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A very popular form of acquiring divine knowledge through psychic abilities is that of rune stone reading. In today’s day and age, accessing runes and reading them has become a very simple and easy process. With rune reading, not only can a person significantly change their lives, but they can also take better control of it, since they would know what to expect in advance, and then prepare for it before it can happen.

Of course, like all other forms of divine knowledge, like psychic reading, numerology or palm reading, rune stone reading is something that never gives out direct knowledge or indications, but instead, tends to talk in hints. It is up to the person asking for his rune reading to decipher these properly.

What is a rune reading?

The world has seen many forms of writing and recording knowledge. After pictures and visual representation, the text has been the most reliable form of documentation that the humankind has invented. Runes date back to at least 100 BC, as the primary form of documentation in the regions that are today northern Europe, and Scandinavia.

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Rune stone reading is also aptly associated with magic, divination and predicting the future because of its old ties with the ancient magic practices. It is a widely held belief that even in old times, runes were used for magic and answers that were beyond the understanding of the human nature, in addition to being used as a mode of communication and documentation.

Rune Stone Meanings

List of runes

FEHU: Prosperity, rapid resolution of problems, financial, social and emotional success.

URUZ: Discovering your true potential; great physical and mental strength, perseverance and willpower.

THURISAZ: Important changes on the horizon; great inner strength that must be mastered or it will become destructive.

ANSUZ: Creativity, inspiration in all areas; emotional harmony and good health.

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RAIDO: A journey or a move; evolution; improvements in the conditions of your life; new perspectives.

KENAZ: Stimulation, creativity, inspiration; new knowledge and/or understanding; mental prowess.

GEBO: Promotes balance in daily life; favorable for encounters, business dealings and making money; partnership offers.

WUNJO: Good social relations, the development of friendships, harmony, joy and spiritual evolution.

HAGALAZ: Be wary of certain people you know; a period of crisis, perturbation and/or physical illness.

NAUTHIZ: Delays in your plans and your evolution; favorable for innovation.

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ISA: A psychological block, the result of a problem or obstacle, leads to a slowdown in your evolution.

JERA: Making a sustained effort will be rapidly rewarded. You’ll be blessed with Luck and enjoy the probability of success in all areas.

EIWHAZ: Protection against adversity; physical resistance; renewed motivation and enthusiasm.

PERTHO: Access to hidden knowledge; psychic powers.

ALGIZ: Protection against enemies and harm; strong intuition; improved lifestyle.

SOWULO: Success and the attainment of goals; inner strength, overcoming adversity, good health.

TEIWAZ: Analysis and logic; if you can control your emotions, success is assured in all you do.

BERKANA: Fertility, creativity, physical vitality; strengthening of bonds, meeting someone new.

EHWAZ: Changes for the better in your personal life; harmony and understanding; travel.

MANNUZ: Developing abilities; demonstrating competence; individual effort and initiative.

LAGUZ: Flexibility and fertility; renewal of values; imagination; monetary gains.

INGUZ: The search for inner peace and quiet in all areas; common sense and virtue.

OTHILA: Focus on the important things in life; possible inputs of money, prosperity, and the acquisition of material goods.

DAGAZ: Awakening of consciousness, acquisition of knowledge; transformation; clarity of mind.

WYRD: Access to esoteric knowledge; progress on the path of spiritual realization; exceptional Good Luck.

More on Rune Reading and their History

Runes are nothing more than a basic set of symbols. In ancient times, they might have been considered as the standard alphabet, but today, they are considered more as symbols. Like we mentioned before too, the main areas or regions that they were used to include the modern British Isles, Scandinavia, Iceland, as well as the rest of northern Europe.

There have been some reading rune stones found in the United States of America too. This support the claim that it was the Vikings who first sailed west and discovered the Americas.

Many people associate runes to be something that a reader can interpret or read, just like a language. However, the truth is that there is more to rune oracle cards than just reading out. They also possess a specific set of feelings which they reveal to a reader, telling him how it happens and what answers he requires.

Rune Reading

If you want, you can also incorporate rune stone reading as part of your daily ritual. It can guide you and take you to newer heights in your life. Whether it is your career, your health, or anything else, you will go on and make the best out of it if you have the right guidance. With the best rune readings available to you, you can go on and beat every single person out there who is giving you competition. We will keep on informing you about the history and importance of rune reading. You will also discover the uses it brings to you. Daily rune stone reading is just a method that allows a person to always stay on the right track through divine intervention and guidance. Read on for more.

More on History of Basic Rune Reading

Runes come up as the source for many of the modern European languages today. These include Gothic, German, English, Swedish, Frisian, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, Lithuanian, Russian, as well as Hebrew. You will see that these languages follow the same script, and often have similar words for a lot of different nouns. Another interesting fact linking these modern languages together is that they may be read from right to left, and sometimes from left to right.

This is one reason why translating an ancient rune becomes a very difficult task. Starting to understand runic inscriptions can be challenging for even the most learned historians and archaeologists who have dedicated their lives to this field, as determining the direction to read from often poses a significant obstacle. This difficulty arises despite their extensive experience and knowledge. Understanding the correct reading direction is crucial for accurate interpretation. You may argue that it would be simple since one side would have a meaning and the other side would be gibberish.

However, ancient scriptures that claim to have knowledge and wisdom were often designed in ways that they sent out a message when they were read out in either direction, to keep the unworthy away. This technique has been actively used in the runic inscriptions found in Egypt.

Rune Reading and Secrets of the Language

As Numerology unveils the truth behind the Numbers, Rune literally translates to the secret. It is often also interpreted as a mystery or a whisper. Rest assured, it talks of the unknown. Since we have discussed the linguistic part of rune reading, let us now move on and talk of the divinatory meanings to this set of symbols and how they shape up psychic behavior and intuition. It is also a fact that each of the runes is basically related to a story based on a Norse god.

