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Capricorn Astrology

Symbol: The Sea-Goat
Dates: December 22nd – January 19th. If you were born within three days of a sign change you may belong to a cusp of two zodiac signs
Element: Earth Sign
Quality: Cardinal (start of the winter season)
Natural House: Tenth
Ruling planet: Saturn


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The constellation of Capricornus from which the sun sign gets its name Capricorn is located in an area of the sky known as The Sea or The Water, containing other water-related constellations including Aquarius, Pisces, and Eridanus. The constellation of Capricornus is the smallest in the zodiac, with no first magnitude stars. Even so, the brightest star, Delta Capricorni A, is a white giant with a luminosity of 8.5 times that of the Sun.

Your planet is Saturn, a majestic sphere surrounded by hauntingly beautiful large rings. Like the Capricorn personality that may often appear intimidating, cold and distant, Saturn is a giant cool planet found nearly 900 million miles away from home with a diameter of about 75,000 miles.

Saturn is a cold and dry planet. It is part of the fast planets, with Jupiter. To go through an astrological sign, Saturn takes more than two and a half years. It takes over 29 years to travel the entire zodiac. Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn, but also of Aquarius. Saturn symbolizes wisdom, old age, science and knowledge. The natives of Capricorn inherit these noble qualities.

Capricorn is a sign governed by the Tenth House. In astrology, the Tenth House represents honor. It represents your professional career and the status you hold in society. Personal fulfillment or assertiveness is also part of it.

Capricorn is the third Earth sign with Taurus and Virgo. Symbolically, the element of Earth is the one that follows Fire. Fire is a conqueror, the Earth makes its conquests last. The signs who have this element have their feet on the ground, no pun intended. We are dealing with the concrete, practical aspect of things. Earth signs are realistic and show rigor and hard work when they do something. Material things are always at the center of their concerns.

Other than the four elements (Water, Fire, Earth, and Air), the twelve signs of the Zodiac are also classified through the zodiac qualities. There are three qualities in astrology: Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. Capricorn belongs to the cardinal signs.

Cardinal signs are the initiators. They are the pioneers and the project starters and are the ones to get things moving. The Cardinal quality is representative of new beginnings and fresh energy, as Aries season is the at start of the spring, Libra season is at the start of fall, and Capricorn season is at the beginning of winter.

14 Capricorn Traits

Capricorn is a sign very attached to family values, traditions and security in every sense of the word. The body parts that most correspond to Capricorn are the joints, knees, and skin. Their favorite colors are black and red. Tarot card associated with Capricorn is the Devil.

1. Persistent

As symbolized by the goat, Capricorn’s will climb their mountain and overcome all obstacles in their path while they are on their way to the top. Failure and second best is not an option for them. They always focus on being number one and ensuring the job gets done as perfectly as possible.

2. Rational & practical

Capricorns do not chase rainbows and unachievable goals. A Capricorn knows what they can achieve with their capabilities and skill set, and they pursue projects that they know they can complete efficiently.

3. Highly dependable

Like all the earth signs, Capricorns can be relied on to get a job done no matter what. When a Capricorn says they are going to do something, you can bet they will, and they will complete the task more efficiently than most other people!

4. Sophisticated

Capricorns are exceptionally well mannered, and they possess a high level of class. Capricorns work hard to surround themselves with only the best, and the same goes for the people they associate with. They prefer to befriend those that are of higher social standing, and they always behaved in a refined and mature manner. 

5. Calculating

Capricorns are aware of all the steps required to reach success, and they carefully plan and execute every one of those steps. They know that their road to success is not an easy one, and they work slowly and deliberately toward their ambitions.

6. Family-focused

Many Capricorns marry at a young age, as they have the desire to start a family early on in life. Capricorns work hard to ensure their family can live a comfortable life and have a promising future filled with many opportunities. Traditional family values are extremely important to Capricorns.

7. Business Savvy

Capricorns know how to get down to business, and they make some of the best CEO’s and investors. Their minds are profit-driven, and they know exactly how to turn the heads of those that are in higher positions than them. Capricorns can make any business a profitable success.

