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An Oracle can help us to go deeper into the complexities of a specific situation or give valuable insights about the future. You can count on an oracle to get the answer you are desperately looking for, thanks to Oracle signs, like for example coffee grounds, egg yolks or molten lead.

There are many signs and forms that you can encounter during an oracle reading. In order to get the answers that you need, it is very important that you have are clear on the question that you want to ask, but at the same time, to have the right elements to interpret the answer of the oracle.

For this, you need to use abstract reasoning and your imagination to identify the form that you will have in front of you. Once you recognize this form, the next step is to clarify the meaning, using your life experience and of course, the meaning of the oracle sings. But don’t worry if you don’t know them by heart, you can find a guide bellow with the interpretation of the most important oracle signs.

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Oracle signs in lines

A straight line: a calm and quiet existence.

Several straight lines: old age without a disability.

A rather long straight line: long and peaceful life.

A straight line crossed by slanted lines: accident or sickness.

A curved line: be wary of a false friend.

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Several curved lines: several false friends.

Wavy lines: travel (the length of the line determines the length of the trip).

A broken line: heartache.

Several broken lines: serious money problems.

A slanted line: a small illness.

Several slanted lines running through curved ones: you will not be on top of the situation.

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Slanted lines running through broken lines: you will suffer and cause heart-related pain.

Oracle signs in geometric figures

A perfect square: happiness, pleasure, drunkenness, love, and legacy.

Small irregular squares: someone is preventing your success.

Small touching squares: there is a traitor around you.

Squares connected by their corners: you are threatened by a theft.

A well-formed triangle: unexpected luck in your endeavors.

An incomplete triangle: your situation is not secure.

Two connected triangles: you are in a stable position.

Crown of triangles: romantic success.

A great oval shape: a marriage that suits your taste.

Several oval shapes: success in business.

A circle: a little gift of money.

Several circles touching: you will receive money soon.

A circle full of dots: you will soon have a child.

A circle with three dots: it will be a boy.

Disseminated circles: you should save any large amount of money you get.

Circle of oval shape in stipple: disappointment proportional to the thickness of stipples.

Oracle signs in objects

A cross: a parent or a friend passing away.

Two crosses: happy elder years.

Three crosses: you will achieve a comfortable situation.

Many crosses: your existence will be shaken by your passions.

Crown: a small wish granted.

Several crowns together: a man full of influence will facilitate your great success.

Crown with a cross: an obstacle stands in the way of your desires.

A crown made of crosses: an omen of death.

House (with roof and window): domestic or family happiness.

House next to a circle: you will soon own your home.

House next to a tree: your property will be in the countryside.

House next to a cross: it will be in a city.

House next to a triangle: you will receive it through inheritance.

House next to a crown of crosses: this is where you will end your days.

Window: something will be stolen from you.

Window next to a cross: beware fire.

Oracle signs in animals

Quadruped (in general): a positive change in your situation.

A donkey: trouble within your home.

A camel: problem in your household.

An elephant: success in your business.

A tiger: your energy will save you.

A lion: you will have the advantage over your enemies.

A dog: you have a loyal friend.

A pig: try to keep any outburst in check.

Birds: pleasant news, quiet happiness.

Several fishes: huge disappointment.

A single fish: invitation to a meal.

Snake: slander, jealousy, betrayal, be careful!

Insects: unexpected worries.

A star or a flower: satisfaction in love.

Oracle signs in human beings’ forms

Human silhouette (face front or sideways) without limbs: positive influence in a relationship.

Human head, limbs raised up: a guardian is watching over you.

Human head, limbs pointing down: a fleeting affair will do you wrong.

Human silhouette alone: effective protection.

A single human silhouette, facing front: somebody loves you.

Two human silhouettes facing front: this love will be shared.

Two silhouettes in a circle: you will soon get married.

Two silhouettes kept apart by a line: you will file for divorce.

Two silhouettes with a rose in between: wedding, long life, and perfect health.

Other Oracle signs

Many stars or many flowers: triumph and happiness in your household.

Boat: upcoming trip.

Ship next to a cross: a trip to deal with a death in the family.

Ship next to branches: legacy, fruitful trip.

Palm branch: success in money, prosperity, or distant trip.

Oak: you will triumph over your enemies.

Willow tree: you will cry a lot.

Clover: you will receive some money.

Several hills: avoid standing close to dangerous people.

Pitchfork: slight disappointment, or a slight burst of anger.

A stack of pitchforks: a serious argument that can lead to a breakup.

Tripod: if you expend more energy you will triumph over an enemy.

One M: Your tranquility is in danger.

One H: do not drink anything from your enemies.

Thick and round stains: you will soon be in trial.

Large and irregular stains: complicated business.

Chain: romantic affair, perfect harmony.

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