The main fact where rune reading takes a leave from traditional methods of fortune telling is that it believes in every person making their own future. Moreover, this remains valid even after a prediction has been made. Other psychic methods claim that a predicted future is bound to happen, no matter what.

However, rune reading talks in such a way that although it will predict your future for you, it is not something final and settled. You still have the power to change it, but only if you try with all might and determination.

More about the Divinatory Role of Rune Reading

A rune reading oracle is basically the portal through which you ask a question to the divine, and it answers in the runic cards or stones. The trick to this is to ask your question after providing the complete context and status of your heart and mind. For the divine to know what you are going through is extremely important, because only after that can it provide you with guidance that is good for you.

Always remember, that these readings can be somewhat of a puzzle at times, as is customary of any rune reading. This may be either because you are not reading into it the right way, or because it needs time to reveal itself. In either case, patience is the key. You must trust the fact that the answer is always right in front of you. Intuition and a way of seeing things with a different perspective is an important art that needs to be realized when beginning rune reading. Trust in the cards, and have patience, and you will reach your answer soon enough.

A bit more on how rune reading came to be

You might find it surprising to learn that among the entire set of rune symbols, a particular alphabet stands out as the most frequently used. This specific alphabet captures the essence of runic practices. Its widespread use underscores its significance in runic lore. It is the Elder Futhorc, which contains 24 runes, and is also used as the model for nearly all the rune stone reading services available. You can always try and make your own set of runes to use. It requires following a specific set of instructions and rituals with great precision. These guidelines are essential for the process. Adhering to them ensures accuracy and effectiveness.

How to go about rune reading?

All runes have a specific name allotted to them, as expected. These names come from specific events that have been significant in Ancient German, Anglo-Saxon, as well as Norse mythology. These names often reference gods, plants, animals, or daily objects from languages of past times. They reflect the rich cultural heritage and linguistic diversity of ancient civilizations. Such references provide insight into the beliefs and everyday life of those times. However, in tradition, runes are generally associated with gemstones and crystals, or things of value. These can also include plants and trees since vegetation and land were and are still seen as a symbol of power among the masses. Colors are yet another field that sees themselves be named after runes or vice versa. Colors have an important role in any culture, and we see that this has been the case since ancient times.

It is interesting to note that some of these associations are obvious. For instance, the rune of growth and fertility is known as Berkanan, which is also the birch tree. The matching feature here is the rapidly growing nature of the birch tree. In addition to that, the rune’s color is dark green, again symbolizing a tree, and more specifically being the same as a birch tree’s leaf colors. And, the element of this rune is earth, again being supportive of the tree in all senses imaginable.

Your guide to Rune Reading

Anyone interested in rune stone reading should try it out by themselves to indulge more in the art and see it at close range. Anyone predicting the future with natal charts should be keen on stars, planets, and their meanings. Similarly, a rune reader should dive into Ancient Europe’s history and culture. They should understand how these elements unite in today’s rune reading practices.

They should be interested in all the mythologies that northern Europe has to offer, the part where the Vikings come in, and other similar things.

This is because all this knowledge forms the basis of modern rune reading and is necessary, just like learning the alphabet is necessary to learn a language. Traditionally, there are four common methods of reading runes and interpreting them subsequently. Let us tell you all about these in an attempt to make you self-sufficient in reading out the cards or stones, whatever you prefer.

The First Method of Rune Reading

Take all the runes you have and put them in a pouch. This method is traditionally used when you have inscribed pills or tablets that can all come inside a pouch. Shake it well to ensure that everything has shuffled properly. Now while the runes remain in the pouch, you need to close your eyes and concentrate only on the question that you require an answer for. This can be quite difficult as various foreign thoughts will try and corrupt your mind in the meanwhile. However, you should be undeterred.

Keep up with your meditation as long as it takes until you are sure that your mind has truly grasped the concept of the question. Now take out a rune, and then use the guides that are available to see its meaning. It may take quite some time for you to grasp what it means fully, but once you do, there is no stopping you from regaining control of your life.

The Second Method of Rune Reading

While the first method involved simply choosing a method out of a set based on meditation, this method steps it up a notch. There is a little more than just meditation to this method. Before you can begin to isolate a rune to read, you need to concentrate fully on the question at hand, just like the method we mentioned in the previous paragraph.

With that done, you need to toss all the runes onto a soft surface gently, or a specific set, whatever suits you. After completing this, search for patterns among the fallen runes. There are bound to be a few anomalies or runes that have broken a pattern to become cast out. Pick these up, since these are the answer to your question.

The Third Method of Rune Reading

This method is a psychic person’s favorite. It is so because it literally involves sensing which rune speaks to you as the answer. The beginning of this method is as follows. You need to lay all of your ruins out into a grid formation. Once you’ve finished, hover your palm above the runes without touching them and slowly pass it over all the ruins.

Now while you do this, close your eyes and concentrate fully on the question that you want to be answered. This could be anything from the past, present or concerning future situations. The main belief here goes in the way that the rune that is the answer will tend to speak to you, and there will occur a certain indication that will let you know that this is the rune that is the answer to your question.

The Fourth Method of Rune Reading

This is probably the simplest of all the four methods. Beginners in the rune stone reading business best prefer it. All you need to do is concentrate with all your heart on the question at hand, with your eyes closed. Once you feel like you as well as all the runes you have attained enough meditation, pick and layout three rune stones in order. Once you have done this, remember that this is your answer. Only that the first rune answers to your past. The center rune answers to the situation in your present, and the last rune answers to your situation’s future.

Gain the control you always wanted over your life by making the most out of rune reading!

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