June 24, 2024
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About Psychic Abilities and Power

We are all psychic, but to varying degrees. Even psychic skills face logical limitations; some people are just more sensitive, sensitive in different ways, and more talented than others. Everyone can run, but some people run faster, longer, and with more grace than others. With training, you can improve and maximize the psychic skills you have, just like improving your speed, endurance, and grace as a runner.

Sometimes psychic gifts remain dormant until a specific trigger moment, like a near-death experience, or they are unlocked through concentrated efforts at meditation and mindfulness work. There are also a wide range of talents, from simple intuition to channeling other entities. This section of the Ask Astrology website explores and explains the psychic skill of energy healing/Reiki.

What is Reiki?

“Reiki is a set of techniques for the laying of hands that channel the energy of the body and uses it to relieve pain or heal a certain number of physical and mental afflictions, but it can also help people find their inner peace and live in greater harmony and well-being with the outside world!” Philippe Kerforne – What is Reiki?

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As a psychic skill, Reiki is the ability to channel personal and spiritual energy into other people for healing and energy support or boosting. Originally a hands-on technique, it has since expanded to include distance work over and through the quantum field.

Universal Energy

Reiki practitioners acknowledge that we live in a massive energy field and we are energy users and generators ourselves. In eastern philosophy, this energy is known as “chi” or “ki”, which is the last two letters of Rei”ki”. Chi is known as the “breath of life”; it is called prana in Hinduism.

Reiki practitioners tap into universal energy and direct it in specific ways to benefit clients and help those in need. Often our energy fields get weakened by stress or out of alignment because of difficult situations or relationships. Receiving Reiki from a Reiki master is an energy healing process for revitalizing our energy fields and improving our spiritual health.

The Five Principles of Reiki

  1. Just for today, do not worry.
  2. Just for today, do not anger.
  3. Just for today, be humble.
  4. Just for today, be honest.
  5. Just for today, be compassionate toward yourself and others.

In essence, be present and be positive. Following these principles will help you keep your energy balanced and strong.

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Reiki Initiation, Levels and Attunements

To use Reiki personally, you need to pursue an initiation process that will help you tap into this extrasensory ability. Unlike some psychic skills, which are rare and not available to all, this skill is really a focus on our personal energy field, which we all express by being alive.


Initiation, known as harmonization, occurs under the guidance of a Reiki master, who will take you through the necessary steps to awaken your awareness of your energy field, so you can consciously manipulate it in positive ways, known as attunements. Basic Reiki awareness and practice do not require innate extrasensory perception, but it does require appropriate training.

The first master of Reiki achieved awareness due to a near-death experience (NDE), which is one way to access spiritual energy that is not otherwise available to the earthbound soul. Deep and prolonged mediation is another way. Reiki spread quickly from the original master and is now being used in hospital settings where the allopathic establishment is willing to be more open-minded.

Once initiated, the individual can access energy healing abilities, starting with their own energy field. Basically, they now have a conduit between spiritual, “breath of life” energy, and their own energy field. With additional training, they can extend their energy field to help others.

Levels of Reiki

Level 1

The first degree (Shoden) is the introduction to Reiki for the self. This level opens you up to an understanding of your own energy field, how to feel it, where it is weak, and where it is strong. Students learn about the energy centers of the body (chakras) and how to become mindful and consciously aware of the energy center system and how to take care of it.

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Level 2

The second degree (Okuden) is a practitioner level of Reiki. Students receive two additional attunements by a Master in order to be able to deliver Reiki to others. Students will learn how to scan other people’s energy center system to identify places of weakness or injury that need healing. Distance healing is also taught at this level.

Since level 2 is a professional qualification in the West, the student can explore the business side of Reiki for pay, which is simply a form of energy exchange. New practitioners learn proper setup, financial, and advertising practices to do Reiki professionally.

Level 3

The third degree (Shinpiden) allows a level 2 practitioner to become a master capable of teaching others. Additional attunements raise the energetic vibration of the Reiki practitioner to the highest levels, giving him or her the energy to teach and attune others through levels 1 and 2.

A Reiki user (level 1), Reiki practitioner (level 2) and Reiki Master/Teacher (level 3), all work to increase the spiritual vibration of the planet and help others heal and succeed in life.

Who to Work With?

If you want to work with someone who has this skill, then it is best to seek out practitioners who, when vetted thoroughly, will be able to show you their skill and professionalism.

No matter what service you seek, a mechanic or psychic, it is always a wise policy to look at their business practice, testimonials, and credentials (both ones from an institution and based on their life experience). Talent can appear very early on, but using the talent wisely requires other life skills and maturity.

If you think or know you have the ability and want to develop it, look for accomplished practitioners who are also willing to teach. High-quality people exist in all professions and they all share similar traits in the way they present themselves to the public and develop their success.

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