July 13, 2024
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Guardian Angel Readings: Connecting with Your Guardian Angel through a Psychic

Communicating directly with your guardian angel can greatly enrich your life but it can also be quite challenging to know how to start. Some people attempt to do so through meditation. Others try connecting with their guardian angel by praying or through lucid dreaming.

Unfortunately, self-guided attempts to communicate with one’s guardian angel can be hit or miss. A more reliable way to communicate with your guardian angel is to schedule an angel reading with a professional psychic, or more specifically, request a guardian angel reading.

What Is a Guardian Angel?

A guardian angel is a light energy being who protects and guides you, either at a specific moment in your life or throughout your entire life. Guardian angels rarely intervene directly with your life unless you specifically seek their help or in a time of dire crisis.

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A guardian angel can also protect and guide an entire family, an entire village, or even an entire group of people. In some cases, guardian angels are thought to assume highly specialized roles. For example, a Hebrew angel called Lailah (the Semitic word for “night”) was thought to watch over matters of conception and the development of the fetus in the first century CE.

What Can a Psychic Tell You About Your Guardian Angel?

As long as they have an open mind, most people can “sense” their guardian angel watching over them. When there are no other humans around, a person may feel the presence of their guardian angel reassuring them that they are never really alone. They may feel their guardian angel shower them with unconditional love in the same way a doting parent would.

In times of sickness, they may feel a healing presence from their guardian angel as if there is a spirit at their bedside nurturing them back to health. Although most people can feel the love and presence of their guardian angel, they don’t really feel they “know” their guardian angel the way you know a friend. With such a personal connection, it’s only natural to become curious and want to know more about your guardian angel.

In fact, your desire to contact your guardian angel may go beyond mere curiosity. You may have something specific you want to ask their guardian angel. If so, you may want to seek the help of a psychic to make the introduction and facilitate communication through a guardian angel reading.

On a very basic level, a psychic can help you learn the name of your guardian angel. During a guardian angel reading, a psychic can also help you determine if you have more than one guardian angel and more about why they were chosen to be your guardian angel. Is your guardian angel a deceased family member or an ancestor?

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Perhaps your guardian angel only takes the form of a family member so they can more easily communicate with you and so you’ll be more comfortable doing so. A psychic can also deliver a message from your guardian angel to you. She can also help you ask your guardian angel a question. You may also want to know if you share your guardian angel with anyone else.

Some guardian angels are assigned to only one person and others are assigned to multiple people.

In some cases, one guardian angel reading with your psychic may not be enough because the first reading may just be a “getting to know you” event. If this is the case, you’ll want to have a series of guardian angel readings where you’ll get to know your guardian angel better each time.

On the other hand, some people become so immersed during their first guardian angel meeting, that they may not have the need to continue with more readings. The individual experience varies widely.

Can You Physically Feel the Presence of Your Guardian Angel During a Reading?

In many cases, yes, but not always. Each guardian angel reading is unique and very personal so there’s no predicting ahead of time whether or not you’ll be able to physically feel or see your guardian angel. The same is true for previous encounters you may have had with your guardian angel.

For example, a great number of people have reported that they felt a hand touch their shoulder and physically pull them back when they narrowly missed being hit by a car or barely escaped a dangerous predator when out in the wilderness.

In most cases, sensing the physical presence of your guardian angel will be more subtle. You may feel a light wind or warm “breath” on your cheek, even without a window being open or the HVAC blowing air. You may feel something lightly stroking your hair or brushing against your arm.

Some people actually get goosebumps during a guardian angel reading. Feeling sudden temperature differences is common too. Some people may experience a warm sensation while others may feel a cooling sensation. This is a sign that the celestial energy of your guardian angel is interacting with your physical body.

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In rarer cases, people have reported feeling a mild electrical current running up their arms or in their neck.

What Is an Angel Card Reading?

Some psychics who do guardian angel readings use angel cards to do an angel card reading. This is particularly popular with online angel readings. Angel cards contain messages that can be sent to you from your guardian angel.

The psychic serves as the guide through which your guardian angel sends the message, i.e. your guardian angel “channels the message” through the psychic to you. The psychic does not select the cards but rather she is guided by your guardian angel to pick the correct cards showing you the message your guardian angel wants to portray to you.

The angel cards may also help in the initial contact between the psychic and your guardian angel.

Angel card readings work similarly to tarot card readings in the way the message is channeled through the psychic. However, angel cards only give general guidance on important matters like your relationship with your spouse or how to deal with a problem at work.

Angel card readings do not pass long for anything specific such as a precise date or time of an event in the same way tarot card readings sometimes can. Angel card decks come in different styles, all with different illustrations, and each psychic will have her preferences, but they all work the same in helping to transmit messages from your guardian angel to you through the psychic.

Hypnosis or Guided Meditation During a Guardian Angel Reading

Some psychics prefer to use the powerful tools of hypnosis. or some form of guided meditation. to connect you to your guardian angel. This allows you to reach an altered state of consciousness and one where you are intently focused on the task of communicating with your guardian angel while extraneous thoughts are eliminated.

During this process, you can reach a state of “higher self” similar to what you can achieve when you open your higher chakras. Guardian angel readings involving hypnosis can be the most powerful experiences you can have with your guardian angel so be prepared for a transformative experience if you choose a psychic who uses this tool. Be sure to schedule some time after the reading to process what you just went through.

Final Thoughts

You do not have to be a religious person to communicate with your guardian angel — or to have a guardian angel. However, it’s worth noting that almost all religions, going back to ancient times, believe in the concept of guardian angels.

The details vary of course but the idea that a spiritual being that we cannot see guards and guides us is a persistent theme running through almost all religions. If you have strong views about angels based on your particular religion or spiritual beliefs, you may want to discuss these with your psychic before your guardian angel reading.

This will help her understand your goals and how best to communicate with your guardian angel(s).

Most Christian religions believe that people can become angels after they die. Therefore, if you are a Christian, you may be wanting to know, even hoping, if one of your departed family members may be your guardian angel, perhaps a great grandparent whose photo always struck you a certain way.

Muslims believe each person is assigned two personal angels, one which protects you from the front and another which protects you from the back. In some forms of Judaism, angels are shared by everyone of the same faith and are beckoned only when needed to help with a specific problem or request.

Your psychic knowing in advance of your religious views on guardian angels will help you get a more meaningful result from your guardian angel reading.

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