8. All work, no play

Capricorns are incredibly ambitious, sometimes to a fault. A Capricorn will work their fingers to the bone, as they will not stop until they have reached their goal. They do not let loose and have fun often, which makes them quite serious and highly strung.

9. Cynical

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of limitations, social order, and conformity. Many Capricorns have had a challenging life, with many hardships they had to overcome. Due to this, many Capricorns have a serious outlook on life and lack a sense of humor.

10. Impatient

To Capricorns, time is money, and they cannot stand having either of the two wasted. Life is serious business to Capricorns, and they get irritated when other people play/mess around and try and make small talk when there is a job to get done.

11. Unforgiving

Most Capricorns find it challenging to forgive an ill-intentioned act that was acted toward them. If they are betrayed or wronged by someone, they will remember that betrayal their entire life. It is challenging for a Capricorn to forgive and forget, so watch out for stepping on their toes!

12. Emotionless

Many Capricorns believe that showing emotions is a sign of weakness. Due to this, they can seem cold, lacking compassion and empathy. Capricorns do experience emotions just like everyone else, but they bottle it all up, which can make them seem aloof and distant to others.

13. Sarcastic & arrogant

When Capricorn’s see other people having fun, they can often rain on their parade. Because many Capricorns have a more serious outlook on life and hardly ever let loose, they can have a bitter and disparaging attitude toward other people who dont take life as seriously as what they do.

14. Greedy & superficial

To many Capricorns, enough is never enough, and they always want more. They are quick to look down on others who have not accomplished much in their professional lives, and they tend to judge and stereotype people according to their social class and income level, only wanting to associate those who are from a higher social standing.

Capricorn Personality

On a personal level and especially in friendly relationships, Capricorn are rather solitary people. They have very few friends, but for them these are the “right” ones. They prefer to sort out the best of the best, those who share their vision of life. They prefer to have a select few good friends rather than a bunch that are not very reliable. They can often be a bit distant at first. However, as a friend, they are very protective.


The Capricorn woman is an honest and faithful woman. She is a loyal friend who can serve as a confidante and who knows how to keep a secret. Paradoxically, she is not interested in other people’s lives. She believes she should not interfere in the affairs of others so that others do not interfere in hers. On the other hand, she can be extremely demanding towards her family and friends in particular.

She is a shy and reserved woman. The image she projects and the opinion that people make of her are very important for the Capricorn woman. This is mainly why she prefers to be discreet. Besides, the Capricorn woman is a woman who knows how to act according to circumstances. This is not the kind of woman to mix her professional life and her private life.

If the Capricorn woman acts so cautiously, it is because it is very hard for her to acknowledge that she is emotionally vulnerable. Indeed, she is an extremely sensitive woman, especially to the misfortunes of her loved ones. But she shows great restraint, because she will channel her emotions internally so as not to let anything show for anyone else to see.

In the professional field, the Capricorn woman is an assiduous colleague. She loves a challenge, so she is ready to face any trial and she does not shy away from any obstacle. She is a woman who operates intelligently and has a great sense of analysis. Most of the choices she makes are often carefully thought out. She is also a great perfectionist who is determined to give the best of herself and to overcome her own limits.

Even if she prefers to keep a kind of simplicity in her way of life, the Capricorn woman is rather materialistic. Money and material goods provide her with a sense of security. She cannot stand the idea of missing something, let alone if her family comes to complain about it. This facet of her personality sometimes makes her capricious, or even whining, whenever she does not get what she wants.

But the main flaw of the Capricorn woman is her lack of self-confidence. She is full of interesting ideas and generally overcomes everything she undertakes. But unfortunately, the list of her exploits is limited, because her shyness and her fear will often prevent her from seeing some of her good projects through. The Capricorn woman is also a realistic woman who is sometimes seen as being too anxious, too nervous, or even pessimistic.


The Capricorn man is a discreet and solitary man. He is a man who acts in the shadows and who cares very little about receiving praise or recognition. Team spirit is not the strong point of the Capricorn man. He is above all an individualistic man who works above all for his personal interests before starts thinking about common interests.

