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Virgo Astrology

Symbol: The Virgin
: August 23rd and September 22nd. If you were born within three days of a sign change you may belong to a cusp of two zodiac signs
Element: Earth Sign
Quality: Mutable (together with Sagittarius and Pisces)
Natural House: Sixth (health, habits, and routines)
Ruling planet: Mercury (Travel and all forms of communication)


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Virgo is the second-largest constellation in the sky after Hydra, and the largest constellation in the zodiac, located between Libra to the west and Leo to the east, and below the Big Dipper.

Mercury, the governing planet of the sign of Virgo, is the first planet of the solar system. It is the closest one to the sun. It is about 36 million miles away from the Sun. In astrology, it is a cold and dry planet with an 88-day revolution.

It not only rules over Virgo but it is also the planet that governs Gemini. In Roman mythology, Mercury is the messenger of the Gods. Son of Jupiter, he is quick and fast. He wears a winged helmet. These wings can also be found on his feet.

The element of Virgo is Earth. Symbolically, the element of Earth is the one that follows Fire. Fire is a conqueror, the Earth makes its conquests last. The signs who have this element have their feet on the ground, no pun intended. We are dealing with the concrete, practical aspect of things. Earth signs are realistic and show rigor and hard work when they do something. Material things are always at the center of their concerns.

Other than the four elements (Water, Fire, Earth, and Air), the twelve signs of the Zodiac are also classified through the zodiac qualities. There are three qualities in astrology: Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. Virgo belongs to the mutable signs.

Mutable signs fall at the end of a season, and they are the ones to put the finishing touches onto the projects initiated by the Cardinal signs and followed through by the Fixed signs. Mutable signs are the adaptors and changers of the zodiac.

14 Virgo Traits

Beige and gray are the favorite Virgo colors. This Earth sign is analogous to body parts found in the digestive tract and the intestines. If there are strong points that differentiate them from other signs, they are probably logic and precision. Many, however, resent them for their rigidity and perfectionist character, which can sometimes be annoying.

1. Eye for detail

Virgo’s have the rare ability to recognize every single minute detail around them. When others tend to overlook things, a Virgo’s fine eye can pick up all the small imperfections. Due to this, Virgo’s can truly perfect anything they involve themselves in.

2. Pure intentions

Virgo’s do not crave the spotlight or tons of approval or praise for what they do. A Virgo generally works hard to serve others, and their purpose is not fame and fortune, but to help those that are in need. Virgo’s desire to bring awareness to those that are unenlightened and uninformed. 

3. Elegant & classy

The sign Virgo symbolizes purity, which is represented by the Virgin Maiden. Most Virgo’s exude an angelic, pure, and graceful aura. Due to this, they have a neat and classic appearance. Most Virgo’s cannot stand trashiness, crudeness, or scruffiness. They are usually polished from top to toe and dressed to impress.

4. Ingenious

Virgo’s are incredibly inventive and resourceful, and their sharp mind allows them to learn skills faster than most people. A Virgo has the rare ability to fix almost anything, and they can bring quite the amount of knowledge to the table regarding most subjects and topics. They are incredibly innovative and handy with their hands and can be extremely creative when it comes to creating and inventing practical things.

5. Reliable

No matter what, you can always count on a Virgo. Virgo’s put a lot of pressure on themselves not to disappoint people and do a good job. You won’t find a Virgo slacking at work, or neglecting their responsibilities. Their I’s are dotted, their T’s are crossed, and they always get the job done quickly and efficiently!

6. Loved & admired

Most Virgo’s are not aware of this, but they are incredibly valued and appreciated by those in their lives for what they do. Virgo’s struggle to make time for their friends and loved ones, as they are always busy dealing with chores and tasks all the time, but when they are in the company of their loved ones, their loved ones truly love having them around. 

7. Honest & trustworthy

Virgo’s like to tell it like it is, and they do not sugarcoat anything. Their honesty can sometimes land them in hot water; however, on the other hand, their honesty earns the respect and admiration of the people in their lives, especially in their professional lives. Virgo’s make the best employees, and a lot of favorable opportunities come to them as they are so trusted by others.

8. Critical

Virgo’s apply very high standards onto themselves, and they also have the same high expectations of others that they have of themselves. When others fail to live up to or meet their expectations, Virgo’s can become critical and criticize the person due to their failure to meet their high standards.

9. Nitpicky

Virgo’s close attention to detail makes them notice things that are sometimes best left unnoticed. Virgo’s can get irritated with the habits of other people, and criticize them. If you chew too loud, if your hair is not cut right, if your skin is too oily, and if you dare to be late, you will hear about it from a Virgo!

10. Detached

Virgo’s do have powerful emotions; however, they do find it challenging to express how they feel. Virgo’s struggle to deal with other people’s feelings, especially when it comes to negative emotions such as anger and sadness. Due to this, they tend to detach themselves from getting emotionally involved, and seem cold and distant, as getting involved can be overwhelming to them.

