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Your Ultimate Guide to Mahjong Divination

When you think of Mahjong, you may think of the game that your grandmother or mother enjoyed playing. However, Mahjong has other purposes, such as a divination tool, like tarot, tea leaves, bones, etc. Mahjong divination, also called Mahjong fortune telling, is an exciting practice that blends the ancient Chinese game of Mahjong with the art of divination. Mahjong has been popular for centuries, originating in China and now enjoyed worldwide.

However, it also holds a more profound significance as a tool for divination and spiritual guidance. In honor of Mahjong Day on April 30th, let’s explore Mahjong divination’s history, symbolism, and techniques and how it can provide mystical insights into different aspects of life.


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The Origins and History of Mahjong Divination

Let’s start by exploring the game’s ancient roots. Mahjong, an ancient game of strategy and skill, originated in China. Its roots can be traced back to the time of Confucius, and it is believed to have been inspired by various philosophical and mystical concepts. Over time, Mahjong evolved beyond its gaming origins and became a tool for divination and fortune-telling when divination became popular. The unique symbolism and structure of the Mahjong tiles lent themselves to this mystical practice.

Let’s remember the cultural significance of this game. Mahjong divination has deep roots in Chinese culture. Practitioners use it to seek guidance on relationships, careers, health, and spirituality. And now, many psychics use Mahjong tiles for divination purposes themselves, or they use them for friends or clients to give them the intuitive insight they need. Let’s now explore the symbolism of the tiles.

The Symbolism of Mahjong Tiles

The first thing to know about this divination tool is that there are four suits in Mahjong tiles, each representing different aspects of life. The suits include Circles, Bamboo, Character, and Honors. Let’s explore these suits in more detail:


The Circles suit in Mahjong resembles the Pentacles suit in tarot. Both signify material wealth, financial stability, resources, and the tangible aspects of life. They represent pragmatic matters, abundance, prosperity, and the worldly realm. In Mahjong, the Circles tiles, tarot, and Pentacles cards often indicate issues related to money, career, possessions, and the physical world.


The Mahjong Bamboo suit is equivalent to the Tarot Wands suit. Both signify creativity, passion, energy, action, and personal growth. They represent ambition, drive, inspiration, and the pursuit of goals. The Bamboo tiles in Mahjong and the Wands cards in the tarot often indicate topics associated with career, projects, enterprise, motivation, and personal development.

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The Characters suit in Mahjong and the Swords suit in the Tarot share many similarities. Both represent thoughts, intellect, communication, challenges, and conflicts. They symbolize mental clarity, decision-making, communication, and the power of the mind. In Mahjong, the tiles in the Characters suit and, in the tarot, the Swords cards often indicate matters related to communication, truth, conflicts, decisions, and intellectual pursuits.


The Honors tiles in Mahjong and the Cups suit in tarot have similarities in their representations. They both symbolize emotions, relationships, intuition, and heart matters. They are often associated with love, emotional well-being, and spiritual connections. These tiles and cards are commonly used to indicate topics related to love, relationships, emotions, intuition, and inner fulfillment.

Each tile within the suits holds a numerical value that adds further depth and meaning to the divination process. The numbers range from one to nine, each with significance and interpretation. One usually represents new beginnings; two is about balance and duality; three is creation and growth; four is stability and structure; five is change; six is balance and responsibility; seven is wisdom; eight is power; and finally, nine is culmination and completion.

Besides the suits, Mahjong divination incorporates unique tiles, such as Winds, Dragons, and Flowers. These tiles hold specific meanings and offer insights into various aspects of life, including personal qualities, opportunities, and challenges. Let’s delve into that further.


Mahjong has four types of Wind tiles: East, South, West, and North, each representing a cardinal direction and carrying a symbolic meaning. The East Wind signifies new beginnings, growth, and success. The South Wind represents fame, recognition, and social connections. The West Wind stands for stability, security, and wealth, while the North Wind represents introspection, solitude, and self-reflection. These tiles can appear in a Mahjong reading and indicate the influence of these qualities in different aspects of your life.


