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Annual Profections

Annual Profections: The Theme Of Your Year

Annual profections is a fantastic Time Lord technique used in Astrology. It is a tool that can show you what themes you might go through in a year based on your age. However, this article is here to show you what you might expect from each profection age. Keep reading to find out what is in store for you this year. Please first read our article explaining how to figure out your Profection age.

1st House Profection Year

Your first house profection year deals with all aspects of yourself and who you are as an individual. As the year progresses, themes related to your personal beliefs, identity, personality, self-image, and overall self will surface. This is a fabulous year to figure out who you are and what you want from life. You can really get to know yourself this year. The year might present you with the opportunity to experience changes both internally and externally, for example, you may decide to take a fresh look at what is most important in life or perhaps become more health conscious. You are able to improve in numerous ways this year. Many other matters in life can be linked to your first house year, including your career and love. Consequently, it is an important reminder that when you change yourself, everything else in your life will also change as well.

2nd House Profection Year

As the second house represents values, finances, and ownership it is likely that during the second house profection year, all of the themes based on this house will be brought into greater focus and attention. You may notice the way you handle your finances may shift as there is a possibility that how you make money changes. This can influence how spend or save your money. You may have to learn how to work within a budget or you may see a windfall come your way. You may also see your values change and this can influence the relationship you have with yourself as well as others. You may no longer be willing to allow certain treatment from others. Additionally, you spend more time in second house profection years focused on what you value in yourself and what others value in you. This means that when it comes to relationships, you tend to make more emotional rather than logical decisions over this year.

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3rd House Profection Year

It is in your third house profection year that you become more aware of the importance of communication in all forms. Big lessons in self-expression and having your voice heard may come up in this profected year. As well as exploring communication, conversations, and even the written word more deeply, you are encouraged to tap into your own thoughts and feelings. You may become hyper-aware of the way you speak to yourself and what is going on in your inner monologue. Writing and publishing are common activities in the third year profection – it will become more important for you to have your voice heard so it is very possible that your presence on social media may play a greater role in your life this year. During this year, short-distance travel, familial relationships, and learning also become important themes. It is a great time to add to your set of skills. Being in a third house year represents a time when you are working on your inner dialogue with yourself, which in many ways has an impact on the relationships that you have with other people as well.

4th House Profection Year

All year long, themes relating to the home and family will be emphasized in the fourth house profection year. You will be spending a lot of time thinking about your home and/or family. As well as ancestral healing and processing, the fourth house focuses on your own childhood so that you can progress further in your life and perhaps come to understand certain patterns that have informed who you are now as a person. A major part of your focus will also be devoted to the physical home that you live in during this year. Many people move, build additions to their homes, or expand their existing homes during their fourth years, often because of the expansion of their families like when a new child is born or perhaps the first time you move out and live with a housemate. You can also gain a better sense of who you are and formulate a life path that feels authentic to you during the fourth proficiency year by returning to your roots and becoming deeply intimate with your past, ancestry, and lineage that has been left before you.

5th House Profection Year

You are more likely to be passionate about topics such as marriage, joy, children, pleasure, and creativity when you are in your fifth year profection. Romance, children, and pregnancy are often associated with the fifth house and these themes may become quite prevalent this year. It is possible, if you don’t want to make children your focus, that you will find other ways in which children become more central to your life, or that you will rediscover the joy you once had as a child. It is a great time for you to connect to your inner child! Since the fifth house represents fun, happiness, and pleasure, it is likely that many of these themes will take place during this year. It may seem like the fifth house is all fun and games, but it can also challenge your inner self-expression, and you may also need to step into your personal power in a new way during this year. Your unique stamp on the world is getting ready to emerge.

6th House Profection Year

Profection years in the sixth house focus on your health and daily habits. The sixth house represents the idea that your life is built one step at a time. What you do each day is what creates your life in the long run. Every little thing you do today will impact how your life plays out tomorrow. Health, routines, and daily habits are the focus of the sixth perfection year. In this year, you are encouraged to work hard for what you want. While these years can sometimes seem like nothing but work, they are also a reminder that joy is always available if you allow it. It is almost like you need to cultivate space for fun and enjoyment this year. The sixth year is a time for greater wellness routines, for returning to your physical, mental, and emotional health, and for laying the foundation for a life that you will enjoy for years to come.

7th House Profection Year

Intimate relationships and romantic endeavors are governed by the seventh house. There is often a strong focus on these themes during the seventh perfection year, which often leads to a committed relationship or marriage. However, it can also simply be used as a way to try and deal with the aspects of a partnership more generally throughout your life as a whole. This could mean in business and even often in friendship. As an example of this you may be focusing on or giving more energy to a business partnership or simply partnering with another in any capacity in order to help reduce the amount of work you have to do on your own. It is often said that the seventh house is very important to your romantic relationships, but it can also be a time to be grateful for the benefits that others can bring to your life, as it is always better to be together than on your own.

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8th House Profection Year

The eighth house is the house of birth, death, and transformation. This does not always indicate that physical death has taken place but rather is representative of the symbolism of some rising up from the ashes to be reborn again. The eight perfection years are a time to allow the parts of yourself and your life that are no longer aligned with your truth to be released. From the ashes of whatever you burned, you can be reborn and change various aspects of your life for the better. If you are in your eighth perfection year, you may be focused on money, either through inheritance, a loan or greater abundance from a romantic partner. During this time, you may desire a deeper connection with someone you are in a relationship with. However, to protect what you are trying to build during this time, boundaries are important, both physical, emotional, and financial.

9th House Profection Year

Travel is the theme of the ninth house profection year! International travel, higher learning, adventure, and even luck are associated with this house. During your ninth year profection, you are going to be challenged to explore outside of your comfort zone and take new risks to open yourself up to the world. In search of greater meaning in life, spirituality and astrology can also play a significant role in your year. You want to understand yourself and the world more meaningfully. Profection years in the ninth house help open you up to a new way of living that can help improve your life by showing you that there is no better method of learning than through experience and immersing yourself in something new.

10th House Profection Year

Careers and public image are the focus of the tenth house, so these years tend to be more professional and focused on your reputation. It is possible that you will change your work type altogether or take on a new career position in your tenth profection year. During these years, you also tend to gain greater fame or fortune from past career moves since you are finally recognized for your past efforts. It is also during the tenth profection year that you can focus more on your purpose. Life’s calling goes beyond career and connects to what your soul is meant to experience in this lifetime. During the tenth year, you are looking for accomplishments through what you do as your figure out what success means to you.

11th House Profection Year

Your friendships and social circles become more important during your 11th perfection year. During the eleventh profection year, you should invest more in the people around you and those people who speak to your soul. Taking your friendships to a deeper level may allow you to feel more like family or even actively seek out others who are more like-minded. Many gatherings or holidays will be celebrated with friends and family during this time. You will also feel a reconnection to this part of yourself during this time, so that you can think big and lean on those around you for support to make your dreams come true. This is a year of hope and allowing your dreams to unfold.

12th House Profection Year

It is common for solitude to become more important during the 12th profection year. It is a year that draws you more inward into quiet contemplation, reflection, and ultimately renewal since it governs the hidden, subconscious and unconscious. Here you can assess your life and make adjustments as needed. Additionally, you tend to heal deeper here as you are able to connect many dots and make important connections that help you recognize patterns and cycles in your life. During your 12th perfection year, you should always put yourself first through rest, rejuvenation, and even taking time to participate in a retreat or simply relax on your own. This is where you catch your breath for the twelve-year cycle ahead. This year is all about letting go and allowing healing to come in your being.

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