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Capricorn sign

The Sea-Goat ♑

/ December 22nd – January 19th
Symbol :

The Sea-Goat ♑

Dates :

December 22nd – January 19th. If you were born at the beginning or end of the dates for a sign, then you would be “on the cusp” of one of the signs and feel the influence of the other sign

Element :

Earth Sign

Quality :

Cardinal (start of the winter season)

Natural House :


Ruling Planet :


Key Phrase :

“I achieve”

Motivations :

Producing and Succeeding

Energy :

Yin (Feminine)

Lucky Day :


Lucky Numbers :

1, 7, 9, 10, 16, 36, 52

Colors :

Khaki (primary), additional colors include: grey, black, and dark blue

Body Associations :

knees, joints, skeletal system, and teeth

Birth Stones :

Blue Sapphire (primary) – additional stones

Tarot Cards :

The Devil and the King of Pentacles

Herbs Flowers :

Violet Pansy and Aster

Capricorn is the tenth sign in the Zodiac, ruled by the planet Saturn, and ruling the Tenth House. Capricorn symbolizes productivity, achievement, and responsibility.

Earth signs are realistic, and apply rigor and hard work when they do something. Material needs and success are always at the center of their concerns. Besides the four elements (Water, Fire, Earth, and Air), the twelve signs of the Zodiac have qualities. There are three qualities in astrology: Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. Capricorn is a Cardinal astrological sign.

Cardinal signs are the initiators. They are the pioneers and the project starters, the ones to get things moving. Cardinal energy represents beginnings, inspiration, and action. Aries marks the start of Spring, Libra marks the start of Fall, Capricorn marks the beginning of Winter, and Cancer marks the beginning of Summer.

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Capricorn Personality Traits

Capricorn people are driven and achievement-oriented. They work hard to succeed at high levels and status in the world is very important to them. The list below highlights fourteen Capricorn traits.

14 key Capricorn Traits


1. Persistent

The goat as their avatar makes perfect sense; Capricorns will climb mountains and overcome all obstacles in their path while they are working their way to the top. Failure and second place are not acceptable to them. They always focus on being number one and ensuring the job gets done as perfectly as possible.

2. Rational and Practical

Capricorns do not chase rainbows and unachievable goals. Capricorns know what they can achieve with their capabilities and skill set, and they pursue projects that they know they can complete efficiently and expertly.

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3. Highly Dependable

Like all the earth signs, Capricorns can get a job done reliably and consistently. When a Capricorn says they are going to do something, you can bet they will, and they will complete the task more efficiently than most other people!

4. Sophisticated

Capricorns are exceptionally well-mannered, and they pursue status, which means always acting with proper etiquette. Capricorns work hard to surround themselves with only the best, and the same goes for the people they associate with. They prefer to befriend those who have a higher social standing and will behave in a refined and mature manner.

5. Calculating

Capricorns are aware of all the steps required to reach success, and they carefully plan and execute every one of those steps. They know that their road to success is not an easy one, and they work slowly and deliberately toward their ambitions.

6. Providers

Many Capricorns marry at a young age because they have the desire to start a family early in life. Capricorns work hard to ensure their family can live a comfortable life and have a promising future, filled with many opportunities. Traditional family values are extremely important to Capricorns.

7. Business Savvy

Capricorns know how to get down to business, and they make some of the best CEO’s and investors. Their minds are productivity and profit-driven, and they know exactly how to turn the heads of those that are in higher positions than them. Capricorns can make any business a profitable success.

8. All Work, No Play

Capricorns are incredibly ambitious, sometimes to a fault. Capricorns will work their fingers to the bone, and they will not stop until they have reached their goal. They do not let loose and have fun often, which makes them quite serious and high-strung.

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9. Cynical

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of limitations, social order, and conformity. Many Capricorns have a challenging life, with many hardships to overcome. As a result, many Capricorns have a serious outlook on life and lack a sense of humor.

10. Impatient

To Capricorns, time is money, and they cannot stand having either of the two wasted. Life is serious business, and they get irritated when other people play or mess around. They abhor small talk when there is a job to get done.

11. Unforgiving

Most Capricorns find it challenging to forgive an ill-intentioned act that that results in a setback or failure. If they are betrayed or wronged by someone, they will remember that betrayal their entire life. It is challenging for a Capricorn to forgive and forget, so watch out if you step on their toes, or worse, cause them to lose money!

12. Emotionless

Many Capricorns believe that showing emotions is a sign of weakness. As a result, they can seem cold, lacking compassion and empathy. Capricorns do experience emotions just like everyone else, but they bottle it all up, which can make them seem aloof and distant to others.

13. Sarcastic and Arrogant

When Capricorns see other people having fun, they can want to rain on their parade. Because many Capricorns have a more serious outlook on life and hardly ever let loose, they can have a bitter and disparaging attitude toward other people who do not take life as seriously as them.

14. Greedy

To many Capricorns, enough is never enough, and they always want more. They are quick to look down on others who have not succeeded in their professional lives, and they tend to judge and stereotype people according to their social class and income level, only wanting to associate with people of high status.