11. Workaholics

Virgo’s are not hard workers; they are workaholics. A Virgo will not rest until the job or task has been completed, and due to this, they can ignore their emotional, physical, and mental well-being. They have an all work and no play mentality, and they can be moody and highly strung as they never let loose.

12. Overthinkers

Ruled by the planet Mercury, Virgo’s have exceptionally fast and busy minds, however sometimes to their detriment. They can quickly become overwhelmed by their thoughts and constant over-analysis, and they struggle just to let things go when it is not worth worrying about. When a Virgo is obsessing about something, it can take them a long time to get over it.

13. Uptight

Virgo’s are incredibly responsible. They are always thinking of the things that other people tend to overlook, and they carry quite a lot of mental baggage with them. They are always thinking of how things can go wrong, and due to this, they can be apprehensive and controlling. Virgo’s can struggle to just live in the moment and let things be.

14. Self-righteous

Most Virgo’s work very hard, and they do a lot to improve the lives of other people. Virgo’s are entirely aware of how much they do, and they place themselves onto a high pedestal due to this. Many Virgo’s think they are morally superior compared to other people and can have a rather smug, holier-than-thou attitude due to this. 

Virgo Personality

One of the great qualities of Virgo is that they are serious and applied no matter what they do. In addition to being naturally methodical and organized, hating the unexpected, they can sometimes be too perfectionist. A habit that often annoys their colleagues. Virgo tend to be afraid of not being adequate. They lack confidence and hate taking risks.

The natives of Virgo need to feel useful and so they are very helpful. They can very well flourish as mathematicians (logic), computer scientists, physicians, breeders, architects, scientists or accountants.


A Virgo woman is a perceptive, perfectionist and very caring person. She is a smart woman who prefers to analyze and dissect first and foremost. Details are very important to her. All this analysis and these observations help her to make well-thought-out tactical decisions. She’s not a spontaneous person. For her, the keywords are logic and organization.

This characteristic drives her to have a rather pessimistic view of the world in which she lives. She tends to see the negative aspects first rather than the positive ones in each situation. It is a great handicap for her especially on the professional and sentimental level.

A Virgo woman has a real passion for things that are well done. Whether at work or in everyday life, she can be very demanding of herself and her family. Before she starts something, she already has an established plan about how she wants it to happen. And if there is one thing that irritates her, it is rough approximation. Everything must be precise and planned down to the last detail. There is no room for anything unclear or too generic.

If you want to build something with a Virgo woman, you would better have this idea of perfection in mind. You will have to get used to weighing the pros and cons, creating strategies, analyzing, and so on. On a personal level, a Virgo woman is not the kind of woman who loves luxuries. On the contrary, she hates anything extravagant and finds it vulgar. Perfectionist as she is, she would rather save to live better and not miss anything later in life.

The best qualities of a Virgo woman are her efficiency, the fact that she is rational at all times, and her self-discipline. However, she is a very demanding woman, unable to improvise and who always sees the glass as being half empty. Her tendency to always want to control everything is also part of her main shortcomings.


A Virgo man is tender and faithful. Behind his somewhat reserved and shy appearance, the Virgo man has much to offer his partner. He can be full of kind attentions while providing stability and security to his sweetheart. It is likely because he is governed by Mercury, his planet, that he displays this apparent double personality. For a Virgo man, it is not the feelings which express themselves first, but logic. It dictates everything.

In love, a Virgo man always knows what he wants. To get it, he uses his intelligence, he is cautious and rigorous in his approach. His seduction plan is already well defined even before he makes the slightest move. One must, however, admit that for a Virgo man, his lack of spontaneity is his greatest flaw.

A Virgo man is a very calculating person. He tends to analyze and dissect everything. A quality very much appreciated in him, especially to manage finances. The strong points of a Virgo man are his intelligence, his excellent organization and his caring character.

In spite of it all, a Virgo man has some flaws that often irritate his loved ones. He can be too much of a perfectionist. Some find him a little too rigid and clearly lacking spontaneity. Moreover, he is a deeply shy person. A flaw that makes his love life harder.

Virgo Horoscope

Compatibility with Sun Signs

Zodiac signs compatibility


Loyal in friendship, the natives of Virgo get on well with most astrological signs. Their main character trait in friendship is that they are very devoted. Virgo sometimes devote body and soul to their friends and are much more concerned with their problems than their own. In the long run, it makes them suffer inside.

Virgo appreciate their friends to the point of wanting them to be part of their family. Only then will they feel good about themselves. However, they are very demanding and a little selective with their friends. If they feel that one of them does not live up to their expectations, they will also suffer from it.

The natives of Virgo and Aries are good friends. They naturally get along, sharing the same goals. However, it is a friendship that needs to stand the test of time, slowly fading over the years. Similarly, a friendship between Taurus and Virgo will be fragile and both will have to make efforts to nurture it.

With Gemini, Virgo do not have any affinities and do not support the mood swings of Gemini or their whimsical nature. As for them, Gemini will not tolerate the rigidity of Virgo. It is a friendly relationship that is bound to fail.

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