July 23, 2024
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Astrology Podcasts With Hillory Skott

Astrology Podcasts With Hillory Skott

Everyday Astrology by Hillory Skott

Take a tour to the magic boundaries of our solar system. Discover how the planetary movements and the zodiac converge to keep the energy of the cosmos flowing to make us one with the universe.

As part of our multimedia experience, Ask Astrology proudly introduces the enchanting voice of Hillory Skott, an experienced holistic astrologer that focus on the motion of the planets and the stars, on a weekly basis.

Through Hillory Skott’s podcast, Everyday Astrology, you will witness an intimate view on astrology and a helpful guide for your daily life. Everyday Astrology is a star guide that takes the complexity of the universe and puts it into words easy to relate with, full of emotions and sensations.

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Everyday Astrology: the practical guide

How to act when a sign enters a specific constellation? What are the current planetary conditions? What to do to keep the flow with the cosmos? How does the conjunction of two planets can affect your life? These are just some of the questions that Everyday Astrology is devoted to.

But most important, Everyday Astrology, is a deep insight into the spiritual road of humanity and the transition to the different stages of our life path. This podcast will not only provide you with revealing answers, but it will also put you in contact with healing emotions and feelings that may be repressed inside of you.

Tanks to her experience and everything that Hillory Skott has gone through, you may discover parallels with something that you lived or is currently affecting you. Listening to her can grant you a perspective that you never contemplated before.

In that sense, Everyday Astrology is a therapeutic experience. You can feel that Hillory is not afraid to open her heart to us. In fact, this is part of her mission. Because the idea of Everyday Astrology is to keep it real. Like that, you will not only be informed about all the rotations of the signs, the planets, the stars or the constellation… but you will also be confronted with real solutions that can open a new world for you.

Remember, the universe has a plan and you are in it.

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More about Hillory Skott

Apart from hosting the podcast of Everyday Astrology, Hillory Skott is a prolific columnist, expert on the field of Karmic, psychological and western astrology. She also does consultations and various readings. She is specialized in career, natal charts, relationships, family dynamic, past lives, transit, and forecast.

In her own words, the inspiration of Everyday Astrology is to help others Navigate their way through these fast-changing times by tuning into the positive, loving, evolving flow of the Cosmos”.

So, listen and enjoy.

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