June 12, 2024
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Most Surprising Compatible Astrological Signs

If you know a little Astrology, you’ll be familiar with the concept that certain signs go better together than others when it comes to romance. For example, you might have heard that Aries goes with Leo and Sagittarius. Or that Libra goes with Gemini and Aquarius. Now, whilst this isn’t wrong, there’s so much more to it than simple elemental combinations (fire signs with fire signs, air sigs with air signs and so on). In fact, there’s a whole world of Astrology that most people don’t know about when it comes to compatibility. This seems to put very unusual signs together, at first glance. However, these signs just work, as surprising as it may seem according to mainstream resources. We won’t keep you in suspense anymore: here are your most surprising compatible Astrological signs: Discover our Zodiac Love Compatibility Calculator!


Aries: Most Surprising Compatible Signs

Your top most surprising compatible sign is Scorpio. Why, you ask? Well, Scorpio in ancient Astrology, is also ruled by Mars, who is your planetary ruler. So, you have plenty of things in common. Important things. Qualities like passion, fire, lust and drive, for example. You’d think that because you’re fire and they’re water, that it would just be drama after drama. And sure, there are certainly fireworks in your connection! You’ll probably fight like cat and dog, but that’s the way that you two like it. You need that fire between you, just as long as you’re careful not to let it turn toxic.

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Taurus: Most Surprising Compatible Signs

One of the most compatible signs for you, which may be a surprise, is lovely Libra. But aren’t you supposed to not get along with air signs, you ask? Well, yes, usually. Earth and air generally don’t have much of a meeting point, with air signs generally ruffling your feathers and triggering insecurity. However, Libra is a sign also ruled by Venus, who happens to be your planetary ruler, too. And Venus is the planet of love and romance. So how can you not get along? You both value relationships and can be deeply affectionate and caring. You’ll just have to watch that possessive streak of yours, Taurus, as that could be a problem down the line.


Gemini: Most Surprising Compatible Signs

It’s said that two signs in the same mode shouldn’t get along. You and the sign of Virgo are both what’s known as ‘mutable’ modes, but don’t let that put you off. You’re both ruled by the communication planet, Mercury, which is a huge lifesaver and something that can truly connect the two of you. You both just love to chat, analyze and dissect things. You’re both very clever and seriously funny. You’ll respect each other, mentally. And you both tend to fall in love with intelligent types. The only issue here is that you could each be a little argumentative – a ‘know it all’, so to speak.


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Cancer: Most Surprising Compatible Signs

This may sound very strange to you, but you get along well with an Aquarius. Yes, those funny, detached air signs that overthink everything. They need you, you see. They need someone who will help them work through their feelings and open up. Plus, you love the wacky, weird side of Aquarius, and they love your crazy side, too. At times, they may be a little too cold of your liking and your moods may drive them dilly, but you have so much to learn from each other. You also have potential to get along with adventurous Sagittarius, though it may be a love-hate situation. And finally, Virgo is a lovely sign for you, as they just feel so safe.


Leo: Most Surprising Compatible Signs

There are two signs very compatible with you, Leo, which may come as a surprise. The first of these is Capricorn, an earth sign. These are natural born leaders, and their work ethic, loyalty, faithfulness and dedication are qualities that you totally respect and admire. And as bossy as you both are, you’ll make way for each other, over time. You both just need to know where to let each other lead the way and when. The other sign that works for you is romantic, sweet Pisces. They’re your biggest fane in the world, and their vulnerability inspires your protective nature. They’ll do anything to support you, which make you feel like the Queen/King of the world.


Virgo: Most Surprising Compatible Signs

A sign that goes really, really well with you, is Aquarius. Yes, you heard that right. Those crazy scientists, those overthinking geniuses – thy are a lovely match for you. You see, both of you are extremely clever, and just love to pick things apart and understand them. You’ll spend many a happy hour analyzing a subject, perhaps a philosophy or something else that’s dear to your hearts. You’ll also provide a practical perspective for the Aquarius, which is something that they need. Together, you’ll want to save the world and make it a better place and you’ll care about things like the environment, health and psychology. Quite the combination!


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Libra: Most Surprising Compatible Signs

A sign that you may not have expected to be compatible with you is Pisces. Sweet, gentle and peace-loving, Pisces people are the ideal partner for your no-conflict nature. You’ll seldom need to worry about ugly arguments with this sign, which makes for a calm and enjoyable relationship for you. Plus, they love a bit of a party, so you won’t be without a sidekick. You’ll love their romantic nature and they’ll love yours. This relationship can feel like a fairytale come true, although you will have to both be careful of avoiding problems so much that passive-aggression becomes a problem later down the line.


Scorpio: Most Surprising Compatible Signs

A sign that you often go well with is the charming, beautiful Libra. Because the both of you so deeply value being in a loving relationship, you’ll work hard on yours and try to be the best partner you can to each other. Libra will love your intensity, depth and passion, and you’ll be hopelessly in love with their intelligence, seductive looks and sweet nature. Libra is always willing to please, and you like to be in control, so this can be a dynamic that works for both of you. However, do be careful of walking all over them and taking advantage – you’ll also need to give their freedom and not be too possessive for them to stick around.


Sagittarius: Most Surprising Compatible Signs

Surprisingly, you seem to get along quite well with Pisces, even if their moods drive you a little crazy sometimes. You’re both, in ancient Astrology, ruled by the planet Jupiter, which is the planet of growth, expansion and good times. That means you’ll both enjoy a fun party, travelling and spirituality – you’re both born philosophers. If you have a strong spiritual foundation, then your relationship will be unshakeable. Of course, you’ll need to be careful of the sensitive feelings of your little fish, just as they may need to grow a thicker skin. You’re confrontational and they’re not, but you’re both adaptable so can adjust accordingly.


Capricorn: Most Surprising Compatible Signs

You could have a very strong connection and compatibility with the sign of Aquarius. In ancient Astrology, both of you are ruled by Saturn, planet of wisdom, authority and responsibility. And although people say that Aquarius is a wild and crazy rebel, they actually are people who know how to toe the line, when they’re the ones drawing that line. It’s the same with you, Capricorn. As long as you don’t tell each other what to do, you’ll get along just fine. There’ll be a bond of mutual respect for each other, and you may ground the Aquarius whilst they bring new and exciting things into your world.


Aquarius: Most Surprising Compatible Signs

You may be surprisingly compatible with Pisces, as you’re both altruistic, caring and humanitarian. Together, you could save the world, when you truly believe in something close to your heart. You’ll always try and be kind towards each other, which makes for a tender, nurturing relationship. Sure, your Pisces sweetheart may accuse you of being a little detached at times, so you’ll need work on that to make them feel safe with you. They’ll help you open your feelings up and hold you in a very empathetic space, which is exactly what you need to be able to grow. This can be a very wise, deep and powerful pairing when you’re both open to learning.


Pisces: Most Surprising Compatible Signs

This may come as a shock to some of you, but you could actually make a relationship with an Aries work. It won’t be easy, but you have a Romeo and Julie-like energy, where Aries comes along, whisks you away and make you fee safe and protected from the world. And they just love to be your hero. It’s a role that works for both of you. Aries also loves how supportive and empathic you are, always building them up after a fall, and this ego boost really makes the Aries feel like a true King/Queen. You’ll have to be careful that Aries doesn’t dominate you, and that you don’t fall into the role of victim. You’ll both also need to handle confrontation a little better so that feelings don’t get hurt.

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