arise between them. On the other hand, they will be good lovers.

If there is indeed a sign of the zodiac that wishes to be with a Gemini, it is Sagittarius. And it goes both ways. They get along wonderfully and are drawn to each other. It is an ideal Partner for Gemini natives.

The perfect business partner for Gemini is a Capricorn. Together, they can wreak havoc in business and be extremely successful. This should be the limit of such a relationship however, because a romantic relationship would be catastrophic unless one of them is ready to compromise.

The craving for freedom that can be found in Gemini is something they will share with Aquarius people. For them, it will be much more marked and this is what pleases Gemini who will like them as a friend.

Pisces natives with their complex and sometimes elusive nature will not get along with Gemini who have trouble understanding them. Whether for a friendly or loving relationship, these two star signs are not made to get along.

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