July 23, 2024
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Astrology Podcast Week 13

Astrology Podcast – Watch Pluto on the South Node

Welcome to the weekly podcast! On this podcast, Hillory Skott focuses on the long shadow of Pisces. The big influence of this sign is completely present in our lives. In total, around these days, there are three planets involved with Pisces: Mercury, Neptune, and Venus. This will wrap us in a cloud of sensitivity and boost our thoughts and connections to the great mystery.

Don’t forget that Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to connect with acquaintances from the past

Old sparks will be flowing on the air again. The trail of Pisces will finally leave Neptune and will start heading to Mercury. Pay attention to your dreams, the fragments that you can remember when you weak up. It could be possible that some passed family members will gently invade your dreams.

Everything is possible considering the dreaming nature of Pisces.

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Unstoppable Gemini

Meanwhile, Gemini will slowly slide into Mars. If you thought that you will get a break, you are totally wrong. The interaction between Gemini and Mars will generate tons of activity since both like to keep busy. This will produce a synergy effect on you, having to take care of new tasks that will require all your wit to solve them.

Finally, remember that Monday is April Fools’ and that thanks to the energy of Pisces and the new moon on Pisces, the stars will be aligned so that you can have fun and succeed on an attempt of making the perfect joke.

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