June 23, 2024
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Your Guardian Angel

9 Easy Ways to Meet and Know Your Guardian Angel

Your guardian angel is your spiritual protector. They are there for us since the time of our birth to death. There are many different beliefs regarding guardian angels. Some believe each individual is assigned to one guardian angel; however, some believe there are two angels, one for the day and one for the night.

The step to meet your guardian angel is very important for your spiritual growth. They care for all your wants, needs, and desires. Let’s find out how to connect with your guardian angel.

1. Acquire knowledge of guardian angels

You might not know how important it is to know your guardian angel. Before connecting with them, you may want to know what powers your guardian angel possesses. Similarly, one may want to connect with a specific angel. If you want to connect with an angel, you must not overlook any signs. Pick up any number or name you start seeing often. Individuals often believe their deceased loved one is their guardian angel. Therefore, if you want to connect with them, you must think about them with a positive mindset.

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2. Have the intention to connect

No method will work for you if you do not have the intention to connect with your guardian angel. You must believe that you can establish communication with them through some means. A clear and positive mindset will help you achieve your goal. Ensure that you are in a peaceful place, and you are well relaxed. You can close your eyes and believe that you are in a room filled with white light. Then imagine this light floating in your body and lifting your spirits. Then you can imagine yourself sitting across your guardian angel. You can ask them a question to begin a conversation. Ensure that you are welcoming to their response.

3. Summon your guardian angel

It might be difficult for one to meet their guardian angel. You can summon your guardian angel as well. This is one of the easiest ways to meet your angel. To summon your guardian angel, know that you must have the right intention. Start off by sitting in a peaceful environment. You must then make a prayer with good intention in your heart. You must be fully concentrated when you are praying. In your prayer, you can directly address your guardian angel and ask for communication with them.

4. Inquire from a religious leader

Sometimes it is essential that you can get to know more about your angel by getting help from a professional. You can contact your local religious leader and ask for their help to educate you about guardian angels. They can guide you to your right angels. Even if you don’t believe in religion, you can go to any place that strikes you. As religion is spiritual, and so are angels this might e an easy path to connect with them. When an angel sees your efforts, they work to communicate with you too.

5. Make an altar

You can create an altar to connect with your guardian angel. Designate a space that reminds you of your guardian angel. Your altar must be themed. You can put a few key things such as candles, scents, pictures, herbs, or anything there that reminds you of your guardian angel. You must bless your altar with a prayer and visit a few times during the day. An altar also helps you grow spiritually and takes care of your mental health.

6. Use a special prayer

You can use a specific prayer to call upon your angel. If you want to communicate with a well-known angel, you can call them through their specific prayer. However, if your angel is unknown, then you might want to consider making your prayer. Start, by addressing your angel, acknowledges your guardian angel’s powers. Once you are done, you can close your prayer. Ensure that when you are making a prayer, you must channel all your positive energy to the prayer and have hope that your prayer will be answered.

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7. Pay heed to your instincts

It is almost necessary that you must have faith that your guardian angel is by your side watching over you. If you have to decide on the spot and you don’t have the time to connect with your angel through other means, then listening to your gut instinct might be the best option for you. Whatever comes to your mind when you ask yourself a question is a guidance from your guardian angel. You can also list down your experience so that you remember it for the next time.

8. Try Meditation

Meditating might be the best way one can achieve contact with their guardian angel.  Find a peaceful place where you can meditate. Then light a candle and place it in front of you or you can light the candle at your altar. You can also listen to nature sounds that help you focus more. Ensure that you are comfortable while meditating as you will have to maintain the same position for long. Focus on your breathing movements. Start a conversation with your angel. Wait for any subtle hint that you receive as a reply.

9. Using the mirror to see your guardian angel

It is believed that it is difficult to look at your guardian angel directly with your naked eye. However, it is easier to see your guardian angel in a mirror.  Therefore, you can call upon your angel by meditation or prayer in front of a mirror. Ensure that you are sitting in a relaxed position a few feet from your mirror. Once, you believe you have summoned your angel; you can gradually open your eyes. Once, you have opened your eyes, you will be able to view your angel beside you.

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