June 23, 2024
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Decoding Past Life Mysteries: 5 Common Experiences from Your Past Lives Shaping Your Present

5 Experiences from Your Past Lives Shaping Your Present

An error we refuse to correct has many lifetimes. There are numerous actions we commit, and some of them persist as an integral part of our growth. This is how our soul communicates, reminding us that despite the constant changes, certain behaviors hold value in helping us understand ourselves and the world better. In order to truly understand, we must dig deeper than mere belief. Beliefs are not synonymous with truth. When we truly know something, there is no need to believe. We all make mistakes in our own unique ways, but there are common threads among us. Today, let us explore five past lives actions that shape our current lives.

Making Deals with Entities

As we have discussed before, there are spiritual contracts between souls. However, it is important to recognize that just because two souls are married in this earthly life, does not mean there is a spiritual bond connecting them. Energy cannot be deceived, and it cannot be claimed that something exists when it truly does not, even if a piece of paper said so. When making a contract with an entity, there is always an energetic exchange. Some people make contracts with demons, thinking it will bring them abundance. However, this exchange is never free, and true abundance is never obtained. It may seem like the earthly contract is fulfilled, granting the illusion of personal achievement and power, but it always creates an imbalance in the soul’s energetic growth. It is like playing a game with cheat codes or paying real money to reach higher levels. These entities, once contracted, often remain within us even after many incarnations. We may or may not be aware of these contracts from past lives, but their influence is woven into our being. Discerning the true essence of our souls will help us remove that which is not truly aligned with who we are. We may sense that certain behaviors or emotions are unusual, and we may wonder why we act this way. This is the first step in identifying the presence of an entity. It requires strength to feel our own truth, as these entities often make us believe that we will lose something by removing them. In reality, we lose nothing. Instead, we reclaim a part of ourselves.

Not completing Missions

Have you ever had a dream that repeated in the exact same way after many months or years? Or continuing from where it left off? This phenomenon is similar to not being able to complete a mission in a lifetime. Depending on our soul’s purpose, we may choose or be drawn to certain places or careers before we incarnate. For example someone born in Germany may develop a scientific way of thinking due to the language. Some may have a deep desire to experience fiery love and expressive freedom, choosing an incarnation in Italy, even if they are not born in that country it is possible, they may end up moving there. If you have always felt a mysterious attraction to Egypt, it signifies that the energy and traditions are deeply rooted within you. On the other hand, some of us may feel uncertain about our life’s purpose because our soul has chosen to break patterns or explore undiscovered aspects of itself. Nevertheless, some individuals have known from a young age what they were meant to be. The key is to identify any unfulfilled dreams within ourselves and live out our unique talent. Do you have a natural ear for music? Where do gifts come from? Chances are, they were honed in a past life. The affinities we’re born with are like clues pointing to what we spent lifetimes cultivating before.

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Born Royal or Poor, Black and White Experiences

As old souls, we have lived glorious past lives where we may have been kings or queens. After all, it is no secret that many of us yearned to experience the grandeur associated with such positions. However, these past lives also serve as counterbalances to the difficult ones, where important lessons were learned. We all have a mixture of good and bad lives, but what truly matters is who we are at our core, not black and white, but purple. The presence of a past life can sometimes manifest as glimpses or glitches in our present reality. It indicates that the influence of that particular life is still resonating within us. Why, one might wonder, would we choose a life filled with suffering and hardship? The answer is to speed up growth. It simply means that we go through different phases and the experiences of thousands of years have led us to this pivotal lifetime. I think that this lifetime is the one where everything changes. It is the culmination of our efforts and growth, paving the way for an eternity of paradise. We’ll learn about the interplay between light and dark without causing harm to anyone, including ourselves. Experiencing fully, and then returning home to our true desires.

Experiencing Déjà-vu’s

Energies do repeat, even though every moment is unique. Sometimes, we experience the same event or feeling twice, and it becomes hard to dismiss it as mere coincidence. However, déjà vu doesn’t necessarily mean that it happened in the same setting, or at the same time. It transcends what we perceive with our physical eyes. It could be a resonance of energy from another life, maybe a wise, ancient aspect of ourselves. If you have thousands of incarnations behind, the fact that this familiarity presents itself in the present moment is significant. It aligns with what you need to see and understand at this particular point in time. To grasp the meaning behind, close your eyes and tune in to the emotions that arise. Sometimes, things simply make sense without needing an explanation. The revelations come, not by forcing visualizations, but by allowing them to resonate within your being. Déjà vu’s are a common action of the soul communicating with us wherever we are!

Deepening Soul Connections

Soulmates are instant connections. We intuitively know, there are many shared experiences and a deep alignment of energies. We are like warriors fighting in the same war of love. It is not always about knowing the exact names or labels for all the shared experiences. The true magic lies in the comfort we feel within certain areas of our being when we are with them, although we may not typically feel comfortable in other environments. To remember past lives and common traditions we share, we must delve deeper into these shared experiences and what they truly mean. For instance, if you have been betrayed by someone, meeting a soulmate who understands that pain could instill a sense of trust. Exploring the possible origins of your fears and phobias together can lead to greater understanding, healing and remembering who we truly are—a culmination of our experiences across many past lives.

The Universe loves Us more than We know

In the embrace of humility, as we earnestly express our desire to unravel magical secrets, the universe becomes our patient guide. When readiness blossoms within, the responsibility of such arcane wisdom is bestowed. Aware of our human nature, the universe, in its unconditional love, grants us the freedom to stumble and rise, understanding that growth often sprouts from the soil of mistakes.

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