June 16, 2024
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About Psychic Abilities and Power

We are all psychic but to varying degrees. Even psychic skills face logical limitations; some people are just more sensitive, sensitive in different ways, and more talented than others. Everyone can run, but some people run faster, longer, and with more grace than others. With training, you can improve and maximize the psychic skills you have, just like improving your speed, endurance, and grace as a runner.

Sometimes psychic gifts remain dormant until a specific trigger moment, like a near-death experience, or they are unlocked through concentrated efforts at meditation and mindfulness work. There is also a wide range of talents, from simple intuition to channeling other entities. This section of the Ask Astrology website explores and explains the psychic skill of healing touch.

What is Healing Touch?

Healing touch is the psychic ability of the individual with the talent to place their hand on, or near, a person to detect injury or illness and direct healing energy to that area. The person with the skill may also be able to identify a spiritual issue or concern related to the injury or illness.

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Messages from the Body

In his extremely comprehensive work, Messages from the Body, Michael J Lincoln, PhD provides a spiritual and emotional explanation for almost every ailment possible. Healing touch practitioners can find the ailment in the body and obtain spiritual insight about the root cause of the ailment, which may be an experience in this lifetime or one from previous lifetimes.

In order for a person with a healing touch to perform the full spectrum of healing, they prefer to address both the result of the spiritual or emotional problem as well as the source. Suppose you get a case of food poisoning. In Lincoln’s book he provides the following explanation:

“Over-run.” They are feeling defenseless and like they have to allow others to take control and run the situation. It is a “learned helplessness” that leads them to feel that they don’t have the right to protection, support, or nurturance. They simply expect to “eat shit” as part of living. It is a pattern that arose in a family where they had few, if any rights, and in which much anger and negativity took place, over which no one seemed to have any control. (240)

In another example of something more persistent, like a form of diabetes (type 1), Lincoln writes:

“Boulevard of broken dreams.” They are longing for what might have been in their life, and they are in a state of emotional shock. They have a deep dissatisfaction with their life and an accompanying self-dislike. There is intense sorrow, and a sense of starving to death in the midst of plenty, of being surrounded by most of the things that have meaning without being available to them … they are a product of a demoralizingly dysfunctional and depriving environment.” (170)

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Exerting Energy to Heal

The person with healing touch skill has the ability to extend his or her energy into another person to boost their energy to help with the healing process. This effort requires the psychic practitioner to take plenty of time to rest and recharge after doing the healing work.

Healing work can be less demanding if the practitioner can invite and divert spiritual energy from the “breath of life” constant of the universe and direct that energy into a person in need of healing. Unlike Reiki, which can be done at a distance as effectively as through contact, healing touch relies on contact and proximity as part of the power transfer.

When a person with healing touch works on an individual, the person receiving the healing energy will notice heat on or around the hands of the healer. The transfer of energy is detectable as a heat signature through the hands and around the area receiving the healing work.

Helping with the Source Problem

Often the source problem is unchangeable, especially if it involves trauma or issue from the past or a past life. If someone did experience emotional deprivation as a child and that is the source of the current ailment, energetically, there is nothing that can be done to undo the experience. However, the healer is not just working to heal the ailment in the present moment but giving the energy to seal off the harm of the past.

Think of the way a virus protection program cannot delete the virus but can quarantine it or put it in a “sandbox”, a place in the computer system that leaves it intact, but harmless. Essentially the healing touch practitioner wants to keep the negative energy of the past event from infecting the current life. If they can identify the source problem and contain it, then a new problem will not arise, and the current problem will not get any more negative energetic support.

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Who to Work With?

If you want to work with someone who has this skill, then it is best to seek out practitioners who, when vetted thoroughly, will be able to show you their skill and professionalism.

No matter what service you seek, a mechanic or psychic, it is always a wise policy to look at their business practice, testimonials, and credentials (both ones from an institution and based on their life experience). Talent can appear very early on, but using the talent wisely requires other life skills and maturity.

If you think or know you have the ability and want to develop it, look for accomplished practitioners who are also willing to teach. High-quality people exist in all professions and they all share similar traits in the way they present themselves to the public and develop their success.

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