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Making the Most of a Psychic Reading

Making the Most of a Psychic Reading

If you’re thinking about having a reading with a psychic practitioner, there are a few things to think about before you book in order to get the best from your experience.

What are you really looking for?

Why do you want a reading? Is it just for fun or are you looking for a bit of extra guidance at this time? Hopefully, any reading will be an enjoyable and fascinating experience. However, the reader will be taking it seriously, and even though you may be having the reading for a bit of fun, they may still pick up on something more than you were expecting, or were prepared for.

How do you choose your reader?

The Fortune-teller by Albert Anker

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Public Domain: The Fortune-teller by Albert Anker

You could simply go and see a local reader if they have a good reputation. It all depends on what we are looking for in a reading. Some psychics work as traditional fortune- tellers, others work more as psychic advisors, offering a more interactive experience. Some specialize in business readings, for example. Others specialize in medium-ship (readings about the dead) or they may focus on finding a lost property or missing people, or they may specialize in animal communication (animal/pet whispering.)

The reading you get depends on your chosen reader; their skill sets, their approach, and their educational and employment background, all in addition to whatever is the degree of their psychic ability or intuitive talent. It’s one thing to be psychic. Life knowledge is something else. The best readers have both, and it’s another thing being able to explain things clearly enough to help someone.

A lot of people still find readers by good old fashioned word of mouth, and this probably remains the most reliable way of finding a good reader.

Does a reader have a website or an online presence? Study this carefully. Do they use a real name? Take your time to read what they say before you message them or pick up the phone.

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How do they explain their service? What do they do, and what do they not do? Do they inspire confidence? When you contact them, are they professional, friendly, easy to speak to? Do they respond quickly by email, telephone, text or whatever? Professional readers welcome inquiries, so long as these are genuine, serious inquiries, and there should be no pressure or obligation to proceed to a booking.  Don’t pay via PayPal unless there are proper contact details backing up the genuine identity of the reader.

Can you find any reviews or testimonials on their web page or anywhere else? If they are new to this or do not use the internet they may not have any reviews. Even excellent readers may have the odd negative review if they have been reading for any length of time. That’s pretty much to be expected by the very nature of the work they do, but if they have a lot of negative reviews, proceed with caution. Go by the overall picture. If in any doubt at all, for your own peace of mind, it’s better not to book.

Many readers will not read for clients under 18 and in some states or countries, this may be a legal requirement.

During the Reading

A psychic reading uses a different style of thinking, trying to shine a new light on what is unclear or hidden.

at the psychic

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Everyone wants good news. No-one wants bad news. Please don’t shoot the messenger if you ask a question and don’t like the answer. On the other hand, no responsible reader will ever frighten you with dire predictions, especially ones you did not ask for, and if they do, they are probably wrong.  Likewise, if any reader suggests you are cursed or bewitched and that you need their help to remove the curse, do not believe it. This is a scam.

The best questions are those that give us extra tools to work with.  For instance, you could ask questions starting:-





‘How do I…?’

‘What if I…?’

This last one can be particularly informative in weighing your options and exploring the possibilities, weighing one course of action against another, e.g.:-

‘What happens if I do this?’


‘What happens if I do this instead?’

This brings us to prediction.

The problem with prediction

Prediction is a huge part of the tradition of having a psychic reading.  Prediction is not only fascinating, but it can also be very helpful, even useful, offering a clear sense of the odds when we are faced with a crossroads, or providing an externally sourced validation and confirmation of our own deepest feelings e.g.; yes, this is going somewhere or no, it isn’t.

Accurate predictions, if acted upon, have the potential to save us a lot of wasted time, effort, heartache, even money. But there are a few things to be aware of:

  • A prediction might be plain wrong or the timing might be way out. How long do we wait to find out? Do we just sit there twiddling our thumbs?
  • A prediction might trap us into waiting for something that was predicted but may never actually happen. This takes our power away, putting us in a position of waiting, or it might steer us in a particular direction, forcing the issue so that the prediction becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy when we might not have made that decision had we not heard that prediction.
  • A prediction might worry or frighten us. Yes, we asked that question. But are we really sure we want the answer?

Some people go from reader to reader or keep asking for readings on the same question until they get the answer they want. This doesn’t help anyone, neither the client nor the reader. For some people, it can even become an obsession. Not only can this prove seriously expensive but it undermines the chief value of having a reading which is to:-

  • Obtain greater clarity, seeing things in a new light or from a fresh angle
  • Support our planning, getting a clearer sense of the odds of  there being outcome A, B, C, etc (whether we like the predicted outcome or not)
  • Access insights that help us move forward, freeing ourselves from something that is keeping us stuck.
  • Access insights and guidance that may offer support, comfort or peace in respect of those major life events we can’t change, e.g.; the death of a loved one.

Yes, the future is shaped by luck to a major extent – those things beyond our direct personal control, like the weather. But we are active in our own lives, we’re not objects that things happen to, and our future is shaped to an equally great extent, or greater, by our actions, initiatives, choices, and responses.

It’s more proactive, and potentially more helpful to ask the reader questions such as:-

  • Where is this situation going if I don’t do anything to change it?
  • What do we see as the most likely outcome if I do A or B?

That’s still got an element of prediction going on, but it is not putting ourselves into a position of powerlessness, asking, ‘what is going to happen to me?’

In Summary

A psychic reading is an art, not a science, and is not a substitute for professional medical, legal or financial advice.  A really great psychic reading can offer new insights, added clarity and help us get a clearer sense of where we’re heading on our current path. It can identify our best options when our heart does not agree with our head, or at a time when we are struggling to see the wood for the trees, when we are too close to the problem to see it clearly anymore.

  • Does it make sense to you, what the reader is saying?
  • Does it feel right? Does it chime with your own feelings about the matter, even if you don’t like the answer?

If it does, the chances are, this reader is probably right, but it’s up to you what use you decide to make of the reading, and whether to use that reader’s advice or not. Genuine readers expect to get it right far more often than they get it wrong. You can reasonably expect them to say things which not only make sense, but which could only be psychically sourced, but that does not mean they will always get it right. They understand this perfectly well, and any psychic reader claiming differently…you will be wise to give them a miss.

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