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Winter Solstice is our ‘Natural New Year’. What happens on this day hosts anchor themes that will unfold over the course of the coming year. While it even hosts a spiritual theme, this is especially true this year. Winter Solstice 2020 was historic due to the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 0 Aquarius. Also, since it marks not just a 1-year cycle and not just a 20-year Jupiter-Saturn cycle, but a 220-year era of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in Air Element sign, reviewing it now as 2021 begins and even revisiting it as the year progresses and beyond remains relevant. It is a chart astrologers may turn to over the years to re-examine the seed chart of that now historic and era-initiating cycle. See the chart attached to examine its contents yourself.

Historic Winter Solstice 2020 Chart

Michael O'Connor

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