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About four elements

What are the four elements in astrology? Before all the dust settled and the rivers found their paths, before even mountains had formed, the earth harbored these four elements, as astrology answers, that continue to form the basis of ancient and modern astrology information. Occurring commonly and aiding the human being since his very inception, these are earth, water, fire, and air. Earth is a broader term in this context and generally is presumed to be the soil, or rocks on the face of Earth.

Time always tends to favor nature, as can be observed in many examples of how the world is shaping out to be. Similarly, these four elements tend to have their mutual understanding amongst each other. Just as nature would have it, water tends to go well with earth, while fire favors air. Looking at it from a scientific perspective too, it can be proven how water helps plants grow while fire stays nonexistent without oxygen, or air, thus giving the four elements natural credibility. We intend to learn deeply about the four elements meaning, what precisely they mean and how astrology answers the questions put forward regarding these.

Zodiac Elements

Zodiac elements in astrology have this association with each star sign that enables them to acquire certain properties or attributes. They offer answers regarding personality, character, compatibility with others, and bring a fresh perspective into modern astrology.

Taking the argument deeper, these four elements in astrology, aptly representing the zodiac signs tend to work together, in varying capacities, to form the structure of how life for a person will work out. However, it is easy to admit that the most important role to play in someone’s natal chart is the element of earth, as it does in nature too.

In come the planets, as astrology answers

In order to explain the four elements in astrology, lastly, before we take the discussion to individual elements and how they tend to have an effect on astrology, one should understand how important the role of the 4 elements is in a Natal Chart. Problems do arise in such situations, for instance, not being able to spot a single planet in one of the elements. This problem signifies that a person is unable to spiritually connect with a certain element and thus may miss out on the attributes it offers. However, it is usually a rare case, and one can find many planets corroborating with each of the four elements symbols in their natal charts.

Air element
Air Element

Having a strong association with liberation and freedom, the air element embodies all personality traits that resound autonomy and liberty. With its first impression, air element does indeed look less relevant in front of the grandiose fire, or earth, which each harbor the unique 4 elements symbols, however, with its clear and often-underestimated properties, air proves time and again how it is vital for the very survival of otherwise powerful elements like fire. Air aims to bring one’s soul in contact with the deeper knowledge by expanding it to its full potential, knowing no bounds.

Air Signs

Representing the element of air are three zodiac signs, namely Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius. It is often noticed that people born into these signs have the natural aura of the element of air around them. This involves having a free and independent thought process, and certain individuality about them. The individuality subsequently brings about the habits that help the ones belonging to these signs care less and less about the outside opinion.

With a hard time trying to set into their environment, people belonging to Libra, Gemini or Aquarius may end up not worrying at all about what the world thinks about them. This leads them towards a life free of tension and intervention where they can work on their ideas and thoughts independently. Just like air, the people of these signs not only appreciate but embody independence.

Keynotes for the Airy people

As is natural for many of the signs supported by air, freedom and a desire to rise to the top is common. Going to great lengths to maintain this is a clear indication of someone who associates with air out of the four elements. But with this comes the added burden of maintaining all the high-end life, often at the cost of the actual liberating ideas. This is why it is imperative for people of the element air to keep themselves in check, apart from the four elements, so their true purpose in life does not get sidetracked.

Another feature typically found in people identifying with air is a certain tendency to be lazy and apathetic at times. This, once again, leads to their main aims of getting sidetracked. In an interesting analogy, this is just like air, which tends to blow without warning and in any direction. The real challenge for these people is to stay true to themselves all the while.

Fire element
Fire Element

Of primal importance in astrology, information is the sun, with all the zodiac signs and the elements first being enlisted under its influence. Often credited as coming directly from the sun, the element of fire holds importance like none other out of the four. It brings with it certain energy that no other element can boast of. While all of the other elements talk of calmness, building, harmony and the likes, fire tends to favor a little different route.

With that being said, fire also incorporates a certain sense of power and control over everything as it threatens to burn anything that comes in its path. Its vulnerability, however, is also clearly visible as, without air, it fails to function. This not just shows how the laws of nature are fair in their operation of the four elements but also that no particular element is ultimately superior to the rest. The same goes for people who identify with the stars that these elements represent.

