July 17, 2024
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About Psychic Abilities and Power

We are all psychic but to varying degrees. Even psychic skills face logical limitations; some people are just more sensitive, sensitive in different ways, and more talented than others. Everyone can run, but some people run faster, longer, and with more grace than others. With training, you can improve and maximize the psychic skills you have, just like improving your speed, endurance, and grace as a runner.

Sometimes psychic gifts remain dormant until a specific trigger moment, like a near-death experience, or they are unlocked through concentrated efforts at meditation and mindfulness work. There is also a wide range of talents, from simple intuition to channeling other entities. This section of the Ask Astrology website explores and explains the psychic skill of automatic writing.

What is Automatic Writing?

Automatic writing or psychography is the psychic ability to write messages from the higher self or from spirit through a trance state that disengages the conscious mind. Automatic writing is not the same thing as freewriting, which is a stream of consciousness writing. Automatic writing draws from a different “stream”, the spiritual one.

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Spirit writing, later called Fuji (planchette writing), has a long tradition in China, where messages from various deities and spirits come through mediums since the time of the Song dynasty. In the West, an early example of the practice is the 16th-century Enochian language, dictated to John Dee and Edward Kelley by Enochian angels and integral to the practice of Enochian magic. The language is said to be extremely detailed and complex with its own grammar and rules. (Wikipedia)

Learning to Write Automatically

As stated in the introduction, we all have psychic ability but most of us never get encouraged to explore it. And, if we show some form of psychic skill, we can be actively discouraged from practicing it. Automatic writing, and drawing, are skills you can attempt rather easily. Simply get a sheet of paper and a pencil, close your eyes, and relax.

Closing your eyes is important because writing is as much a visual process as it is a visual result. To write automatically means that you do not need to see what you are writing as you write it. Do not worry about neatness when you start out, just work to disengage your consciousness and let the writing flow. If you do access and show this skill, you will not need to keep your eyes closed after you master it. The closing of the eyes is one way to help you enter the trance state needed to allow the skill to function.

If you discover you cannot access this skill, you may still want to experience automatic writing as a way to get an answer to a question or a message from spirit. If so, then you should seek out a medium that does automatic or spiritual writing.

Messages in the Writing

A medium who can write automatically will simply write the message or answer provided by spirit, no ego gets involved.

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Riddles and Fables

Spirit can be quite playful. If you ask a question or want a message from a medium who specializes in automatic writing, you may not get a straightforward answer. Instead, you might get a riddle you have untangle or a fable you must interpret. The spirit involved, or the higher self of the medium may be a trickster energy that will hide the message in clever words to test you.

Answers to Questions

Asking direct questions will allow the medium with this skill to offer you an answer from the spirit or the medium’s higher self. Answers can be rather surprising since spirit sees your situation often in a way very different than earthbound understanding and concerns. You may get a story that, at first, appears unrelated to your question, or you may get a very emphatic answer that is highly directive, summed up as “Stop, no way!” or “Go for it! Leap, do not look!”

Open to a Message

You do not need to have a specific question to get a valuable message. You can simply contact or sit with the medium and allow them to tap into your energy field and write what spirit wants them to deliver to you.


Regardless of the interaction, you will get a piece of writing you can keep and reference, privately, whenever you want. Each time you revisit the writing, you will like to see deeper and deeper into the message. You may even find that this form of the psychic process is more helpful than other methods or tools.

It is not unusual for a certain psychic tool or practice to work more effectively with you than another one, so it is a good policy to explore many different practices if you choose to explore psychic solutions to your life questions. Once you hone in on a practice, you will want to see the breadth of practitioners to find the individual that connects strongly with you.

Psychic work is very personal and unique; one size does not fit all. Automatic writing is one of the few skills that produce a product you can enjoy long after the initial event of getting the writing and the “reading” done.

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Who to Work With?

If you want to work with someone who has this skill, then it is best to seek out practitioners who, when vetted thoroughly, will be able to show you their skill and professionalism.

No matter what service you seek, a mechanic or psychic, it is always a wise policy to look at their business practice, testimonials, and credentials (both ones from an institution and based on their life experience). Talent can appear very early on, but using talent wisely requires other life skills and maturity.

If you think or know you have the ability and want to develop it, look for accomplished practitioners who are also willing to teach. High-quality people exist in all professions and they all share similar traits in the way they present themselves to the public and develop their success.

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