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2022 July's Full Buck Moon in Capricorn

2022 July’s Full Buck Moon in Capricorn

Cancer season has taken a slower pace this month as this is the season to connect to your roots and ancestry and think of home and family. There is a Full Buck Moon in Capricorn on July 13 this month. Full moons are all about releasing energy and letting it all go to open space for something new. This is a moment for change, saying goodbye to allow fresh energy in. An ending that brings forth a new beginning. 

What Is The Significance of The Buck Moon?

The Buck Full Moon is a very special time in nature as it is seen as an initiation period for all male deer to grow into their new antlers. Each year the deer sheds its antlers and then grows them back.

Every new pair of antlers are larger and more impressive. It is a sign of the deer’s maturity and a new phase of being. He gets to shed his skin and become a new, more impressive version of himself. Take this as a metaphor for your own life and remember this lesson over the Full Moon in Capricorn.

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Ask yourself what parts of yourself can you shed to welcome in something more beautiful and renewed within yourself? What can you let go of to make yourself stronger in its absence? Meditate on this question over the next few days and notice what comes up for you.

What Is The Significance of The Capricorn Full Moon?

Capricorn is the Zodiac sign of ambition, respect, karma, responsibility and authority. This is the perfect time to take inventory and to see how far you have come with the resolutions you have made for yourself in the New Year.

Are you reaching your full potential? Are you making the moves to help yourself grow into what you aspire to be?

How far are you from achieving your long-term goals? Are you putting in enough work to see a fruitful outcome? Can you make any changes to help yourself progress even quicker?

Are you happy with the progress you have made? This is the time for course correction, to be honest about your progress and to tweak the areas in which you think you need to put in more work.

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Just remember that we are still in Cancer season and it is important to give yourself the rest you need to be able to follow your dreams. It is quite normal to feel tired and low on energy for the next few days.

Try to find the balance between giving to the world of your gifts and talents but also giving to yourself through rest and recuperation. Relaxation is just as important as achievement.

Keep reading to see what you can expect from your sign over this Full Moon in Capricorn this week.


You are a boss, Aries. This Capricorn Full Moon will be landing directly in your 10th house of career, ambition, reputation and legacy. Your energy is going to be very directed to your career at this time and how you can get closer to your goals. All your hard work is paying off and it is time for you to get the recognition you deserve.

Establish yourself in the world and be excited about where you have landed. You deserve this success because you have got here with hard work, determination, and skill. You can appreciate all of your hard work and celebrate the position you have landed yourself in. This hasn’t been down to just luck, you have worked hard and this is why you are getting this al recognition.

Just remember where you came from and don’t let your success get to your head. T is important that you stay humble and give recognition to those who have helped you on the way to the top.

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You can be quite stubborn at times, Taurus which can really make you a little closed-minded at times. This Full Moon in Capricorn is asking for you, to think about the bigger picture and you can allow greater expansion in your life. Allow yourself to grow a little.

What an excellent time to dive into studying something that you’ve been itching to know more about so you can share this knowledge with others! You are a lot wiser and more philosophical than you might get credit for, so it is time for you to spread your wisdom with the world. Spread your wings and fly, don’t get so stuck in your routine that you don’t allow yourself to live.

There can be a sense of restlessness as if there is more that you’re capable of doing but for some reason, you’re simply not living up to your potential. Go with this feeling and let it motivate you to do more! You are capable of more than you could ever realize. The sky is your only limit now. You can take this Full Moon in Capricorn energy and declare that this is your time to live largely and be the master of your destiny. Get out of your comfort zone and explore!


Intensity is the name of the game with this Full Moon, Gemini. Hang onto your seats because it is about to get wild. Something inside of you is desperate to be unleashed. Stop being afraid to show this side of yourself because you are blocking yourself from living authentically! Live for you, and only you.

Go ahead and follow this inner urge to unleash your ferocity and fierceness. You have been giving away too much of your power for far too long and allowing others too much access to your magic. It is time to reign it back in and to focus that energy solely on yourself and who you are. You need better boundaries so that people will stop walking over you and just taking away from you every chance you let them. This will only grind away at you, and this is no good.

This culminating of energy in Capricorn can mean that you are finding it hard to sleep lately. Make sure to take time to unwind and get calm before lying down to rest! It is important that you process and release whatever it is you are going through. If you’re feeling tired, don’t fight it. Embrace the rest and slumber. Release and let go should be your motto over the next few days.


This Full Moon is all about your significant relationships, Cancer. Without a doubt, it is going to be quite a wild ride for you and might bring up some issues you and your partner need to figure out. Relationships are never easy and the Full Moon is just going to illuminate what isn’t working in your life any longer. It is time for you to make a major change. During this Full Moon, you can expect to feel a shift within you when it comes to how you view your one-on-one relationships and evaluate your role in them.

