June 16, 2024
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Astrology for Millennials Saturn trine Pluto

Astrology for Millennials: Saturn trine Pluto

Generational categories like ‘Baby Boomer’, ‘Gen X’, ‘Millennial’ or ‘Zoomer’ are indicated by the astrological placement of Pluto in the birth chart. For the last several decades, Pluto has typically spent around fifteen years in each sign of the zodiac, imprinting each generation of people with a certain shared quality at the soul level.

The placement of Pluto in the birth chart reveals the nature of the most primordial instincts and response patterns. In this way, Pluto is a key factor in how we experience meaning in our lives. Life does not happen “objectively”. There is no concrete set of facts which exists a priori outside of the mind. No situation is objectively “good” nor objectively “bad”. Life is what you make of it. The events of your life are determined by the attitude with which you face them.

Some of this attitude is informed by your ambitions (the astrological Sun), your emotional temperament (your Moon), your style of analysis (Mercury), and other factors which are indicated by planets in the natal chart. But Pluto indicates something deeper about your attitude— namely, your Soul’s values, disposition and wishes for this incarnation. Pluto reveals the assumptions you have about “the way it is” that are so deep within you that you may not even be aware of them at all.

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Pluto In Scorpio

Because Pluto moves so slowly, generations experience aspects to natal Pluto collectively. Transiting planets in aspect to Pluto catalyze transformation in an entire generation within the same time period, and this may or may note correspond to global or collective events on the physical level. Those born with Pluto placed early in the sign will go through the transit more acutely first, and those born with Pluto at the very end of the sign will undergo the transformation approximately 15 years later.

The cosmic influence indicated by the transiting planet will test each individual on the level of his Soul’s attitude within the sphere of activity indicated by the natal house.

Meaning for Millennials

Pluto entered Scorpio in late 1983 and remained in this sign through 1995. The Pluto in Scorpio generation has been dubbed “Millennials” because they came of age around the turn of the Millennium.

A Saturn transit brings the influence of stability, tenacity, conservatism, self-reliance, practicality and focus into our lives. In the sphere of activity related to any planet touched by Saturn, we will go through experiences which prompt us to create sturdier foundations, work hard, “get real” and take personal responsibility and accountability for the effects we create.

Saturn entered Pisces in March of 2023 and will not leave this sign until August of 2025. At some point during this two year period, all Millennials are experiencing a trine between transiting Saturn and natal Pluto. This Saturnian influence becomes more intense as the aspect to natal Pluto becomes more exact. Millennials born closer to 1983 will experience this aspect earlier, while Millennials born in the mid-nineties will experience this later. Currently, in 2024, Saturn is exactly halfway through Pisces, meaning that this trine is most powerfully directly affecting those born in the late eighties and early nineties.

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Saturn Trine Pluto

As Saturn comes into trine with natal Pluto, millennials are discovering deep reserves of tenacity and endurance. Pluto is a source of intense and primordial power, like a smoldering volcano, and it is coming into harmonious balance with the capacity to work hard toward precisely defined goals. Therefore, Millennials are now capable of great dedication, loyalty and concentrated effort to achieve their goals. This concentration may border on obsessive and even ruthless at times, as the power which is now available to make dreams a reality may produce a determination so powerful in the individual that he no longer cares about having the support of others. This can be a good or a bad thing, depending on the cause you are fighting for and the lengths you are willing to go to win.

As the lord of the Underworld, Pluto rules over the more primitive, destructive and psychologically complex emotions of the individual. At this time, Millennials may have an easier time facing and owning their passions, shadows, and hunger for power without feeling guilty, frightened, ashamed or alarmed. Indeed, many will realize that these often repressed qualities can be tremendous inner resources if they are transmuted, sublimated or alchemized to serve a higher purpose.

Destiny’s Path of Millennials: Acceptance and Accountability

As they let go of the fear of aggressive tendencies— both in themselves and in others— Millennials will find they can move steadily toward what they desire with patience, commitment and a capacity to overcome any obstacle. This deep and subtle balancing occurring at unconscious levels reflects a process of each individual coming to terms with the pattern of his own destiny, the essential separate-ness and loneliness of personal accountability, and the forces in life with which we must cooperate in order to survive. Under this transit, people often find they are able to let go of regrets, adopt a humbler approach or attitude, or freely accept responsibility without resentment, avoidance, guilt or blame.

Learning from Life’s Hidden Lessons

The natal house in which Pluto is placed will indicate what sphere of life we have had transformative and challenging experiences which have opened our eyes to life’s deeper levels. Experiences which force us to contend with the hidden dimensions of life (and of ourselves) which are indicated by Pluto are often painful and disturbing, and the individual usually reacts by trying to assert control or by trying to avoid facing reality. However, Pluto does not let us off the hook, and the longer we fight against these lessons and try to hold onto defense patterns which are no longer viable, the more aggressively these lessons will assert themselves onto us.

Embracing Truth and Responsibility

Under the influence of Saturn trine Pluto, Millennials are in a position to make peace with the mysterious or sometimes disturbing side of life, which is generally revealed only when one encounters a crisis and discovers an intelligent design at work beneath. If you are a Millennial dealing with a reckoning of this sort between 2023 and 2025, you will likely be able to integrate the lessons with relative ease and acceptance.

Now is not an especially frivolous or care-free time, and you may display a sobriety, control and intensity which others find somewhat uncomfortable. Yet your determination to face the truth of life and the truth of your own nature at this time is immensely valuable in helping you to move forward toward your goals with greater realism and wisdom. Although some of what you discover may not suit your ideals, it is nevertheless part of life and you must learn to live with it. Willingness to accept and work with all dimensions of human nature is absolutely essential if any progress is to be made either collectively or personally.

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