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Sienna Miller
Nicolas Cage
Kit Harington
Jim Carrey
Ellie Goulding
Eddie Redmayne
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Bradley Cooper
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The Capricorn Woman

The Capricorn woman is an honest and faithful woman. She is a loyal friend who can serve as a confidante and who knows how to keep a secret. Generally, she is not interested in other people’s lives but will listen when approached. She believes she should not interfere in the affairs of others so that others do not interfere in hers. Closer to home, she can be extremely demanding towards her family and friends.

She is a reserved woman, concerned with status and proper etiquette. For this reason, she prefers to be discreet. Fortunately for her, she is a woman who knows how to act according to circumstances. This is not the kind of woman to mix her professional life and her private life.

If the Capricorn woman acts so cautiously, it is because it is very hard for her to acknowledge that she is emotionally vulnerable. She shows great restraint, because she will channel her emotions internally so as not to let anything show that will put her, or those she cares about, at a disadvantage.

In the professional field, the Capricorn woman is an assiduous colleague. She loves a challenge, so she is ready to face any trial and she does not shy away from any obstacle. She is a woman who operates intelligently and has a great sense of purpose. Most of the choices she makes are carefully thought out, which drives her to be a perfectionist who is determined to give the best of herself and to overcome her own limits.

The Capricorn Man

The Capricorn man is a discreet and focused man. He wants to achieve and manage his responsibilities expertly. Team spirit is important to the Capricorn man so long as he is leading the team; he is not always the best teammate. He is above all a hard-driving man who works to succeed in measurable ways.

Indeed, even if he has very few friends, the Capricorn man knows how to show himself generous with his loved ones. His generosity and kindness are the results of his strong ties with his family. Very attached to family ties, the Capricorn man is particularly concerned about the happiness of the members of his family, which is why this sign is traditionally known as “the provider”.

Capricorn is a mature and serious sign, so this quality makes for a mature and serious man. He is a respectful person who prefers to stick to the rules and traditions. He is also a worker gifted with great intelligence and determination. The Capricorn man is an ambitious man who knows how to seize the opportunities that are available to him. He does not hesitate to make investments in projects that are close to his heart. From a professional standpoint, his patience will generally contribute to his success.

His cool and distant personality is not an asset for him in love. His focus on responsibility and success will be the reason why his romantic relationships can come in a distant second to his attention. He works well when play and romance are scheduled into his routine, which allows him to have fun during his “allotted” times.

The Capricorn Child

Capricorn children prefer to grow up fast. They struggle with their peer group until they become adults because they want responsibility as soon as possible. They will rarely need punishing or correcting, something they will usually take care of themselves before the parent has to. If the parent must intervene, the Capricorn child will actually help move things along!

The best rule of thumb in teaching these children is to let them advance when they want to. If they want to skip a grade or start college early, let them. If they want to get a job, help them find a way to work and earn money if they are too young for professional employment. They enjoy being successful in measurable ways and only have a problem when they are not challenged at school or athletically. If they prefer to be around adults, they often will help them do so in a positive way.

The Capricorn Parent

The Capricorn parent has the highest expectations for his or her child(ren). Everything is about consequences; how to create favorable ones and avoid disastrous ones. This parent is likely to be the “unfun” one, focused on achievement and getting parenting “right”. Punishments will fit the crime, and the heavy weight of disappointment will drop from parent to child if punishment is required. When this parent engages, it will usually be related to an important life lesson or responsibility that must be learned.

In Friendship

Capricorns need friendships to bring value and want value from them. Capricorns usually have a limited circle of friends because they need to match the ambition and goal-driven nature of the Capricorn; otherwise, people work for them or are useful to them in some way. True friendships require equality in terms of accomplishments and success.

Friendships do not come easily, and they tend to see almost all relationships as some kind of business partnership. The Capricorn individual is serious, so he or she will be serious about any friendship, expecting the most from friendship and trying to be the best friend possible. They are especially welcome when you need someone who can relate to your success, and will help you overcome setbacks.

In Love

Capricorn loves to be responsible and accomplished for or with a lover. Best known as providers, these lovers, like the other earth signs, can be quite enjoyable, physically speaking. Status is important, so you can count on them to want the relationship to be going somewhere and always achieve something. These lovers think long-term, so they want to be sure commitments are mutually honored. They can treat love like a job, but remember, they love to work!

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At Work

Capricorns make some of the best leaders and achievers, especially in large organizations. Their sign is known as the “manager or CEO”, which often makes them perfect for directing others to succeed, which, in turn, helps the company or organization succeed. If you need to get “to the next level” in business or organizational goals, put a Capricorn in charge. They will climb any mountain you put in front of them and bring everyone along that needs to get to the top with them.

They love to manage people and see productivity grow. In fact, these are the people you want pursuing the long-term goals and necessary outcomes to build a thriving business and organization year in and year out. Capricorns also make the perfect leaders, evaluators, and producers; they deeply believe in the value of effort and goals as the way to achieve the highest career goals.

While it is part of traditional astrology to suggest some jobs are Capricorn jobs and other jobs belong to other signs, that concept is outdated. Essentially any sign can do any job, whether the person is a hairdresser, surgeon, stay-at-home parent, fighter pilot, and on and on. Ideally, the person doing the job needs to be able to do the work in alignment with his or her sign. Capricorn prefers to be achieving, producing and controlling when it comes to work and career.

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