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Zodiac compatibility is one of the most popular sections of astrology. Leo compatibility can be considered a further subcategory of the topic at large. In finding the best match for Leo, various factors are considered. Some of these include zodiac elements and Leo dates. This helps generate a Leo compatibility chart. Strictly according to astrology, a Leo best match can be found in Aries, Gemini, or Libra.

Zodiac Compatibility | Leo Compatibility

Leo love compatibility works with other signs belonging to either air or fire as their element. A Leo in love is the most energetic, caring, and outward person one can ever ask for. Read more about how Leo compatibility works with each sign separately.

Leo and Aries

The Leo and Aries compatibility grows due to the passion and attraction the signs hold for each other. The zodiac love match of this duo is certainly a super sizzling match of the sublime and the sexual. Due to the emotional nature of Leo and Aries, their relationship is full of extremities that can ruin the relationship in an instance or have a trailblazing and frighteningly strong bond of romance and love.

Leo and Taurus

While Taurus is certainly not the most compatible with Leo, trust is one of those factors keeping this thread of a relationship together. Among all factors that include shared interests and emotions, trust is the one in the best position. This is all thanks to the very bold and truthful nature of both Leo and Taurus. Both of these signs tend to be very truthful to their partners or anyone else about everything whatsoever.

Leo and Gemini

Leo and Gemini share a very lighthearted, cheerful relationship. They are always energetic and positive. Gemini is an intellectual and hence, adores Leo’s innovation and determination towards achieving whatever they desire. However, conflict can occur between the two if Gemini finds Leo very authoritative in a relationship or if Leo takes Gemini’s sarcastic or flirty nature too seriously.

Leo and Cancer

When Leo and Cancer are together, they can form a sweep-me-off-my feet type of relationship with each other. On the Zodiac wheel, Leo and Cancer are neighbors, but they have many differences starting from their values and principles of life. The Zodiac compatibility of this couple has a lovely match, where the Leo can offer a regal and luxurious touch to the relationship, while the Cancer can improve o it by adding some homely touches.

Leo and Leo

You better believe a Leo and Leo relationship will have a grand and royal relationship that is filled with lavish gifts and extravagant gestures of affections. There is a strong probability when a Leo dates another Leo they will have a public declaration of love that will be built on a generous amount of social grace. The Leo and Leo couple will have a unique ability to spread joy in their surrounding as they will mostly enjoy each other’s presence outside.

Leo and Virgo

It is not a relationship that you get to see every day. Leo and Virgo are one of those rare combinations where you see a few factors to the best of their potential, taking the relationship forward with all the force they can muster. It is also one of those rare combinations where certain other factors tend to make it living hell for the people involved. However, nothing is permanent, and there is always a way to work around the problems that may be otherwise caused by Leo compatibility with Virgo.

Leo and Libra

On the surface, there is a strong possibility that a Leo and Libra companionship can immediately flourish into a budding romance as they have some qualities that complement each other. Leo with Libra collides the royal with the idealist; they will often build castles in the air with their fluttery and oblivious attractions for each other. Not that they won’t fulfill some blanks of a good relationship, rather the Leo and Libra relationship will always fall short.

Leo and Scorpio

Leo compatibility is always a tricky issue, to begin with. There are some signs that Leo absolutely loves to be paired up with, while others that have no idea how they got so close to a sign that emits so much hate for them. In that mix, there are combinations that exist which are on neither end of the spectrum and pose a somewhat balanced demeanor. This set includes the combination of Leo and Scorpio in the zodiac compatibility family.

Leo and Sagittarius

Hearing the phrase made for each other has become so common these days that one often begins to wonder whether anybody truly means it anymore or not. However, in the case of Leo and Sagittarius in astrology, this is a couple that is wholly and truly the zodiac love match of each other.

Leo and Capricorn

When the zodiac love match, Leo and Capricorn come together, the result is an equally supportive companionship. Leo believes in hard work but yet gets most of the things done through their beauty and social skills. Capricorn prefers the old school of working hard and does everything themselves. Compared to Leo, they are traditional.

Leo and Aquarius

Being fixed signs, both Leo and Aquarius possess independent personalities that have a tremendous amount of personal magnetism. Each sign has the stubborn traits that can make them a bit awry in a relationship. However, their pragmatic qualities make them the best zodiac love matches.

Leo and Pisces

A compatible relationship, between Leo and Pisces, need a lot of compromises and attention because of the zodiac love match between these signs very uneven. Leo with Pisces can become demanding in a way that can irritate the Pisces partner. Leo needs adoration and attention from their partner, Pisces lives in their world and are rather oblivious to this need from their partners.