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How to Talk to Your Kids Based on Their Mercury Sign

We’ve all heard the adage that communication is the key to a successful relationship, and that goes for your relationship with your children as well. Looking at astrology, the planet Mercury is the planet which sheds light on our most natural modes of communication. You can find out yours and your child’s Mercury signs by clicking here. Is your child more reactive or distracted, and how can you form better communication habits with them? Find your child’s Mercury sign from the list below and begin communicating better today!

Aries Mercury

If your child has an Aries Mercury it’s best to speak directly without much subtext. As a fire sign, Aries is quick to react and respond, so arguments can come on fast and harshly. However, the best way to combat this is to try to be more honest and direct. Also, recognizing that your Aries Mercury kiddo often just needs to blow off steam before they can talk about tricky things is good to keep in mind. Give them the space to let their big emotions move through their bodies before having a rational conversation. The plus side is that these kids get over things really quickly, so follow their lead and don’t dwell too much on the past.

Taurus Mercury

If your child has a Taurus Mercury then words and the way things are said is very important to them. Don’t try to rush them (they hate being rushed), instead try to give them the time and space they need to fully form their thoughts. These kids want the words that come out of their mouths to be just right, but because of that it can take them a long time to process information and respond. Take a page out of their book and be more deliberate and patient with the way you speak to them (and yourself).

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Gemini Mercury

If your child has a Gemini Mercury then they will have the gift of gab! Gemini is an air sign ruled by Mercury, so these kids can process information very quickly and absorb all sorts of interesting facts and jokes. Your young Gemini Mercury kids will often start speaking earlier in life than their peers, so you have to be careful with the words you say around them because they will often parrot it back to you at a later date. These kids are smart, so be sure to support their interests and intellect.

Cancer Mercury

If your child has a Cancer Mercury then they are very sensitive to the way you say things. They will be able to tell when you have an emotional subtext to your voice, no matter how much you try to hide it. Don’t assume that just because they are young they won’t be emotionally intelligent enough to read your irritation, anger, sadness, etc. because they certainly will! Having a kid with a Cancer Mercury should push you to talk about your feelings more because the best way to teach them emotional intelligence is to show them how it’s done.

Leo Mercury

If your child has a Leo Mercury then they are passionate and bold. They often won’t think too much before they speak because they always speak  from the heart, and if they need to get something off their chest they are going to do it! They are a bit stubborn and prideful, so be warned against saying anything bad about someone or something they love–this will feel like a personal attack. Lastly, be sure to give your undivided attention when they are telling you something they are excited about, because when they share their passions they are sharing a piece of their heart with you.

Virgo Mercury

If your child has a Virgo Mercury then your kid is a perfectionist. It will irk them to no end when you contradict yourself (which, let’s be real, parents often do). Virgo is ruled by Mercury, so this child is very observant and tends to be more of a rule follower. If a rule is in place for your child that doesn’t apply in the same way to you, you should explain to them why that is as best and as honestly as you can. A simple “because I said so,” will breed judgement and distrust from this extremely smart kiddo!

Libra Mercury

If your child has a Libra Mercury then they love to talk and be with the ones they love. This child has a big heart and does really well with positive reinforcement. Be sure to tell them often that they are doing well and that you love them. Discipline is a part of being a parent, but being too harsh, crass and rude to a Libra Mercury kid will do far more damage than any good you were hoping to ultimately facilitate.

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Scorpio Mercury

If your child has a Scorpio Mercury then they might not be the most loquacious of kids. Instead of gabbing and gossiping they feel more comfortable observing and listening. They’re never going to be big fans of small talk, so try not to ask “what did you do in school today?” and instead try to ask a more specific question that will be easier to answer. This Mercury sign is ruled by Mars and Pluto, so these kids can often be a bit combative and more than a little gloomy when they are teenagers. Your job is to give them space, don’t make them feel worse than they might already be feeling, and be open and receptive when they want to open up.

Sagittarius Mercury

If your child has a Sagittarius Mercury then they are going to be a class clown. These kids are naturally very funny because they are born with the ability to tell a good story and the inability to think before they speak. Their penchant for curiosity and reading makes them very intelligent, but they have a rebellious spirit that often results in getting worse grades than they should be getting in high school, but they usually flourish in college.

Capricorn Mercury

If your child has a Capricorn Mercury then honesty and loyalty are two things that will be honored deeply in their lives. As an Earth sign, these kids are smart, meditative, and cunning. They think before they speak, they value practicality and often get confused or even upset when people don’t follow the rules. They tend to be more quiet than their peers, because people have to earn their trust before they get to hear the dry wit and mastery of sarcasm that is natural to this Mercury sign.

Aquarius Mercury

If your child has an Aquarius Mercury then they are natural observers and masters at understanding human psychology. You may notice that from a young age your child watches more than they socialize. They are more interested in understanding why other people say and do things than in joining with the conversation. Never assume that you are smarter than your Aquarius Mercury child because they will surprise you time and time again.

Pisces Mercury

If your child has a Pisces Mercury it will serve you well to help them to find various ways to communicate. Sometimes words and language can be tricky, their minds are known to wander and get lost. They are also very creatively minded, so rigidity and too much structure is just plain confusing to them. Music, art, and dance can be great avenues to learn how to expand their ability to communicate, so be sure to foster any interest in creativity they have.

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