Are your needs being met? Are you happy and content? And are you looking for happiness outside of yourself? Do you expect your partner to be the source of your happiness? Or could your relationship do with some improvement? These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself now.

Perhaps you want your partner to take greater control in the relationship because it feels like you are always making the decisions? It can get tiring always being the one who initiates things in the relationships. So, figure things out and see if you can come to a solution with your partner.


Your everyday work life and routines may be in for a shakeup at this time, Leo! Capricorn Full Moon is forcing you to put your head down and the hours to make your deadlines at work. This is going to be a busy, but productive time for you. With a little bit of effort, you get one step closer to your goals, so all those good times might need to wait.

You like spontaneity and fun, but this may be a time when you find that more energy should be paid to the mundane and boring parts of life! There is nothing wrong with this, though as you realize that sometimes sacrifices need to be made to ensure the greater good.

This Full Moon in Capricorn should help to ground you and give you a greater appreciation for when you experience pleasure and joy. It is good to have this contrast to make you aware of how good you actually have it in your life. Hard work makes the sweeter part of life a lot sweeter. You might also want to spend this energy on cleaning up your act and going on a bit of health kick over the next few days. Perhaps you have been indulging a bit too much recently and it is time to give your body a break.


It’s your nature to work and be productive, but I have some exciting news for you, Virgo! You get to let your hair down during this Full Moon. Have some fun! This is a time for you to relax a little and allow yourself a moment of indulgence! Turn your laptop off and start enjoying life in the present moment. You need to remind yourself to let go and relax. Life isn’t always an uphill battle.

You deserve to enjoy your life just as much as everyone else. Or maybe you want to have fun but the looming thought of responsibility is hanging like a cloud over your head. Just let that guilt go because it really isn’t supporting you in any way. It is only causing you stress and anxiety. It’s time to release and be in the moment. Allow yourself a moment to breathe and enjoy. The sun is shining and the birds are singing.It is important for you to remind yourself how young you are and that you too deserve to have fun. Meet up with some friends and have a good old time, it is the summer season after all!.

Life isn’t so serious and you need to have fun if you want to stay young forever. Do some healing on yourself and the needs you had as a child that was never fulfilled. Take responsibility for your own healing and recognize that you have the power to make the greatest change in your life. No one else is going to do this for you. If you felt neglected as a child, then realize that you can heal yourself now as an adult. There are always opportunities to change so take your own hand and guide yourself where you want to be.


With t

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ll Moon in Capricorn, you may be experiencing some changes at home. The energy might be up and down at this moment with the restlessness of the Full Moon. This is an opportunity for everyone to figure out where their pain is and how to move through it with grace and harmony. You could get the urge to physically move locations and make a huge change in your living situation. Whatever isn’t working for you, needs to be ironed out.

Issues with your parents might come up, or painful memories from your past might come to the surface as the Full Moon illuminates any issues that you might be hiding. It is a shakeup that you need to feel whole. Get in contact with your parents. Perhaps you pay them a visit or finally give them a call if you’re estranged. It is time to make peace and to recognize that they too have their own pains they are carrying and that they likely only tried their best. No one is perfect and life is better when there is forgiveness in the picture.

Libra, you should consider your home environment and also opt to stay home in general at this time. It would be good for you to be a little reclusive and to spend some one-on-one time with yourself. Do some reflection and see what it is you need from yourself at this moment. You often focus too much of your energy on others, it is time that you give that energy back to yourself.


There is a lot on your mind during this Full Moon. It is driving your head wild with ideas and things you need to share with the world. You’ve got something to say, Scorpio, and this may be leaving you feeling odd because you aren’t usually one who is open to sharing all of your thoughts with the world!

You are generally private and like to keep your most controversial thoughts to yourself because you know you have the potential to shock people. This is strange energy and might make you feel a little uncomfortable to be so open. But you need to speak your mind! Consider breaking through your shell somewhat, connecting with others through conversation, and being okay with opening up to others. Give yourself the opportunity to be vulnerable. You might learn a lot about yourself through this process and what is life without learning?. Talk about your inner fears, dreams, and desires out loud.

You love learning new things or uncovering secrets that have been hiding, even in the depths of your own psyche. You might just find a hidden nugget or piece of gossip that transforms you, or gives you the insight to make an important move. Consider giving your hand at writing. It is good to get your feelings out there and writing can be very therapeutic so get your journal out and start writing. It can help you sort through whatever it is you are feeling about something. Sometimes it is all the therapy you actually need.


Lucky Sagittarius, this Full Moon is here to bless you with the gifts of the Earth such as money or adding to your material wealth. Your physical world is about to get a boost from the Universe. You could find yourself feeling quite attached to material items or perhaps reevaluating your philosophy on material goods and what you need in order to feel successful or like you have made it.