However, behind this facade of cold and distant man actually hides someone with a tender heart. Indeed, even if he has very few friends, the Capricorn man knows how to show himself generous with his loved ones. His generosity and kindness are the result of his strong ties with his family. Very attached to family ties, the Capricorn man is particularly concerned about the happiness of the members of his family.

Capricorn is a mature and serious man. It is a respectful person who prefers to stick to the rules and traditions. He is also a worker gifted with great intelligence and determination. The Capricorn man is an ambitious man who knows how to seize the opportunities that are available to him. He does not hesitate to make investments on projects that are close to his heart. From a professional standpoint, his patience will generally contribute to his success.

The main flaw of the Capricorn man is his lack of spontaneity. He is a man who needs time to think before he makes any decision. Due to his reserved personality, people believe that Capricorn men often hold a grudge. He is someone who has a hard time expressing his anger or disagreement. Since he is a loner, he will tend to make selfish choices against the general interest.

His cool and distant personality is not an asset for him in love. His lack of fantasy will be the reason why his romantic relationships will fail in a majority of cases. He is also a very easily offended man who has the unfortunate habit of believing that his loved ones are plotting against him behind his back.

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At Work

Capricorn are serious and assiduous people. In the professional field, they are orderly and organized workers who care about the quality of their work and pay attention to the smallest details. Capricorn people hate surprises and uncertainty. They are very patient and would rather take some time to plan their projects ahead and anticipate the unexpected. Even if they are sometimes demanding with others, their maturity compels the respect of their colleagues.

A Capricorn is a person of integrity who has a sense of duty and obligation. It is a person who has the capacity to fill a position of high responsibilities. For this reason, they will be able to fill a number of administrative positions, or even start a political career. They might also be interested in the field of justice, notably as a judge, lawyer or notary.

They will likely to be oriented towards areas related to pedagogy and education. A Capricorn would make an excellent trainer or university professor. Their curiosity will also allow them to open a few doors in the field of research and investigation. That is why they could make a career as a police officer, journalist, or university lecturer and researcher.

As a sign of Earth, it could potentially be drawn to its element. They won’t hesitate to roll up their sleeves to pursue a trade related to agriculture, real estate, the environment, and even archeology. In the world of the arts, the shy Capricorn will find it hard to stand at the front of the stage. They will be much more at ease as a director, producer or even publisher for a literary work.

Capricorn Horoscope

Compatibility With Sun Signs

Zodiac signs compatibility


Capricorn can sometimes be demanding with their loved ones. They want to control everything and be aware of everything that happens. In some cases, they may throw a tantrum and try to impose their principles onto others. The majority of their loved ones will tolerate this behavior because of their integrity and maturity in everything they undertake. But these facets of their personality are not necessarily suitable for just anyone.

Capricorn will find it difficult to come to terms with Fire signs, for they have absolutely nothing in common with these horoscope signs. Case in point, the lack of presence and involvement of Sagittarius people will eventually annoy them one day or the other. However, Leo people might carry out certain projects with Capricorn even if they don’t necessarily share the same principles. As for Aries, it is slightly better. More understanding, they can forge friendships with Capricorn.

Rather conflicting relationships are also to be expected with Water signs. Capricorn will have a very hard time getting Pisces and Scorpio to understand them. It will be difficult for them to get along in the long run. This is the reason why their relationships usually end in a brutal way. But this is not the case of Cancer who can hope for a harmonious friendly and professional relationship based on trust with Capricorn.

For Capricorn, relationships are improving with the Air signs. Even if they do not always agree on all points, Gemini and Aquarius people share a certain connection with Capricorn. On the other hand, in the professional field, the carelessness of Gemini can vex Capricorn to the point of putting an end to the collaboration. Unfortunately, due to a divergence of ideas, Capricorn and Libra will not be able to find common ground.

Even if there are still some efforts to be made, friendly and professional relationships are much better between Earth signs. The mutual trust and respect that prevails between Capricorns will make it possible to build a stable relationship in the long term. The loyalty of the natives of Virgo will make it possible to gain the trust of the Capricorn. Together they will make a great team. On the other hand, the more independent Taurus will have a hard time sharing the same visions as the Capricorn.

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