July 23, 2024
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Astronomy vs Astrology

Analyzing Astronomy vs Astrology

Since the start, the study of stars has been a very interesting subject. Though kicking off with a somewhat similar origin. For a long time, astronomy vs. astrology was considered quite inter-related. Astronomy being theoretical while astrology is the practical face of the two-sided coin. Soon a time came across us when both two fields were separated, and this was known as the “Age of Reason.” Each part then carried on with itself. Astronomy became an academic endorsed field while astrology became the pseudo-science.

The key difference

Though they may sound similar and be related to space and celestial bodies. The debate of astronomy vs. astrology has much more to it than one can think of. When we mention astronomy, we are referring to the basic idea of the study of the celestial bodies, their movements, arrangements, and many more things.

While the field of astrology works on this on a different angle, it uses this alignment of celestial bodies and arrangements specializing in the prospect of its effects on human nature and the Earth itself.

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Astrology along with its parts

The idea of arranging and making the right decisions using some help is unique in a certain way. The prospect of one’s future is quite daunting to those who want to make something out of it. Astrology comes into play when this ball is pitched into the arena of dilemmas. This actively predicts the answers to the man’s problem by scrutinizing the charts.

Astrology is divided into two main types that are Vedic and Western astrology. This debate of astronomy vs. astrology is unique in the sense that it compares two very similar prospects. But yet they are worlds apart. The western astrology depends on the arbitrary position of Sun and consists of a round chart while the Vedic astrology prominence is on the 12 Zodiac Signs and a few other things. They may seem the same, but their application differs.

Astronomy With its types

The prospect of calling and comparing astronomy vs. astrology may seem a futile effort. Astronomy analyses the universe to study it and turns out to be an academic-oriented field rather than deducing answers from it. The total types of astronomy include 17 different sub-fields. It aims to create a prospect that is the universe to improve the standard of living for the people of the Earth.

What does Astrology Contributes?

The main idea of astronomy vs. astrology is to find common ground and at the same time, compare the differences. The purpose of the existence of astrology in this world of reason remains a dubious question. The one reason that comes to mind almost immediately is the prospect of “Guidance” that astrology provides to those who are lost and are wandering to seek the right path.

Astrology is famous for being called as a language that holds the key to almost any solution. The only thing left to do is to look hard enough. Because the answers are there, we have to see.

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Does astronomy contribute?

Being a tangible subject, the idea of astronomy vs. astrology lies in the fact that astronomy is declared a part of science. From the introduction of wireless local area networks to X-rays analysis, everything is based on the fact that the research is done in this field yields solutions that benefit the human race. All of the above things added feathers to the hat of science and in turn to that of astronomy itself.

Similarities of Astronomy vs. Astrology

Of all the topics, this topic cannot be much similar. The examination of astronomy vs. astrology holds a key position for those who want to get a clear understanding. These both subjects stood hand in hand, complimenting each other like a flower compliments; its leaves and the leaves do the flower. Each stands on its path; what we find from both of these subjects is that they both analyze the position of the celestial bodies then uses them to make their predictions. Everything remains connected up to the point when the prospect of making predictions using such results. That is the line where both of them leave their paths and part ways.

Common Misconception

What astronomy vs. astrology taught us is the fact that both are very different from each other. The claim that astrology predicts the future is quite wrong in the sense that it only speculates the outcomes of what is to come. Using the personality and behavior of that person. Though this may sound strange, it is quite simple. Astrology only tells us the outcomes of the future; it does not guarantee a one hundred percent result. What we do is analyze ourselves and then implement the given predictions. And if luck favors us, the results are the ones we hoped for.

Astronomy vs. astrology is quite a diverse topic that adds to the colors of life. Both of them stand together up to the point of distress that is when astrology claims that the position of the celestial bodies affects human behavior. That is the bone of contention between both the topics. But both at the end scrutinize the space and its members.

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