What do you really value? And do you feel valued by the institutions you find yourself in? Do you feel like you are being paid your worth? Or is there room for improvement? Are you comfortable with asking more? What does success look like to you? Ask these questions to help you process what is going on.

This is a great time to redo your budget or at least look over where your resources are going. Sagittarians rarely want for anything, but it’s still a good idea to know where and to whom your money is flowing out because there are times when you can be a little too indulgent and not very careful with your finances. Try to be a bit more sensible over the next week or so. Make sure your spending aligns with your heart’s desires and that you are saving for the things you want in the future. It is pointless wasting your money on things you don’t really need. This is a great time to share the wealth you have and donate to charity as well. Live abundantly and help those who need your help the most.


This energy of the Full Moon in your sign of Capricorn is all about you! The spotlight is shining on your life and no one is more blessed than you are at this moment. How lucky are you? It is your time to shine! This energy is all about making your wishes come true and believing in your worth. You have the power right now, and you can mold and direct its uses inward or outward if you choose to. It’s a time to embody and truly be the authority you were born to be. This is your destiny as well as your responsibility. No one else can be you, and that is your magic.

You may feel awkward making it all about you and your own inner work since much of the time you focus energy on your status within the world. But sometimes it is good to reflect inwards. Things on the outside aren’t as important as on the inside, it might be a good time for you to reflect upon this. Despite this, you are going to need to fill your own cup before you can pour it back out into the world. Figure out what you need to feel joyful, fulfilled, and like you have meaning. You have so much potential to make your dreams come true, but it really depends on you and what you make of your life. And you can make things positive or negative, it all depends on you! You can shapeshift into whoever you hope to be in your life.

The world is your oyster and every possibility is yours. You can come off as highly authoritative at this time and others will take you seriously if you choose to take advantage of the energy right now. Capricorn energy is all around right now. Big moves are possible if you just trust in yourself and your authority and know that you deserve your position in the sun.

Be your own master and know what is right for you in the path you are paving for yourself. You have the potential to be literally whoever you desire to be so don’t let anything hold you back. Let this Full Moon in Capricorn guide you to be the most amazing and authentic version of yourself. Your future is looking extremely bright, all you need to do is chase your dreams and become who you are meant to be. You are divinely guided right now, everything you do is special. Don’t waste your potential.


This Full Moon in Capricorn is a time for rest and reflection for you. Take a deep breath every chance you get. This is a time of intense introspection, Aquarius. Ponder deeply on your choices. You need to allow yourself a moment of silence to really piece the parts of the puzzle together. And unfortunately, you need to go at this alone, no one can hold your hand through this process. It is up to you, baby!

You might be having the loneliest time in the Zodiac at this point because even though you have many friends, they feel far away somehow. Like you are forced into seclusion and isolation. This may feel quite strange to you. However, it is necessary for your growth. You are a lot more introverted than usual and understand that this time is meant for figuring out how to heal from all the pains of the world as well as your past.

You need to release whatever is hurting your soul more so than anyone else right now. Let go of the baggage and live up to your potential. I encourage you to let go of what is hard to leave right now. It will mean that there is space for something great to enter your life to help you thrive and achieve whatever it is you desire. You find yourself feeling trapped or like you can’t move from one spot right now as well. Instead of resisting this feeling, go with it and let it guide you to the crevices of your unconscious that may feel uncomfortable and messy. This is what you need to break through!

You are, however, feeling freely imaginative and you can use the power of your mind to make plans for when you’re in a better position to make a move. Dream about how you would like your future to look. There is no better time to do this than right now.


Your good nature and kind heart are finally being recognized at this time, dearest Pisces. Sharing is caring over this Full Moon. Show the world what you want to share with it. You deserve all the blessings that could be coming to you around this time! You’re feeling like the world is finally seeing the gifts you have to offer and you are immensely grateful for everything you have. It is the best feeling being so grateful and so full of wonder for the Universe. Life is truly wonderful right now. You are blessed beyond words and all you can think is “thank you.”

This is a time when you could be connecting with others and finding meaning in your friendships and community. Often a loner type, this is a different feeling for you as you yearn for connection with others. However, whatever community you’re a part of is going to be accepting you with open arms and listening to the unique flavor you have to share. You’re an amazing person, don’t forget this. This is a wonderful time to join clubs as well since the people you meet could well change your life. Every new meeting is an opportunity to attract something greater into your life.

Pisces you should consider what they can give back to the world at this time and be willing to accept how others can give back to you! Life should be all about finding the balance between giving and receiving. Often you make the mistake of giving too much, Pisces. Don’t let others walk all over you and use your kindness. Let the Universe shine its blessings upon you now.

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