In Mahjong, there are three tiles referred to as Dragons tiles: Red Dragon, Green Dragon, and White Dragon. Each of these tiles has a unique symbolic meaning. The Red Dragon represents power, strength, and leadership, indicating a time of authority and control. The Green Dragon represents harmony, balance, and adaptability, suggesting the need to find balance and adapt to changing situations. The White Dragon represents purity, spirituality, and transformation, indicating a time of spiritual growth and enlightenment. If you come across dragon tiles in a Mahjong reading, it could imply that these qualities are present in your life or that you must embody them.

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The Flower tiles in Mahjong are not used in every game but are often included for divination. Each Flower tile has its symbolic meaning. For instance, the Plum Blossom represents resilience, perseverance, and renewal. The Orchid symbolizes elegance, beauty, and grace. The Chrysanthemum represents longevity, wisdom, and inner strength. The Bamboo represents flexibility, adaptability, and growth. When these Flower tiles appear in a Mahjong reading, they can indicate the presence or need for these qualities in your life. They may also symbolize the influence of nature and its cycles.

Techniques of Mahjong Divination

Let’s begin to delve into the layouts and spreads for Mahjong divination. There are specific tile layouts such as Four Winds, Great Wall, and Pyramid, each offering unique perspectives and insights. There are other layouts, but they are the most popular ones. Let’s explore each of those three layouts further.

Four Winds Spread

The Four Winds spread is a widely used divination spread in Mahjong. It involves placing four tiles in a cross shape to represent the four cardinal directions. Each tile represents a distinct aspect of your life or the question. The tile positioned in the East represents new beginnings and opportunities; the South tile represents relationships, social connections, and fame; the West tile represents stability, security, and wealth; the North tile represents introspection, solitude, and self-reflection. The Four Winds spread provides insight into different areas of your life and how these qualities influence them.

Great Wall Spread

The Great Wall spread is a complex and detailed spread used in Mahjong divination. To create this spread, a row of tiles is laid out in a pattern resembling the Great Wall of China. Each tile in the spread represents a different aspect of your life or the question being asked. We read the tiles from left to right, providing a timeline or progression of events. The Great Wall spread can offer insights into the past, present, and future and the influences and challenges that may arise in different areas of your life.

Pyramid Spread

The Pyramid spread is a specific way of arranging Mahjong tiles to gain insight into a question or situation. The layout is pyramid-shaped and comprises multiple rows, each representing a different aspect or layer of the situation. The bottom row refers to the foundation or underlying factors, while the top represents the outcome or culmination. The tiles in between offer information regarding the progression or development of the situation. The Pyramid spread helps to analyze different elements involved in the situation and how they interact, resulting in a comprehensive understanding of the situation.

Therefore, practitioners select a specific number of tiles from the shuffled Mahjong set and interpret their meanings based on their positions, suits, and numerical values. The interpretation involves understanding the symbolism of the tiles and their interactions within the layout.

Mahjong divination is a practice that involves interpreting messages conveyed by the tiles. In this practice, practitioners rely on their inner wisdom and higher consciousness to tap into their intuitive guidance. This intuitive aspect helps to establish a deeper connection with the spiritual realm and ultimately enhances the accuracy of the reading.

Mahjong Divination in Practice

There are many reasons why you may want to explore the Mahjong division. Mahjong divination can provide insights and guidance on various personal matters, including relationships, career decisions, personal growth, and life direction. It offers a unique perspective that helps you gain clarity and make informed choices. Additionally, Mahjong divination is about foretelling the future and aiding spiritual development and self-reflection. The process can motivate you to delve into your inner world, recognize concealed patterns, and make deliberate adjustments to harmonize with your spiritual journey.

You can practice Mahjong on your own. However, Mahjong divination is often practiced in a communal setting, where you can seek guidance and support. Rituals and ceremonies associated with Mahjong divination enhance the spiritual experience and create a sense of connection with the spiritual realm.

Mahjong divination is a captivating practice that combines ancient wisdom, symbolism, and intuitive guidance. It is deeply rooted in Chinese culture and provides a unique tool for spiritual exploration, personal growth, and gaining insights into different aspects of life.

You can unlock mystical insights hidden within the ancient tiles by delving into the symbolism of Mahjong tiles, understanding the divination techniques, and embracing the intuitive aspect if you want to become a practitioner. Whether seeking guidance on personal matters or embarking on a journey of self-discovery, Mahjong divination offers a powerful and enlightening experience that connects individuals with the divine forces that shape their lives. And you should learn this in honor of Mahjong Day on April 30th.

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