Fire Signs

The signs that truly embody the spirit of fire are Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo. Of Leo, it might have been easier even to guess the association given the lion’s rage and energy commanding fear in its territory being similar in symbolism to how fire commands fear in the hearts of its enemies. All the signs tend to serve themselves the best because of the nature of the fire element. However, out of all the signs, Sagittarius is perhaps the most giving, or caring. A Sagittarius is expected to be charitable and generous. This is owing to the fact that the sign lies at the very end of the fire trine.

While on the one hand, these signs show a great affliction towards the use of force in achieving their goals, they are also known to harbor compassion and a helping heart for the needy. However, this attitude sometimes transgresses so much that these very people end up entertaining those people with compassion who were not needy at all. Such incidents also tend to have an adverse impact on the nurturing side of the people of the fire element, instilling in them the fury that is characteristic of them, as compared to people belonging to the rest of the four elements.

How to keep the fire under control

People with fire as their element, as has been discussed above, do tend to be a little more aggressive and direct in their approach as compared to people identifying with the rest of the elements. However, to counter this, these people need to stay in touch with their emotional side. A small suggestion is a therapy, as it can help the people discover wonders by tapping into a world virtually unexplored by the fiery people because of how they have been operating so far.

Water element
Water Element

Water is one of those elements that command a certain respect. With their special aura, one can’t place the people identifying with water either in the authoritative or the submissive group. This is because of the easygoing and adaptability that water element brings with it. Just like air has a multitude of directions it can go in and inspires creativity in that pretext, water can take up the shape of anything it is contained in, and can leak out through the smallest of orifice, making it an element with great adaptation qualities as well as giving it a unique feature of being free as soon as it gets a chance.

Water Signs

The primary signs that identify with water element are Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio. True to their self and the element that they represent, the people of water are the biggest advocates of love and peace. The calm demeanor and delicate outlook with which they handle matters of huge fragility is what makes them perfect candidates of counselors, advisors, and therapists, contributing to a peaceful world where everyone thinks with a cool head.

Secondly, the greatest tool that the people representing water out of the four elements possess is that of love. This commands a certain level of supremacy, although never definite, over the other elements as gelling between people and spreading the message of love has historically seen people earn great influence and power.

Coordination and cooperation as the right tool for water

As clearly evident, water is an endless entity, like the sea or the ocean, and finding guidance in it may seem like an impossible task if one has no directions all around. Collaboration with fire in this situation can best guide a person as the fire tends to act as a guidance point or a check post to which one may move. This also symbolizes how the people of fire and water can work together even when the rules of nature clearly state that only one of the two may survive at a particular place.

Earth element
Earth Element

Being the mother, earth forms the basis for all elements. Although it can be just as easily argued that earth can’t survive without water, the counter-argument easily states that water loses its purpose without an earth. In astronomical terms, earth forming the basis of everything can be translated to it being the materialization behind all of one’s desires. Unmovable and rigid are two words that could define the earth element to some extent, and rightly so, because of how earth-element people tend to be in their general behavior.

Although the outside cover is that of a nurturing entity, earth in its true sense is indeed Mother Nature, which wins in the end, despite all circumstances. When looking at someone’s natal chart, it should be a priority to try and locate earth, since a natal chart missing that would mean the person finding trouble in keeping a steady foot in life to the place they were born in or even to the cause that is close to their heart.

Earth Signs

Earth element signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are the ones that directly link with earth out of the four elements. With these signs in place, it is always safe to assume that the product would be owning strict materialistic thoughts and decisive, concrete skills. In a way, this is very good at staying with one side throughout a conflict has been the way the world has always worked.

Just like how nature has been unchanged for all the centuries the world has existed, the people identifying with earth, tend to be uniform in their habits. This uniformity, while it makes them predictable in their actions, also snubs some of the people’s creativity in exchange for the routine that is not released.

Relation with other elements

The only thing that any earth person would need to be able to have a better footing at life would be to stop questioning the decisions they have already made, break out of the cycle of monotony, and perhaps be a little like the element of air, which tends to seek out newer avenues every day. Randomly breaking into a dance, or sipping coffee while pondering on what different to do next could help an earthling out more than he could ever imagine! Read more about Earth Element.