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Karmic Reason for Water Moon Signs Part 5

The Karmic Reason for Water Moon Signs – Part 5

Do you have a water Moon sign? If you have been reading the previous articles in this series and have been patiently waiting for the analysis of the water moon signs – you are in luck. This is it. Since you already know that your Moon sign represents your emotional response to external stimuli and that it rules a water sign – it is not hard to see how those who have water Moon signs are extremely sensitive. There are some deep karmic reasons that you feel affecting the soul as well as to why you would have a water Moon sign. Let’s go over a brief overview of it right now.

The Brief Overview of The Water Moon Signs

The water Moon signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, and those who have them are highly sensitive and intuitive by nature. They can even appear to be quite charming which would also depend on the condition of the planet as well. Many natives also tend to be more introverted as they are compelled to do plenty of soul-searching. It has been said that those who have water Moon signs tend to be older souls. That may be true. Even though there is no real way to determine that is the case, water Moon sign natives naturally have a very deep understanding of complex and spiritual concepts.

For instance, those who have Moon signs of other elements who endure difficult times in life would likely believe that they are having bad luck. Water moon sign natives may feel the same way on the surface. However, deep down they have made the realization that these challenges and their suffering are part of their life lessons on Earth. That can be the reason that it has been said that older souls are more likely to have water Moon signs than younger souls. Older souls naturally realize that life is full of lessons and you need to experience these lessons and work with them in order to evolve. 

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And with water Moon signs, there are some very heavy past life influences that affect you deeply on a soul level. And your ego is affected as well. Let’s go over the past life links and meanings to each of the water Moon signs. The first one to be examined is the Cancer Moon, below.

Moon in Cancer

If you have a Cancer Moon, have a very strong need to have a home as well as be connected to family. In fact, the Moon rules Cancer and this is why. You may feel comfort towards the water as well. You have an intense need to nurture and to be nurtured. Very possible that your mother was the same mother that had raised you in a past life, who did her best to fulfill your needs especially in your current incarnation. In your last life, you did not experience any type of comfort at home. 

You may have been forced out of your home or taken away from your family in your previous life which would understandably leave an impact on your soul memory. And that would have been the last memory that had been carried through into your current incarnation. Because of your difficulty in finding the right “home” for yourself, you are challenged to create your ideal home environment.

Caring for your family is extremely important to you and you feel distressed when separated from your family. You also have an innate appreciation for home and family, more than others who do not share your placement. You could be an inspiration to others as far as making them realize that cherishing their home and family is an important part of life. Try spending time by the water, as you may have an easier time connecting with your inner self and find peace within since Cancer is a cardinal water sign. The next sign to examine is Scorpio.

Moon in Scorpio

If you have a Moon in Scorpio in your natal chart, you definitely have an extreme hunger for hidden and mysterious information. You may be the type to hold onto grudges if you feel you have been slighted as well. The Moon does not do well in Scorpio, this may be a difficult placement for anyone. However, you do have the ability to dig deep into mysteries. Perhaps your mother was the type to hold onto grudges or had a mysterious side to her that you longed to comprehend. Your feelings are also very complex, and you tend to be confused by them. Possibly, if your last life was a life of slavery, you may even have a slight conscious memory of that life. You had left the world not only in disgust for knowing how you and others were controlled and even abused but you wondered “why”.

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You were wondering how anyone could be so evil, and this intense need to know the mystery behind the behavior of those who did this to you and to others carried on from the time of your death to your current incarnation. You are the type to be unable to find peace until you know the mysteries behind such evil, or even in any hidden matter in general. Excellent occupations for those who have such strong Scorpionic traits are psychology, investigator of a secret society or even surgeon would be helpful and therapeutic to help sort out memories and find peace within. Others in this world also need to find people in these kinds of occupations for their own benefit. The next moon to examine would be the Pisces Moon.

Moon in Pisces

If you have a Moon in Pisces, you more than likely had a painful early life. You are extremely sensitive by nature and strongly feel the suffering of humanity. Your emotions are extremely sensitive, and you are psychic to small changes in the family environment. You have the need to retreat in order to escape from external chaos and get lost into a fantasy involving movies, books, or unfortunately even addictions. You have a strong sense of your mother’s weaknesses, and you have a need to comfort her. Quite possibly you have witnessed your mother’s suffering and understood where she was coming from.

If you had experienced extreme trauma in your last life, you would have had completely detached yourself from the brutal reality of what was happening to you. Perhaps you lost someone very close to you and you basically lost your sanity due to extreme grief. That could have been an example. You were so scarred by the event that you were unable to face any kind of reality.

The escape mode had left a karmic imprint in your soul, and you had brought this trait in at the time of your birth. Because you have compassion for the suffering, you can help others realize the compassionate side that they have within them and use it. Due to the fact that you are compassionate towards others, you are always a good listener to those who need a friend. This completes the analysis of Moon in signs.

If you have your Moon in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, do you resonate with any of these? If you have been struggling with some deep and emotional issues, you now have an understanding of the reason behind it. The Moon that falls into a water sign is extremely heavy but those who have it can most definitely handle the effects.

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